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 Varsel Ysbryd

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PostSubject: Varsel Ysbryd   Mon Jan 03, 2011 11:29 am


True Neutral

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Detailed Class(es): Druid

Full and complete name: Varsel

Titles of any sort: Ysbryd

Sexual Orientation: Hetero

Relationships, past or present:
Ring – Best friend

Professions of any sort: Druidism

Wealth status (Rich, Wealthy, Upper, Up-Mid, Mid, Low-Mid, Low, Poor): Poor


Wealth status during childhood(Uses same system): Poor

Current home(s): Skuldhellir

Reason for making a home there: To pass the winter.

General happiness, 1-10: 9

Social level 1-10: 9

Distinctive personality traits(Sarcasm, Black Humor, etc.): He believes everything is based on luck, birdlike personality traits,

Ego of any sort: He is proud about his flying and nestbuilding skills

Greed of any sort: He likes to hoard silver and other shiny things, he isn’t kleptomaniacal about them, but close. For silver he will deny he is a druid, although he won’t risk his life

Significant vices: Simpleness, Poor, indifferent, and a obsession with silver.

Significant virtues: Incredible patience and survival skills. Also just a nice guy.

Feelings and tendencies towards alcohol: He loves alcohol! But he tries not to get drunk.

A brief personality description: Varsel has a simple, calm and collected personality. He might seem a bit slow and obvious at times but that is just appearances (and it’s not an act either). He is in fact quite cunning and clever when he has to be.

Favorite things in life(Foods, colors, events, etc.): Feathers, birds, Ring, , nature, SILVER.

Least favorite things in life: Metropolitan civilization, disrespect for nature, needless killing, trouble, Living Dead

1 Optimist, 10 Pessimist, 1-10: 2

Significant or unusual traits or aspects: He thinks everything is somehow connected to luck, and often mentions this in his speak. His way of acting is very wild and simple, and he reacts to some things as a bird would.

Their current every-day life: Completely random, although usually he tries to socialize a bit with the dwarves and other citizens in town every day.

Facial appearance(Includes hair): A round face with a slightly jutting chin, a northerner’s nose. A crop of short black hair with here and there a feather.

Skin color and appearance: A bit palish, although not unhealthy palish.

General body build: Wiry, although not unhealthy so.

Best features: None in particular as human, but as a bird, many different ones.

Worst features: His light build and weight, he weights almost nothing for a human his size.

Favorite features of their own: His hair when human, his feathers when bird, especially the tail feathers.

Every day apparel(If any): A robe that has so many raven and crow feathers stitched on it, it seems as if the very robe is made out of feathers. On his sleeves they are stitched so that it appears he has wings.

Weapon(s), detailed description of each:
A simple blowpipe
Multiple seeds
Treelike staff

Any accessories(Bombs, enchantments, glasses, etc.):
Feathers, feathers everywhere! Some from Ring, some his own.

The specialization of their class(berserking warrior, fire mage): Birdshape druid. Also in lesser matter he is good at using nature magic.

Skill and experience with their weapons: He is good with his blowpipe.

Skill and experience with any sorts of magic: Nature magic and shapeshifting magic, both are pretty good although he can so far only shapeshift into birds.

Mastery of their class: Novice

Skill and experience in battle: He hardly ever battles as a human, or battles using his magic. He is good at fighting birds in birdform though.

Pre-prime, in their prime, or post-prime: Pre-prime

Favored weapons or skills: Shapeshifting, blowpipe.

What is appealing about them to others: His druidism, his ‘funny’ nature

What is unappealing about them to others: His birdlike way of acting at times. It’s clear that being a bird so often has affected his mind. His neutrality, he will not help anyone but those he personally likes.

Where do they favor in battle: As a bird, versus other birds or animals. His nature magic he usually uses to slow his opponent down long enough for him to shapeshift and escape.

Where do they lack in battle: In battle as a human, a direct battle especially.
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Varsel Ysbryd
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