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 Torin Crowley

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Slightly Tipsy

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PostSubject: Torin Crowley   Thu Jul 01, 2010 8:26 am

Save for not being the brightest tool in the shed sanity wise, Torin had a relatively uneventful childhood. He enjoyed toys, games, and horrible horrible jokes, and being a downright brat.

Nothing more than meandering about doing his day to day life, did the eccentric jester with a toymaking fancy think he'd ever end up where he is today. Nor does he probably think about it. He wasn't always the healthiest or most stable of people. He lacked in common sense.

Torin resided in a keep somewhere far north in a German area, and was their finest, if most annoying entertainment. Like any keep, this place had it's ups and downs, and it's darker crowds. Torin, lacking common sense(if he ever had it), dabbled deeper and deeper into these crowds, obtaining magical knowledge a man of his destructive and insane capabilities should never touch.

His acts became more interesting as he aged and grew further with these crowds, somewhat in his earlier adult years. He continued to practice his carving, and got inventive with his toy skills. Being an ecstatic fool with a lack for proper morale, he got very creative and skilled in the craft.

Not yet at the peak of his life, our nutcase only pushed himself further into the depths of hell. Being a basic wizard by this point, and not exactly the most stable of the darker crowd, he pulled a horrible move. It cost him his job. It cost him even more of his sanity, and sealed his fate as becoming the village idiot no matter where he may go.

An enormous, monstrous demon, known no more by the name of "Shen'shin of the Storm" was brought in by a warlock to destroy the keep. A demon of darkness, storm, and able to control vast fields of electricty. For weeks they fought to fend off this force, barely surviving. And then Torin, with his limited knowledge and vast stupidity in dark arts and insanity saved it.

They bonded. They fused. The armor and the man fed eachother and spoke. Thought of as the greatest heathen and liability to not only the circle of his practioners, but to his people, Torin was to be sentenced to exile, if not perhaps, execution.

Feeding off demonic energies made him wilder, crazier, and he had a second voice. Rarely did he listen to it. Rarely did he want to. In a split-second act with the help of the demon, they made to transform. Not expecting this, and the overwhelming number of the crowd who(while not seeking to help Torin) took advantage of the situation for the years they had been shunned and mistreated, the Keep was overwhelmed, still recovering from the previous attack. Torin barely made it out, but when he did, he took a good hunk of the treasury and has managed to live off it for ages... or at least, waste it.

From that day, Mr. Crowley has wandered. He doesn't seem like much a threat upfront. In fact, he seems more like the village idiot. A toy maker and former jester by trade, Torin's insanity and dependency on the energy has only grown. It spread like a wild fire. And while he may generally have a smile on his face, a certain sense of... companionship to his 'friends', you never know when the morbid moron just might snap.... Or just throw a tea party.

Aye, and while this isn't really in story mode, it's a decent outline about Torin.

*Height: 5'8
*Weight: 135
*Age: 42
*Hair: Grey Dreadlocks
*Eyes: Deep green, generally with bags under them
*Bathes: Not regularly
*Voice: Completely uneven, prone to cracking, and extremely inflective. It seems to meander around the level of an alto or tenor, save for when it shifts.

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Slightly Tipsy

Posts : 118
Join date : 2010-04-15
Age : 26
Location : Complaint Department

PostSubject: Re: Torin Crowley   Sun Jul 18, 2010 2:57 pm

Strongly Chaotic Neutral

Torin has no real alignment. He is truely and unnaturally unpredictable. This is a curse and a gift, yet he does have his points were he will choose something in a definitive sense. For the most part, he's a glory hog, an attention whore, and a complete nut. While he lives to serve himself, his demon, and on occassion, the few friends he has- he is not afraid to do something just to boost his reputation or to earn some street credit. This includes playing the hero. Easily bribed and convinced if you play your cards right or perhaps... just ask him, and surprisingly useful as well.

This does not change the fact the man is a free spirit, and a fucked up one at that. At times it's better to stay out of his way, because you never know when he might just flip out.



Age: 42

Detailed Class(es): Warlock
Full and complete name: Torin Crowley

Titles of any sort:"Tornado of Bullshit"-"The Village Idiot"

Sexual Orientation: Asexual

Relationships, past or present:
*Sebastian Crowley- Father.
*Emilia Raine- Mother.
*Elliot Raine- Magic teacher, and one of the many who helped summon Sen'shin on the attack of the keep.
*Qualme- This woman seems have deemed Torin uncle, and he has yet to dispel this belief or hers. She seems to be one of the few who enjoys his presence.

Involvement with any associations, guilds, or militias:
*The Wizard's Guild- They don't seem to like him at all do to his choice of magic, and have confiscated his hat once.
*The Fighter's Guild- They have arrested Torin once before, and are keeping an eye on him.
*The Miner's Guild- Ever since Torin tried to go back further then allowed, they have been keeping a watchful eye on him as well.

Ranks or regards among said guilds, associations or militias:None.

Professions of any sort: Toymaker.

Wealth status (Rich, Wealthy, Upper, Up-Mid, Mid, Low-Mid, Low, Poor): Wealthy

Jobs (that don't fall under profession) of any sort: Former Jester

Place of birth: A village north of a rather bustling keep, which to this day- after extrenuating circumstances- is abandoned and in ruins.

Wealth status during childhood(Uses same system): Low-Mid

Current home(s): None, but he is stalking about Skuldhellir.

Reason for making a home there: He wants the ore, and has grown attached to the community in a very loose way.

Known family members, and their relation to the character:
*Sebastian Crowley- Father
*Emilia Raine- Mother

Living members amongst said family:

General happiness, 1-10: 8

Social level 1-10: 10

Distinctive personality traits(Sarcasm, Black Humor, etc.): Torin is eccentric. He's very morbid and likes to make puns. He's silly, insane, and doesn't really know boundaries and can be very 'in your face'.

Ego of any sort: Torin is a bit of an attention whore and glory hog. He's also very peppy, and while this doesn't really accenuate his ego TOO much, he does have very high self-esteem and loves to be in the spotlight if he can.

Greed of any sort: He has the slightest amount of greed. Mostly revolving around his desire to be fed attention. He -is- a former performer.

Significant vices: He abuses his magic. It's like a toy to him. He also views all deaths as the same- for the most part, and doesn't really see the value in life, or much of anything.

Significant virtues:He doesn't really have any -significant- ones.

Feelings and tendencies towards alcohol: He doesn't drink much. Most people think that's a good thing.

A brief personality description: An eccentrically morbid old man with a lot of pep and youthful abandon. He never really makes sense and has the attention span of a goldfish.

Favorite things in life(Foods, colors, events, etc.): Games, parties, toys, bloodshed, black magic. His favorite color is crimson. He likes children, though he's not stable enough to really be around them.

Least favorite things in life: Torin hates boring people and the stereotypical stick in the mud person. He despises keeping secrets, and despises when others keep them. He's also not to fond of paladins, priests, or those who preach 'religious bullshit' as he would say.

1 Optimist, 10 Pessimist, 1-10: 3

Their current every-day life:Torin's routine is sporadic, save for the necesseties.

Facial appearance(Includes hair): His complexion is clear, but he is rather pale. He harbors no facial hair, but he does have natural grey dreadlocks.

Skin color and appearance: His skin is pale, though not horrendously so. He's rather slim, and has some rather small feet(in contrast to rather average sized hands) and nimble fingers.

General body build: Tall and bony.

Best features: His fingers. Regardless of his age, Torin has maintained his dexterity.

Worst features: Torin's voice is extremely annoying and prone to cracking. And he is extensively unnattractive.

Favorite features of their own: His dreads. He really loves his dreads.

Every day apparel(If any): Torin is always found with the confines of his splotchy crimson red armor. The armor itself is crimson red, and has a leathery feel to the touch. It's thick and tough, like a demon's hide, and is worn almost over his entire body. A sleeveless vest, clawed gloves, and a hat with teeth hanging from the brim along with boots and pants.
Weapon(s), detailed description of each:
*Butcher knife- Apparently, this is in his toolbox of... toymaking necessities. Luckily this is the only off thing other then parts.
*Staff- His staff looks like a tall and thin version of a nutcracker soldier. Just perhaps more fit to the time in the 'soldiers' design. It's just used for channeling magic.

Any accessories(Bombs, enchantments, glasses, etc.): He has multiple satchels around his waste, and also seems to occassionally carry around a bulky toolbox. Even though it's not on him, he does harbor a

The specialization of their class(berserking warrior, fire mage): Black Magic, specifically necromancy.

Skill and experience with their weapons: He's okay with knives and knows how to smack people with staves, but he's no kind of warrior.

Skill and experience with any sorts of magic: Necromancy, assorted black magic, Electricity manipulation.

Mastery of their class: Necromancy.

Skill and experience with their professions: Torin has had years of practice in his profession. If he takes time and takes his magic or his toymaking seriously, he can also break down his art and tinker with more complex things. On top of that, considering he used to be a performer, he used a lot of his profession in the job.

Skill and experience in battle: He has experience fighting with his magic, but other then that, he's not really powerful or well trained.

Pre-prime, in their prime, or post-prime: Magically and intelligently he's in his prime. Physically, he seems to be leaving it.
Favored weapons or skills:
Torin seems to favor using the wing extension of his armor to 'dance'. Or technically, try and dodge or get distance from his enemies.

Special abilities or unusual skills:
Torin can sense souls do to his extensive dabbling in the dark arts.

What is appealing about them to others:
Almost absolutely nothing other then he's not boring. Unless you like morbidly insane old men.
What is unappealing about them to others:
Just... about everything else.
Where do they favor in battle:
Where do they lack in battle:
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Torin Crowley
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