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 Lucian Karnstein

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Stone Sober

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PostSubject: Lucian Karnstein   Sat Dec 25, 2010 7:31 pm

E-mail (OPTIONAL):

Alt Name: Lucian Karnstein

A brief description of your character:
Species- Appears to be a Hyooman (Secretly a vampiric hyooman).
Gender- Male.
Height- 5 ft 11”
Weight- Approximately 8 St 10 ( About 125lbs.)
Build- Lithe, slender; but not frail.
Age- Appears to be about 25.
Headfur/Hair- Jet black in colour and descends to his waist; sometimes tied in a long pony tail in which not a single strand is out of place, otherwise is usually left free, but tidy.
Skin- Very pale skin, on the verge of pure white. It appears smooth and unblemished and bears no scars or scratches.
Eyes- A warm burgundy in colour, they are larger than the average male’s and the whites are pure i.e. without being bloodshot in the slightest.
Scent- A pleasant aroma of honey with a subtle hint of cinammon.
Voice- Not the deepest in tone and pitch, but soft and fluid; it tends to float to one’s ear and appears to have a lulling effect on some. His accent is a lucid British but with underlying Germanic stresses on some words.

Full Name- Lucian, Hren Karnstein.
Actual Age- 946.
Birthday- 12th of March, 514 A.D (In modern calendar.)
Place of Birth- Styria, Austria. But Lucian often refers to living in the Black Forest, Germany.
Alignment- Good, but his morality is based on the laws of nature rather than social law.
Religion- Germanic/Norse Paganism.

Usual Appearance- His hair is jet black and descends to his mid-back, free; it appears always clean and well kept and there is never a single strand out of place. Lucian’s attire is similar to that of Georgian dress; his coat is made of black damask and flows down to his knees, it is plaited from above his posterior down to the hem. The luxurious coat is decorated with round, silver buttons that end about two-thirds of the way down the long lapels, each is embossed with his family’s coat of arms. Beneath his coat, Lucian wears a full-length black, silk waistcoat over a creamy-white poet’s shirt; the shirt has a ruff and lace cuffs that cover his hands; the waistcoat’s back has an intricate design of leaves and vines. He wears long brocade trousers that seem to have vine-like patterns woven into the material, they disappear into his knee-high, leather riding boots. Lucian wears a couple of silver rings on each hand, and a gold ring on his right, middle finger.

Why/How is your character in Skuldhellir: After the fall of Northkeep, Lucian remained something of a hired-hand. Working in several professions, some more unscrupulous than others, his messenging often takes him through Skuldhellir and the lands beyond.

  • His senses are each sharper than that of a Hyooman, but not as advanced as a Furre’s, although he does have excellent sight in the dark in comparison to a both species.

  • Having been around for many centuries he has become very articulate and wise.

  • Lucian can sometimes be seen floating a few inches, though sometimes up to a foot, above the ground. He can maintain this as if he were merely standing and can even sit whilst floating.
  • At times, he also seems to just ‘disappear’ as if into thin air, though those with very keen eyesight or who look closely where he once stood, will find that they can still see him; he doesn’t appear to be able to turn completely invisible.
  • Lucian is able to detect others performing the same ability as well as recognise magic users and other supernatural creatures, this skill is dubbed 'Witch-sight.'
  • He drains blood via biting the areas of major arteries and suckling from the wound; he can also ‘turn’ others into vampires.
  • In addition to being able to turn semi-invisible, Lucian's footseps neither make a sound, nor leave a print, making him nigh undetecable to those who are unwary (he also leaves no hand- or fingerprints).
  • Lucian has an unnaturally high cold threshold and can tolerate temperatures low enough to send other Hyoomans into hypothermia.
  • He possesses increased strength, about thrice what you’d expect someone of his build to have.
  • Lucian has minor telepathy; he can project his voice into the minds of others, but can only hear the thoughts that others ‘allow’ to escape them.

  • Lucian is unable to live without consuming fresh blood atleast once a week. The source may be ferals, furres, hyoomans and various other creatures including those of a magical nature, although their blood may have various effects on him.
  • Lucian's youthful exterior and abilities quickly degenerate if he is unable to consume blood. But he will return to his usual strength and appearance once he's adequately fed.
  • Lucian is weakened by hawthorn and objects and weaponry crafted from it. Mere contact with hawthorn reduces his strength, but continued exposure cannot weaken him beyond a certain threshold i.e. it won’t paralyse or kill him.
  • Sunlight will quickly deteriorate and kill Lucius, so he must sleep during the day or cover up if he ventures out in daylight. The closest he can get to seeing the sun is watching a sunset, just after it has disappeared beyond the horizon or early in the morning, just before sunrise.
  • Mirrors reflecting the sun's light can cause Lucian some severe burns, but won't be able to completely destroy him.
  • Lucian is unable to cross running water, such as rivers. People can use this to prevent him from intruding where he is unwanted.
  • If salt is spilt near Lucian, he is compulsed to count each and every granual. He does not have to return them to their container but he will only be able to pull himself away when he has accounted for each grain.
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PostSubject: Re: Lucian Karnstein   Sat Dec 25, 2010 7:52 pm

Let's take a look!

1. Sharper senses: 1
2. Articulate and wise: 0
3. Floatanz: 2
4. Capable of pseudo-invisibility: 3
5. Witch-sight: 1
6. Vampire-turning: 4
7. Difficult to hear or track: 3
8. Temperature tolerance: 2
9. Very strong: 2
10. Telepathy: 2

1. Requires blood to exist and maintain his abilities: 2
2. Weakness to hawthorn: 2
3. Sunlight can kill him: 5
4. Unable to cross running water: 2 (We have a river right here in Skuld!)
5. Has to count salt: 4

Strengths Total: 20
Weaknesses Total: 15

You're good to go by me!

oli kaiken nähny, kaiken kuullu, kaiken tiänny
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Stone Sober

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PostSubject: Re: Lucian Karnstein   Mon Dec 27, 2010 5:53 pm

Thank you. :D
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PostSubject: Re: Lucian Karnstein   

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Lucian Karnstein
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