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PostSubject: Caine   Wed Apr 28, 2010 12:09 am

I forgot to add him to the last, but it doesn't matter, it's a smallapplication

E-mail (OPTIONAL):

Alt Name: Anukha Fashii

A brief description of your character:
Caine is a tiny beige ferret with a masklike brown pattern over his eyes. The little critter seems to be rather calm and curious, but also kind and amiable. Much kinder then his master.

Why/How is your character in Skuldhellir:
He sat on Anukha's shoulder, or in her enchanted amulet, or on her head and saw the sights with a lot of glee. He found Skulhellir fun at first sight, all friendlylooking people with big fluffy beards.

---Max Preps (3):

Channeling 2 (3)

It is not that Caine can use spells of his own. But Anukha can, when she's not preparing a spell of her own, channel one over to Caine to use. Only 1 and 2 prep spells can be channeled this way without harming Caine himself. When he uses them it's usually also one prep extra.

Very agile
Good climber
Can fit in tiny places
Great sense of smell, hearing and sight.
Small sharp teeth

Good at hunting small animals

Familiarity. He can see through Anukha's eyes, smell through her nose, and hear with her ears. He can also telepathically communicate with her.
Increased lifespan. To a point where it's roughly's Anukha's
Slightly more intelligent then other ferrets.

Tiny. He's the same small size as any ferret.
Unable to communicate in any common language.
Very Weak.
Very vulnerable
Bond of pain. It goes both ways, if Anukha is in pain Caine will feel it as well.
Technically mundane. Since it's more or less Anukha that uses spells through him.
Feral intelligence. Even though he is slightly smarter then normal ferrets, he still has more or less the reasoning of any other.
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PostSubject: Re: Caine   Thu Apr 29, 2010 11:17 am

1. Magic; 4

2. Agility; 2
3. Good climber; 1
4. Can fit into tiny spaces; 2
5. Great sense of smell, hearing, and sight; 3
6. Small sharp teeth; 1

7. Good at hunting small game; 1

8. Familitarity; 2-3
9. Increased lifespan; 1
10. Slight increase in intelligence; 1

1. Tiny; 2
2. Unable to communicate in common tongues; 2
3. Very weak; 2
4. Very vunerable; 2
5. Bond of pain; 3
6. Mundane technicalities; 2
7. Feral intelligence; 1

Strengths = 18-19
Weaknesses = 15

Unlike what you said the other day, Gil, he seems to be balanced.


An' tha's one o' th' best things 'bout family; even if ya make th' biggest mistake o' yer life...
they'll still 'old ya dear in their 'earts.
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Ulrin Lightbringer

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PostSubject: Re: Caine   Sun May 02, 2010 6:50 am

I don't see any unbalancedness here either, I approve of this here famderpiliar!
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PostSubject: Re: Caine   

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