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Stone Sober

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PostSubject: Sledge   Tue Feb 22, 2011 3:14 pm

I want to keep this short, but if I need anymore info let me know.


Alt Name: Sledge

A brief description of your character: Sledge is an anthro smilodon, though he's ape-like as opposed to human-like in posture and gait; while he can stand up on two legs he prefers to stand and walk around on four, using a knuckle walk. He has a powerful appearance in light grey, dark grey, black, and orange, and never really seems to quite blend in with anything. He doesn't wear clothing but is well resistant to the cold. Personality wise, he is amicable and takes a liking to anyone who doesn't kick him in the face.. and even then he'd probably think they were playing.

Why/How is your character in Skuldhellir: He has a poor idea of where he needs to go in order to get back to the ranch where he was raised, so often ends up in strange towns and taking up temporary residence there. HOW he's gotten here isn't that important as it'll soon not matter to him, but I'll go with he arrived here through the forest while wandering on. Why he stays here now is that he's been given food and board at the arena in exchange for being a gladiator there.

---Natural: He's as strong as he looks, and maybe a little more. He also holds an animalistic sense of instinct and while, as stated later in weaknesses he is only 9 in terms of his mind, he fights with instinct and primal skill more than learned knowledge, making him more sophisticated fighting-wise than a 9 year old.


Sledge is 9 years old, so imagine his cognitive intelligence around that of a 9 year old child. He believes that most people are good, and will listen to them if they say something is good or bad without question. If a character is so obviously bad though, or tells Sledge killing someone is a good thing, he's not completely ignorant of right and wrong and won't fall for it. But say you tell him it's okay and that he can eat one of the sheep in the field, he'll do it, or that someone WANTS that wall of their house knocked down, he'll do it.

Slow healing. While he can lick his injuries to keep them clean, if you break his arm he will be healing the bone longer than a person would with the same injury. Given that he walks on his arms, he'll be loping around on three limbs for months and months, reluctant to fight. Smaller injuries like stabbings and cuts will likewise be sore and painful longer, and he'll not want to make them worse by exerting himself.

Moving around takes incredible amounts of energy for Sledge; he walks in a slow, lumbering pace to conserve energy, but he is as quick in action as any other Feline. He sleeps in his free time, eats enormous meals, and grazes all the rest of the day just to maintain himself. One day away from food and he is noticeably fatigued. Just a couple of days away from food and he'd become unable to move and die in the next few days unless someone brings him a good energy source.
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PostSubject: Re: Sledge   Tue Feb 22, 2011 8:27 pm

1. Strong; 3
2. Animal instinct & primal fighting skill; 2-3

1. Childish intelligence; 1
2. Semi-naive/easily manipulated; 2
3. Slow healing; 2
4. High energy exertion; 3

Strengths = 5-6
Weaknesses = 8


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