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 Seeking An Apprentice

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Stone Sober

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PostSubject: Seeking An Apprentice   Thu Jan 06, 2011 2:45 pm

I am currently seeking an apprentice to teach the ways of knighthood. The apprentice can expect to learn of chivalry and honor, respect, and more. The apprentice will also be taught the skill of swordplay, writing, reading, and oration.

I am only taking one potential apprentice and if you hope to be successful in your studies, you must be willing to devote many hours a week to them. This is how it is. Slackers and layabouts need not attempt.

To contact me, either reply to this or find me at the tavern.

~ Bishop Frowin of the Obsidian Rose

The cursive writing was in the lynx's customary red ink.
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Seeking An Apprentice
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