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 MEDIATORS AND MEMBERS: Replying to Applications

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PostSubject: MEDIATORS AND MEMBERS: Replying to Applications   Thu Apr 08, 2010 9:58 am

Our application system works on more or less the following principle: an applicant posts up their character, and people that are already part of Skuldhellir look over the application form and give their input.

If you're a member, it's really as simple as that. Here's some things you can post about to help other members and mediators decide if the character should be accepted or not:

1. If a mediator has already assigned numbers to the character's strengths/weaknesses, take a look. Do those numbers seem fair to you? Is there a strength or weakness that you think was graded too high, or too low? Make note of it and comment about it.

2. If a mediator has not already assigned numbers to the character's strengths/weaknesses, try evaluating the character using that system yourself to give yourself a better idea of the character's balance, but don't post it on the forums.

3. Give input on the character concept itself. Is it technically balanced, but boring, and seems unlikely to add anything to the roleplaying experience? Does the character seem incredibly flat, with nothing to differentiate them from the most basic concept except the odd magical power or two? Say so, and make suggestions.

4. Have you met the character's player? Mention what you think. Comment and be truthful about your impressions. Do they seem like a seasoned roleplayer, or a beginner who might need some help? Are they nice or rude? This generally won't have any bearing on whether their character is accepted, but it may be a deciding factor on characters that teeter on the edge--we don't want an unbalanced, 'maybe' character if its player is a jerk. (If you feel nervous about doing this in public, you don't have to do this at all. Alternately, you can simply PM a mediator. If someone you don't like signs up, this is not an excuse to bash them in public.)

5. Are there any particular things you like about the character? An interesting take on a cliche, an entertaining weakness, or a neat concept? Say so.

6. Are there any particular things you don't like about the character? A balanced but absurd strength, a nonsensical name? Say so!

7. Take a close look at how the character could potentially affect the continuity. In a fight with an average member of Skuldhellir, what would their chances be? Do they seem like a character that would blow holes in buildings for no reason, or like they'd kill for no reason? Do they have the means to potentially get rid of too many setting-defining IC problems? Do they just not fit with the feel? Take a look, and comment with what you think.


Mediators can do all of the above, of course, but they are also required to post a numerical evaluation of the characters they comment on.

There's a whole bunch of characters that have already been done in the Workshop forum, and Heimdall gives us a loose description of how the grading system works on the application form, just above the Strengths field.

I'll write this up in more detail later!

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PostSubject: Re: MEDIATORS AND MEMBERS: Replying to Applications   Sat Apr 10, 2010 1:10 pm

Here's the process. When a new application is posted, one mediator comes along and posts their numbers. Then everyone, mediators and members alike, discuss the character for a day or so. Then a second mediator posts their set of numbers and says "accepted" or not! If not, the discussion continues.

If the first mediator posts their numbers and no one starts any discussions, the second mediator can just post their numbers and decision after a day or so.

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MEDIATORS AND MEMBERS: Replying to Applications
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