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 Mor: Whatever You Do, Don't Feed Him

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PostSubject: Mor: Whatever You Do, Don't Feed Him   Sun Mar 06, 2011 1:56 pm

oli kaiken nähny, kaiken kuullu, kaiken tiänny

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Posts : 387
Join date : 2010-03-29
Age : 45
Location : tiddly dee, potatoes!

PostSubject: Re: Mor: Whatever You Do, Don't Feed Him   Sun Mar 06, 2011 2:25 pm

Chaotic Neutral
Mor does what he has to do to survive. He has a personal code of ethics, but it isn't intense enough to affect his alignment.

Race: mountain troll

Gender: male

Age: the trollish equivalent of a human in their late fifties

Detailed Class(es): runecaster

Full and complete name: Mor

Titles of any sort: Runecaster

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Relationships, past or present: I'm working on that.

Involvement with any associations, guilds, or militias: none at this Time

Ranks or regards among said guilds, associations or militias: none

Professions of any sort: none

Wealth status (Rich, Wealthy, Upper, Up-Mid, Mid, Low-Mid, Low, Poor): poor

Jobs (that don't fall under profession) of any sort: none

Place of birth: somewhere up in the mountains

Wealth status during childhood(Uses same system): low

Current home(s): none

Reason for making a home there: none

Known family members, and their relation to the character: his clan; he is not so much alienated from it as he is distant and withdrawn

Living members amongst said family: most of the clan is still intact

General happiness, 1-10: 2

Social level 1-10: -5

Distinctive personality traits(Sarcasm, Black Humor, etc.): grumpy, easily offended, sarcastic, mean

Ego of any sort: it's about as large as he is, and he's pretty big

Greed of any sort: none

Significant vices: easy to anger, alcoholic (who here ISN'T, though?), prideful, impatient

Significant virtues: relatively noble and gentlemanly, wise

Feelings and tendencies towards alcohol: OH GOD YES SO MUCH OF IT NOW GIVE IT ALL TO ME FUCK ARGH

A brief personality description: at his very barest, Mor is just a bitter, grouchy, mean old man

Favorite things in life(Foods, colors, events, etc.): booze and blood and meat

Least favorite things in life: bright lights and colors, sickeningly happy people, paladins

1 Optimist, 10 Pessimist, 1-10: 78

Significant or unusual traits or aspects: he is a TROLL

Their current every-day life: hunt, eat, meditate, consult the runes and grasp for their secrets

Facial appearance(Includes hair): Mor is a troll and therefore not very pretty. He has severe, sharp, hawkish features, a large and beaky nose, harsh eyes and two sizable tusks, one broken. His hair is a long, matted red mess that he usually keeps tied back.

Skin color and appearance: Mor is covered in brief, pale, purplish fur, coarse and thick.

General body build: The old man's got a little muscle, but not much fat, and this makes him unpleasantly gnarled. Being a troll, he is lanky and tall and hunched with broad shoulders.

Best features: he has none he is a troll

Worst features: EVERYTHING

Favorite features of their own: mang he doesn't care

Every day apparel(If any): Furs and leathers and a thick woolen robe

Armor, if any, and detailed descriptions of each piece: N/A

Weapon(s), detailed description of each: His simple, bone-handled dagger is his only apparent weapon.

Any accessories(Bombs, enchantments, glasses, etc.): Bone glasses, a feather in a piercing on his ear, two others tied into his hair, a bunch of bags filled with runestones and other things

Significant or unusual marks or traits: His right tusk is broken and his other has a rune carved into it. His hands are usually bleeding or recently healed, and always wrapped in dirty bandages.

The specialization of their class(berserking warrior, fire mage): Blood is the proxy by which Mor uses his runes.

Skill and experience with their weapons: He's pretty good with his dagger if it comes to that.

Skill and experience with any sorts of magic: Very skilled; he's been doing this his whole life.

Mastery of their class: high

Skill and experience with their professions: none

Skill and experience in battle: high

Pre-prime, in their prime, or post-prime: post-prime

Favored weapons or skills: BLOOD MAJACKS

Special abilities or unusual skills: blood majacks

What is appealing about them to others: He could be a handy dandy meat shield because of his size and race. Potentially handy for similar reasons in the case of a snowstorm.

What is unappealing about them to others: He's mean and scary and a troll. His magic is unorthodox.

Where do they favor in battle: Tactics and cunning.

Where do they lack in battle: Intense physical combat.

oli kaiken nähny, kaiken kuullu, kaiken tiänny
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Mor: Whatever You Do, Don't Feed Him
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