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 Torin Crowley-Demented Toymaker

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Slightly Tipsy

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PostSubject: Torin Crowley-Demented Toymaker   Mon Apr 19, 2010 9:46 pm


Alt Name:Torin Crowley (if made)

A brief description of your character:
The armor the wirey, aged man seems to be wearing makes him look rather distinctly dark. Oddly enough, he never seems to change it to change, and never seems to stink. From the buttoned sleeveless leathery vest with skull shaped bone material for buttons to the red clawtipped gloves on his fingers, it appears almost as if it were once living. The hat holds what looks like teeth hanging from it's brim, and the boots appear slightly mishapen at the top. He bears a long gray pony tail, and eyes to match, looking aged, but not extremely wrinkled. Carrys a staff like a giant nutcracker, and a few toymaking tools. He's also nuts.

Why/How is your character in Skuldhellir:

---Max Preps (1-10):8

Electricity: 2
Necromancy/Dark Magic: 5
Basic: 1


*Magical knowledge
*Tinkering with items. Although he mainly seems to build toys, give the loon long enough, and he may be able to figure out what's wrong with the mechanisms of certain items. Door hinges, loose bolts, creaking planks. They're not all too hard!
*His clothing is sentient. It never bears wear and tear, and seems to regenerate when torn. It is hard, like a demon's hide and is made from a former demon itself. It speaks to him, though it rarely voices itself publicly, though gurgling may be heard. Upon his command, the back of the vest can grow demonic wings, enabling short periods of flight. The claws on the armor can rend light amounts of flesh. When he is damaged it may try to get him the hell out of there if it can. The armor is also pretty resistant to magic.
*He carries about a heavy wooden staff, that looks more like a gigantic, thin, wooden toy soldier. Basically, it's a gigantic version of nutcracker prince, though the coloring is worn. The mouth opens. It is about six feet tall.
*After stealing souls for a good many years from dead creatures, he's gained an innate ability to sense and scry for familiar souls. (May remove.)
*He can be very creepy, bordering some level of insanity and dementia, and this tends to keep people away. Also looking as shifty and messed up as he, trust may not be on the menu first look.
*Weak to holy magic. Both him and the demon.
*Tends to occassionally argue with the demon.
*The armor may sometimes act on it's own, causing trouble. Even if he doesn't seem to care, it can be a bother and perhaps other things if his hat were to leap off his head and bite someone with the fangs on the brim.
*If he were to lose his armor, he'd lapse into some kind of coma or immense insanity if he did not find it.
*While the armor cannot really be destroyed easily... and can also regenerate from even the smallest of scrap, the man himself is fit, but frail. Not physically strong, either.
*Priorties? Fuck you. This is troublesome in dire situations.
*Split personalities: While he doesn't actually have two different people in there. Well, save for the demon, his demented and childlike eccentricity can tend to drive him to sudden mood and drastic changes in almost anything. This isn't always ideal.
*Overly dramatic. Rambles to the point of losing sight of the general topic and or plant.

[ Still working on it. Ed and I were discussing how many ideas I have, and even if I don't use them all, some in the end could be used for.. well, plot characters >.< Also, coming up for a backstory for this kind of character will be a BITCH. Feel free to toss some out there. Also, wtb more strengths and weaknesses.]

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Slightly Tipsy

Posts : 118
Join date : 2010-04-15
Age : 26
Location : Complaint Department

PostSubject: Re: Torin Crowley-Demented Toymaker   Sat Apr 24, 2010 6:53 am

Anyone willing to help me craft him out some more? XD
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Torin Crowley-Demented Toymaker
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