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 Torin's Spell List

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Slightly Tipsy

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PostSubject: Torin's Spell List   Wed May 12, 2010 3:04 pm

Warning. The below is made of fail.

Black Magic

Skeletal hands break out from the ground.
Effect: This spell usually is used to detain, or snatch someone up by there ankles. A simple trip up and or grab, but it is effective. The duration is not more then a few seconds.
Preps: 1-3

*Summon Skeletons
Soldiers of the demonic and unnatural plane are conjured up to fight at the man’s side. Made of nothing but bone, they are what they are.
Effect:Summons skeletons that will fight at Torin’s side, or do his bidding and oddjobs until they are pulled back to their plane and/or destroyed.
Preps: 2-4

*Drain Soul
Torin Crowley steals a soul.
Effect: In order to feed his power, demons, and show his worth to the demonic plane’s magic he wields, he takes the soul of a horribly weak or unsound individual, sealing it into a crystallized essence at his disposal. The soul is reclaimable until he wastes it; however, not by the one who has had it taken.
Preps: 7

The unnatural have no place in this world unbound. Those who command the Dark Arts will let this be known.
Effect: In order to send an unnatural demon or unholy creature that does not belong in this plane back to their own realm of exist, Torin channels the energy only to release it to rip them out of reality. A powerful spell, it is wise not to –touch- the actual rip.
Preps: Depends on the power of the demon or paranormal creature.
Failure Torin passes out, entering a state similar to comatose. His mind may wander the demonic and devil's planes in an out of body experience for a short amount of time, or perhaps he is just passed out?

*Itch of Death
It makes you feel itchy.
Effect: Upon contact with Torin, this curse is bestowed to give the horrible effect of a rather annoying itchiness. Perhaps it’s the fact you’re feeling as if your skin is dead and flaking? It won’t last long, but damn it’s annoying! Can also imbue objects with said curse that will affect others who touch it.
Preps: 1

The armor and his body fuse together through a channeled spell, slowly increasing the demonic attributes over a short period of time.
Effect: This spell, if completely executed can turn Torin into a horrible monstrousity. Wings sprout, claws grow, and his skin hardens. In this state, his magic is undoubtedly useless, but the growth of physical strength is more than enough to make up for it. Likely after using this spell, Torin –and- his demon will completely useless for some time. The transformation can last for up to ten minutes, the further he goes causing further damage.
Preps: 2-8 (Depending on how far he takes the transformation)

*Soul Scry
Harnessing the power of his ability to identify souls, he can scry for a certain person's soul, if he is familiar enough with them.
Effect By twisting black magic and scrying through a pool of souls in the world, if Torin knows you, he can try to find your particular soul signature. There is a limit to the distance, but it is extremely effective. A tiresome ability, and also rarely used. If you are somehow warded, or in a warded area, the magical effects of this ability are USELESS.
Preps: 4 (unless no one there is going to stop it, we can speed it up.)

Electrical Magic

A focused defibrillation attempt
Effect: Through the power of electrical magic, the powerful magician can attempt to restart a dying person’s heart. Roll 1d2. Depending on what prep has been done, you need said number. If you roll the wrong number on a one prep, the spell is too weak, and if you roll the wrong number on a two prep, the spell instead is too powerful and kills the victim.
Preps: 1-2

*Concussive Punch
An electrically charged punch.
Effect: Torin channels electricity through his body, properly fixating it into his hand. He swings his fist to unleash a concussive electrical force upon the target.
Preps: 2
Failure: The concussive energy becomes imbalanced, and seems to blast back at him, in an unstable release. It will launch him away, most likely leaving minor injuries.

Torin messes with the electrical fields around him or a certain object.
Effect: In order to induce magnetism, Torin channels the energy to manipulate the already existing, or create his own electrical field. This brings metallic objecst towards him or pushes them away. The metal must have magnetic properties. Depending on the size of the object, and its distance, this may require more time.
Preps: Undetermined. Depends on the above.
Failure: Torin could be subject to a blast of concussive electricity, or find himself magnetized towards the object at unbelievable speeds, enough force to perhaps bruise, and depending on how bad the screw up is, shatter bones.

He causes sparks. Whoopie! Keep away from clothing however.
Effect: He flings sparks at you. They may sting. They may light clothes on fire, but they’re nothing more then light sparks.
Preps: 1

*Blinding Light
A blinding flash of electricity released in the form of a flash.
Effect:: Likely to blind those staring for a few moments, leaving them disoriented.
Preps: 1

Torin inhales and charges lightning in his mouth.
Effect: He spits out lightning. Duh
Preps: 2

*Thunderbolt - At any time of any day, voltage is dangerous! Omai.
Effect Energy begins to build, drawn towards a certain target. Whether above or not, it seems to fly in their general direction. It drives a high voltage through their bodies upon contact.
Preps: 3

Basic Magic/Cantrip
Lights/extinguishes a candle.
Effect Harnesses a simple twist of the known magic in the world to light or extinguish a candle.

He can escape bindings rather easily. There is not much focus involved in this, but at the snap of a finger or the twist of an ankle, the man can cause shackles or ropes to untie themselves, lest they be fit for magic users.

*Many other things.

Passive Magic

*Telepathic Connection
Effect: There is generally no need for words. While it may require focus, he and the demon can speak silently to each other.

*Soul sense
Effect: Disguises don't keep you away from crazy. With the ability to identify someone he has been in contact with before, and a good memory, a person un-warded will most likely be recognized and then harrassed by stupid and insane antics. If you are warded, he may not be able to identify you, but he will notice the wards.

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Slightly Tipsy

Posts : 118
Join date : 2010-04-15
Age : 27
Location : Complaint Department

PostSubject: Re: Torin's Spell List   Wed May 12, 2010 6:27 pm

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Torin's Spell List
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