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 'Accurate' retelling of a grand adventure.

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'Accurate' retelling of a grand adventure. Empty
PostSubject: 'Accurate' retelling of a grand adventure.   'Accurate' retelling of a grand adventure. EmptySun Apr 18, 2010 2:45 pm

Gilex pulls a few snares to set the mood. "A long, long time ago. In a distant mountain keep. The treat of assassins came to the ears of the great Ruler Vaso Kedarn. Nearly was he killed twice, twice was he saved by the vigilance of the great commander... A redhaired dwarf named Lares Furbeard." He plays a soft but slightly threatening music.

Bosper Winterkalt smirks slightly, oh, the commander has much in common with a dwarf, stubborn and easy to anger....and he loves his booze. The changes of the story just makes it more interesting!
The ogre doesn't appear as if he's completely there, but whenever the dwarves chant, he joins in. The alcohol is making it's way to his system. So what does he do? Steal another mug from another nearby dwarf and chug.

Gilex continues his story. "By luck, the last assassin, the third, was found before he could infiltrate fully. He was captured, and questioned, and told the location of the assassin's fortress. Vaso Kedarn, the brave ruler, wanted to go and deal with the threat himself. His commanders spoke up against this, saying that he would be safer in the keep. And that a group of heroes would be far better equipped for this daunting dangerous quest." The music did not change much in tone.

Gilex takes a sip of ale, and sighs relief of the tasty brew. "The greatest of the Mountain Keep were chosen. The commander Furbeard himself, a skilled wizard, an archer of amazing skill and an old scarred healer. They were only a bit on the way however when someone else from their keep joined them. The keep's fool. Because there was no horse, and the fool could not be convinced to go back he had to walk. He did not mind this however. Since he was an 'elf' he announced that he had once ran for three years straight!" The bard chuckles, if the 'fool' was here today he'd murder him.

[#] All the dorfs raised their pints and laughed out loud when the elf was mocked. "Dem elves wish they could run longer than us dwarves! Cocky wusses!"

Kiloso // There was a heavy clunk as the ogre wnet out, head slumping against the wall. Needless to say, if somoene agitated him enough, he'd be due to wake up any second after.

Gilex changes the tone of his music now into a more rural passing tune. "A few days they travelled. Through mountain, forest and wasteland when they came upon their first obstacle. T'was a dragon's mound!" His music becomes threatening now. "And two enormous specimens laid there. One with scales of magnificent copper, and another with scales of black and red!"

Lauren Bassnium walks in right on "Cocky wusses!" and pauses just inside the doorway. She perks an ear and listens into Gilex' tale... "... Scales o' copper, eh?" she mutters to herself, a tad intrigued.

[#] "I bet the elf wet himself right there, didn't 'e!"

Bosper Winterkalt watches how Lauren enters the taverne, another known face! A stern nod and a pat on the seat beside him is all given as a welcome to her.

Lauren Bassnium looks over to Bosper and arches a brow at that seat-pat. With a shrug to herself, she makes her way over to the chair and nods politely to the priest. "Thank ya, sir."

Gilex continues the tone of music, daring high tones. "And the two dragons could not be fooled. They rose up their enormous heads and watched with contempt at the group of heroes. The archer..." He pauses a moment." Zulzin! Nooked an arrow, and the commander pulled his grand warhammer."

Bosper Winterkalt bows a bit towards Lauren. "Welcome Lauren." Whispered, not wanting to disrupt the song. And now, back to listening to this little tale.

[#] The dwarves are quite lively and the booze flows richly. Lauren is quickly offered a full pint upon coming in and some dwarves attentively listen to the story, some tell stories of their own but without doubt; everyone was boozing.

Lauren Bassnium can't help it-- she gladly takes any pint offered and pays up if prodded about it. Hooray, booze!

Gilex then changes on to a rather bizarre humorous tune. "The elf cried his warcry first, pulled his two shortswords, and tumbled down into the mound." Now the music became serious again. "The dragons ignored it and opened their maws to charge at the heroes, but swifter then Zulzin's arrow flew. Lares Furbeard had smashed his warhammer into the head of the black and red dragon, and the wizard Drawde send the copper flying by displacing, they say, the very time itself!"

[#] More dwarves enter the tavern upon noticing the jolliness and join in on the boozing and listening and telling! "Aha, that silly elf!" a few cry out. Ohboy, the bartender is earning bags of gold here.

[#] Lauren is suddenly pulled into a row of dwarves rocking left to right while raising their pints and boozing away! Such a cheery bunch.

Lauren Bassnium probably looks out of place as she's pulled out of her seat by the dwarves, being a good foot or so taller than them. Still, she keeps laughing on, good naturedly enough.
Bosper Winterkalt has a hard time to keep his stoic behaviour, snickering and smiling.

[#] Some dorfs cheer, some seem a bit reluctant to accept a fingerwiggler, of all people, was pwning a dragon.

Gilex the music becomes calmer now, but still a tinge of excitement lingers in it. "The beaten dragons rose up again however, but now bowed their heads. The heroes understood it, the dragons had been impressed by the wizard and the dwarf beating them.. Although they sometimes say it was mostly Lares Furbeard breaking the, larger more vicious black and red dragon's jaw that impressed them, rather then the attack from the wizard." The bard fails not to notice the relucancy. "The wizard and the old doctor opted to turn them away, but luckily the wise Furbead knew that the help from dragons could come in handy, for now."

Lauren Bassnium downs her ale and tries to wiggle away from the dwarves, back to her seat.

[#] Cheering continues now that attention is shifted back to dwarg Furbeard! And bam, Bosper is pulled in with Lauren as well! Lauren manages to wiggle away but would soon find yet another pint in front of her.

Bosper Winterkalt gets tugged suddenly into the dwarfes, forced to rock from side to side, well, he won't touch any ale for now, but he does his best and party.....silent.

Lauren Bassnium finds herself with another pint, and she can't help but snort at it. "Oi! I'm not even done wit' m' first one!"

Gilex changes the tone of his music, making it more a heroic march now. "With the help of the dragons they could move much faster. Soon enough the dwarf had tamed the two dragons and the heroes rode their backs. Sometimes flying, others times running along the ground. They moved fast enough and they were coming closer. Or so they thought!" His music stops now, and he looks wide eyed."

[#] The crowd suddenly goes quiet as Gilex stops the music, all eyes fixed on the bard. "And then! And then? Dun keep us waiting like that, lad, we're practically pissin' out pants ere!"

Lauren Bassnium brushes the mystery pint off and continues with her own first pint as she waits for the bard to continue.

Gilex starts playing a tense tune now. "Nothing! They had travelled for miles, for almost two months, but nothing could be found. They passed villages, some towns, but not a single castle. Something odd was going on, something very odd. And when Zulzin spoke with the dwarf Furbeard about it, he decided. There was no castle. They had been tricked!"

[#] A bunch of drunk dwarves make it to the exit to go home and be smacked by angry dorfwomen while the others keep on partying. For now, however, there was less attention to Gil's story than to the booze and some women.

Bosper Winterkalt is finally released of the dwarfes, patting his white surcoat clean from any dirt that got their hands.

Gilex plays a calm tune. "Broken and beaten the heroes set up a camp, they decided they would return for the keep again with haste the next day. It was a sad turnout indeed." His music scales however, from sad and calm it became tense again, but more and exciting kind of tense. "That night however, the doctor who was keeping night watch, saw two shadowy forms enter the tent where the dwarf Furbeard slept!" He lingers on high tunes. " An ambush! The doctor shouted out and only in second's time did Furbeard manage to dodge two blades aimed for his troat!"

[#] A bit more attention was given to Gil's story. And the party continued! Boozing and cheering and elfmocking! Ohyes.

Bosper Winterkalt thinks for a moment, what is true of it? He merely gave attention to the adventures of others, he had a hard time to tend the graveyard from snow and monsters.

Kiloso // A snort, and the ogre stirred gripping his head as he blinked about. "Hungry. But needs to get to work...." He pat his tummy, blinked about as he pulled a haunch of meat from his trousers and exited the building, hunching over to fit through the door. From there he wobbled slightly, still strongly intoxicated.

Gilex almost stands up as he raises the excitement of his music. "The dwarf grasped his warhammer and smashed the two assassins, but it was not over yet, as the rest of the heroes, and the elf awoke to join him. Furbeard came outside to find a grand army of black cloaked men, silvery daggers in their hand. The doctor ran past him to hide and the dwarf charged forward, taking a few assassins down in his blows. The dragons were running around wild, trampling, burning and biting assassins to death where they could."

[#] Excitement was definitely growing in the crowd, most of the eyes and ears fixed on the bard for now.

Gilex is glad to have his crowd back, and doesn't release on the excitement either. Now comes a more difficult spot. " Lares Furbeard bravely fought of the lightly armoured rogues, they were no match for him but using sneak attacks and dirty tactics they managed to land a grand array of blows on the dwarf, but his finely crafted armour took blow after blow. Luckily the archer Zulzin came into action too, his arrows felled man after man. The wizard mounted the copper dragon and flew up to cast spells on the assassins from above. The Foolish elf also wanted to join the fight, but on his way out he knocked over a pole of the tent he was and got tangled up." The bard fittingly changes the tone for a second there, but picks in on the exciting melody immediately afterward.

Bosper Winterkalt listens to the tale, but watches out, that the crowd won't pull him into rocking back and forth again.

Lauren Bassnium chuckles and mutters to herself, "Well, at least 'e got one part o' th' story right".

Gilex's music turned from exciting to glorious now. "But even all the assassins combined were no match for the group. Soon enough the cowards began to rout, as their more prominently skilled brothers started to fall just as easily as the others. In truth the dwarf Furbeard was already almost done for, but stubborn as the rock he kept berserking. the last two assassins that made for the hills were seized by Drawde and the copper dragon." His tune is now wholly glorious. "They found out that their camp stood right on top of the 'fort' they had been looking for, it was an underground complex of many tunnels in which the assassins had sheltered for years." He smiles. "The company returned to the keep and were welcomed by a grand feist. Even the fool was allowed to join in!" He pauses for a moment. "And clean up after of course."

Lauren Bassnium laughs to herself and calls out at the end, hoisting up her pint, "Serves th' damned fool right! Ahahaa!"

Bosper Winterkalt gives a claps with his hands, appreciating the story. But, no words were said afterward, he only orders a mug with water for himself. Thats all you can get from Bosper.

[#] Everons cheers at the story before turing back to their pints and friends. Not soon after a mug filled with some coppers made its way to Gil.

Gilex gladly accepts the mug and looks at Edward. Who is probably covering his face with his palm at this point.
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'Accurate' retelling of a grand adventure.
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