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Ulrin Lightbringer

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PostSubject: Eònan   Thu Apr 08, 2010 1:33 pm

E-mail (OPTIONAL):[/b] Everyone who needs to know this knows it, probably.

Alt Name: Eònan

A brief description of your character:
Eònan is almost what you'd expect from someone wanting to live in a hole like Skuldhellir; Rough and with a great beard. Though socially awkward when it doesn't come to boozing away with dorfs, the man rather blends in than sit aside and call unneeded suspicion to his secretive self.

Why/How is your character in Skuldhellir:
As blade, or rather axe, for hire, Eònen tends to travel to places where his services might be required. That, and it never hurts to see if you can get a hand on some gold.

[i]Magic (OPTIONAL):

---Max Preps (1-10):
No magic here.


Blessed with above average hearing.
Quite strong bones.

Single-handed combat, mostly with axes. (though he can handle most weapons, just not expertly)
Duel-wielding of small axes.
Unarmed combat, brawl style.
The needed strength to utilize the forementioned.
Skilled in bartering a better prize.
Knowledge of poisons and their respective antidotes.



Quite the greedy bastard.
Might easily be distracted by the other gender.
Dislike of authority.
Misses an eye, has a glass eye in place.
Irrational hatred of fingerwigglers.
Never carries around money, spends everything he doesn't need.
Wanted for murders, but not widely enough searched for for most inhabitants to know. (or anyone in Skuld for that matter. Just letting a plotline open.)
Sensitive and temporarily deafened/concussed by sudden loud or high pitched sounds.
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PostSubject: Re: Eònan   Thu Apr 08, 2010 1:56 pm


1. Hearing's a 1!
2. Strong bones is another 1. It pays to be slightly less likely to break a leg when getting chucked down a flight of stairs.
3. Athletics and acrobatics are together a 3.
4. General weapon skills are a 2.
5. Axe mastery is a 4.
6. Unarmed combat skills are a 2.
7. Bartering skills are a 1.
8. Poisonknowledge is a 2.


1. Being greedy is dangerous when everyone else is, too. 2.
2. Booze is a 1.
3. Laydeez is a 2.
4. Authorityhate is a 0.
5. Missing eye, and therefore decreased depth perception, would have an effect on his throwing axes, among other things. 3.
6. Illiteracy is a 1.
7. Hate of magicmens is a 2. (They may or may not explode you if they find out.)
8. Moneyspending is a 0.
9. 'Wanted' status has no bearing in Skuld yet and is therefore a 0 for now!
10. Auditory sensitivity is a 2.

Strengths Total: 16
Weaknesses Total: 13

Balanced and approved.

oli kaiken nähny, kaiken kuullu, kaiken tiänny
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PostSubject: Re: Eònan   Fri Apr 09, 2010 9:50 am

-Above average hearing: 1
-Strong bones: 1
-Athletics: 2
-Acrobatics: 2
-Single-handed combat: 2
-Duel-wielding of small axes: 3
-Axe-throwing: 2
-Unarmed combat, brawl style: 2
-The needed strength: 1
-Skilled in bartering a better prize: 1
-Knowledge of poisons and their respective antidotes: 2

-Quite the greedy bastard: 2
-Booze: 1
-Might easily be distracted by the other gender: 1
-Dislike of authority: 1
-Misses an eye, has a glass eye in place: 3
-Illiterate: 1
-Irrational hatred of fingerwigglers: 2
-Never carries around money, spends everything he doesn't need: 1
-Wanted for murders: 1
-Sensitive ears: 2

Strengths: 19
Weaknesses: 15

Looks good to me!

᛬ᛟᚢᛏ ᛟᚹ ᚦᛖ ᛊᚲᚱᛖᛗᛁᛝ ᚾᛟᚱᚦ ᚹᛁᚦ ᚦᛖ ᚷᛃᚨᛚᚨᚱᚺᛟᚱᚾ᛬
Skuldhellir Characters: Skallagrim, Tillik, Zazeal
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PostSubject: Re: Eònan   

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