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PostSubject: Edward   Thu Apr 08, 2010 2:58 pm

Fatapplication ahoy. :[

E-mail (OPTIONAL): edward[AT]

Alt Name: Edwarde

A brief description of your character: Edward is a middle-aged, fingerwiggling clockmaker with a sincere adoration for both magic and Time. He is an awkward and nervous fellow, but that's a bit misleading when it comes to judging the magnitude of the spells he's capable of unleashing.

Why/How is your character in Skuldhellir: After an unfortunate run-in with the vengeful forces of Paradox, the residue caused by the manipulation of Time, Edward's been sucked into a portal and spat back out again a few months later. Whether by coincidence or the cunning weave of Fate, Skuldhellir, the very town being settled by his fellow members of the sundered Northkeep, is where he ends up.

---Max Preps (1-10): 10

Chronomancy: 5
The dangerous art of manipulating the very ebb and flow of Time itself, though not on a very large scale.

Ice Magic: 2
The elemental school of the control and command of ice, frost and cold.

Dimensional Magic: 2
The general school of Planewalking for such purposes as teleportation over small or large distances.

Basic Magic: 1
The simplest school of magic, the basest understanding of the arcane; it allows for the caster to use a variety of simple utility spells that require very little energy and concentration.

-Intelligence; Edward has quite a bit of it.
-Dexterity; facilitated by a fine set of reflexes and honed on a smaller scale by Edward's trade of clockmaking.
-Agility; Edward is light and jumpy and is therefore slightly faster than your average human when he's running.
-Amiability; Edward is a generally likable fellow.

-Clockmaking; Edward's a master of the art.
-Engineering; Edward enjoys fiddling with, fixing, and working with mechanics of all sorts. He's getting rather good at it, too.
-Literacy; Edward's grasp of reading and writing is as good as it gets, despite occasional informalities.
-Magical knowledge; Edward has studied many schools of magic and knows much about their workings, even if he himself is not gifted enough to use most of them. He's also familiar with the basics of alchemy and some of the intricacies of enchantment, the latter of which he can employ for his own purposes to a small extent.
-Linguist; Edward can speak Erish, Northtongue, Latalian and Common all very well. He can also understand and communicate with fragments of Alemans, Barabic and Frrench.
-Musical skills; Edward has an accordion! He can play it! ...Kind of! He can also sing a little, on good days.

-Timesense; Edward has no need of a clock or a watch to know, with startling precision, the current hour, minute and even second. He can also Time things with incredible accuracy, and, if not held up by an external source, his innate sense of Time will prevent him from ever being accidentally late.

-Edward's eyesight is not very good. He has to lean in close to see detail, and things that are too far away are little more than colored blurs. To boot, his glasses are very old and don't do much for his eyes anymore.
-Easy to frighten.
-Ridiculously naive.
-Awkward, nervous and prone to being a bumbler.
-Physically weak.
-Frail and easily affected by illness.
-Mirrors tend to shatter around Edward, with enough force to inflict harm on anyone within five feet of it, including himself.
-Mild insomnia.
-Low self-esteem.
-Terrible navigator.
-Incontinent. (This has a variety of other strange triggers that change and mutate like his phobias do, just less numerous and less often.)

-Debillitating damage to Edward's lungs/stomach prevents them from working as they should all the Time; the damage is incurable by magic. In addition to being random, certain things also trigger the damage--too much running can impair his lungs and force him to stop lest he suffocate, and eating much more than a little at a Time will make him sick.

-Cursed by Paradox, Edward is subject to a number of strange and sometimes downright ridiculous phobias that come and go at whim. These can range from symbols to inanimate objects, to people, to places, to sounds, to gestures and even words--no matter what it is, Edward will flee away from it in utter terror and, if unable to, writhe and scream himself hoarse until it's gone or the phobia fades away again.

-Edward could be driven to madness if ever his Timesense were stopped. If one were to rip him from the flow of Time, he would fall instantly into insanity until he could feel it again. It is also possible to temporarily disrupt the Sense by subjecting Edward to a myriad of wrong Times all at once--if one were to hold him down, change all of his clocks so that they were no longer accurate in front of him, and cheerfully miscount the seconds all the while, he'd probably pass out from trauma.

-If left to think on a memory for too long, Edward might find himself trapped in it, unable to see what's going around him in the present until his recollection of the memory ends. He can still act, he is simply blind and disoriented. One can tell when this is happening to him--his eyes will stop reflecting whatever is around him.

-In addition to the typical results of a backfiring magic spell, upon failing a cast from the school of chronomancy, Edward may also be physically assaulted by the Denizens of Time. The resultant damage can range from mild to potentially fatal depending on the strength of the miscast spell, and the wounds cannot be healed by magic.

-Edward is hounded by the forces of Paradox; they are responsible for most of the bizarre troubles he experiences, and it is highly likely that they will add more to him.

oli kaiken nähny, kaiken kuullu, kaiken tiänny

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Ulrin Lightbringer

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PostSubject: Re: Edward   Thu Apr 08, 2010 3:15 pm


That's a 10 + 4 schools = 14.


Intelligence (I'll include thins like literacy and such in this): 3
Dexterity is a 1
Agility is a 1
Amiability is a 1
Clockmaking is a nifty trade 1
Engineering might have a huge impact on mining. I'll give this a 2-3 for now.
Magical knowledge is a definite 3
Linguist is 2
Musical skills is a -5. 0
Timesense is a 1-2

Total: 29-31


Bad eyesight is a 3
Chicken is delicious. 2
Naive 3
Awkward, nervous and prone to being a bumbler. 2
Physically weak might lose him respect amongst dorfs, but is expected of wizardmon. 1
Frail and easily affected by illness. 3
Mirrors tend to shatter around Edward, with enough force to inflict harm on anyone within five feet of it, including himself. 2
Mild insomnia. 2
Low self-esteem. 1-2
Incontinent. 2
Lung damage is a 4
Paradox is a 5
Cloxtrauma is a 3
Memoryloop is a 3
Denizens are cool and awesome and thus over 9000. 5

Total: 46-47

Balanced and of course Ulproved.
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PostSubject: Re: Edward   Fri Apr 09, 2010 9:44 am

- Magic: 10 + 4
-Intelligence: 3
-Dexterity: 1
-Agility: 1
-Amiability: 0
-Clockmaking: 0
-Engineering: 3
-Literacy: 1
-Magical knowledge: 4
-Linguist: 1
-Musical skills: 0
-Timesense: 0

-Eyesight: 2
-Easy to frighten: 2
-Ridiculously naive: 1
-Awkward, nervous, etc: 1
-Physically weak: 3
-Frail and easily affected by illness: 3
-Mirrors shattering: 0-1
-Mild insomnia: 1
-Low self-esteem: 1
-Terrible navigator: 1
-Incontinent: 1
-Debillitating damage to Edward's lungs/stomach: 3
-Cursed by Paradox: 3
-Edward could be driven to madness if ever his Timesense were stopped: 0-1
-If left to think on a memory for too long: 1
-In addition to the typical results of a backfiring magic spell: 2-3
-Edward is hounded by the forces of Paradox: 1-2

Strengths: 26
Weaknesses: 26-30

Purr-fectly balanced to me. So I think that means Ed is...

᛬ᛟᚢᛏ ᛟᚹ ᚦᛖ ᛊᚲᚱᛖᛗᛁᛝ ᚾᛟᚱᚦ ᚹᛁᚦ ᚦᛖ ᚷᛃᚨᛚᚨᚱᚺᛟᚱᚾ᛬
Skuldhellir Characters: Skallagrim, Tillik, Zazeal
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PostSubject: Re: Edward   Sat Apr 10, 2010 12:21 pm

EDIT: D< I need to read all the posts. *points at the acceptance above her* Ah well, this is good practice, no? D:

1. Magics; 14

2. Smarts; good for the Mages Guild. 3
3. Dexterity; 3
4. Agility; 2
5. Likeable fellow; 1

6. Clockmaking doesn't seem like a huge thing; useful, yes, but not in high demand ('cept outside the mage's guild?); 1
7. Engineering; 3
8. High literacy, useful in the 'guild; 4
9. Magical knowledge; 4
10. Linguist; 3
11. Muscial skills; 0 Nice, but not really useful for the cont

12. Timesense; 3

1. Bad eyesight; 4
2. Easy to scare; 3
3. Naivity; 3
4. Awkward, nervous, bumbler; 3
5. Physically weak; 4
6. Frail and illness-prone; 4
7. Mirrors go BOOM; 3
8. Insonomia; 2
9. Terrible navigator; 3
10. Incontinent; 2

11. Major lung and stomach damage; 4
12. Paradox PHOBIA WTF; 4
13. Time trauumaaa; 4 (What sick fecker would do that to the poor fellow anyway? D8>)
14. Memory; 2
15. Denizens of KICKASS; 5 for potential to DIE
16. Paradox stalking; 4

Strengths = 41
Weaknesses = 54

I did not c/p from the Workshop, so these are totally new numbers... I think I rated higher this time, but it /did/ still turn out balanced.


An' tha's one o' th' best things 'bout family; even if ya make th' biggest mistake o' yer life...
they'll still 'old ya dear in their 'earts.
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PostSubject: Re: Edward   

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