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 Pechel & Sreda

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Stone Sober

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PostSubject: Pechel & Sreda   Mon Oct 25, 2010 3:40 am

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Alt Name: Pechel & Sreda (Not sure if I should apply for them separately or together since Sreda's not a completely independent character, she's sort of an attachment, I guess, to Pechel...)

A brief description of your character:
Pechel used to have parents and used to be able to talk (though her vocabulary was limited due to age), but then she was accidentally abandoned in the forest when her parents left her a moment to seek the safest path and she panicked and ran like the terrified child she was. She got lost, and her and her parents could not find each other. She lived off of the land, and learned from the animals surrounding her (and lived off of them, too). She formed particularly strong bonds with a pack of wolves, and thus in a way she was "raised" by them.

Sreda is a wolf from the pack that "adopted" Pechel. She, like the rest of her pack, is a special wolf, which helped with the bonds Pechel was able to form, and her understanding of the wolves. She is big even for her breed, and enjoys long walks on the beach gnawing on bones while she laughs silently at the "silly two-legged wolf." Of course, despite her teasing and mocking of Pechel, she loves the girl very much and would die to protect her.

Why/How is your character in Skuldhellir: Sreda decided to disperse from her pack, and Pechel decided to accompany her. They did a pretty fair job of staying away from civilization, but then they came across Skuldhellir and instead of passing on in a hurry, Sreda insisted that they stay--mostly for her undying amusement at the town's inhabitants and the struggle Pechel would suffer to accommodate herself to them.

Lean but strong
Sharp learning curve (except in the speech department)

Teeth and Claws
Wicked sense of humor (that could go under weaknesses too, I'm sure)

Scavenging and Foraging
Communicating with her wolf friends & other animals (though not as efficiently or profoundly as with the wolves)
Fast reflexes
Trained to hear, smell, and see things others might not notice
Can't necessarily see in the dark, but is more better off than most others would be

"Human Speak"

Uncanny knack for communicating with animals, especially "her" wolves.

Though not able to effectively use any sort of magic, the breed of wolf she's born from is "magical" in that they are more sentient, more intelligent than average canines. They have a full capability to understand they world around them--and the people in it. They are almost comparable to humanoids, though obviously their weaknesses are greater as they still lack the power and ability of speech.

Cannot speak Common or any other known language (very rarely a gesture will succeed in its purpose)
Naive to the civilized world
Thinks and acts like a wolf and basically is one (albeit an above-average-intelligence wolf)
Visibly scarred; has obviously been on the receiving end of various animal assaults
Though she's very skilled with her hands when climbing or picking at something, movements meant as gestures are wild and uncontrolled and are more than often completely misunderstood... if understood at all
Sees approaching as a threat, touching will result in attempted bites, scratches, and will definitely earn a snarl
Doesn't sleep at all if other people are nearby; will often sleep in a tree or cave to avoid contact with anyone other than Sreda
Though she's intelligent, could be seen as stupid since she cannot speak any known language, cannot gesture, has no idea what body language is or how to use it, and cannot display her intelligence otherwise
Cannot read or write
Might seem a bit ADHD since the slightest sounds or movements catch her attention
Very unsure and nervous in the company of others
Can seem a bit reckless though she usually has a good reason for doing what she does .... to her, anyway
Becomes very flustered very easily in non-animal company
Will do anything to win approval
Has no social skills to speak of
Comes off as distant, cold, and calculating, except to her wolf friends
Can be very snappy, especially when approached or touched without her consent, or when she's frustrated
Poorly clothed; wears a "dress" of badly-tanned leather and fur to cover her internal organs, and a choker to protect her throat, but otherwise wears nothing

Wolf; can't speak or use weapons or magic
Wicked sense of humor
No sense of self-preservation when it comes to Pechel
Because of her size, she can only run for short distances before she gets winded out; shorter if going uphill or on uneven ground
Sensitive to magic; will perk up and look around at the slightest feel of it; if it's strong or very close she'll twitch, growl, and try to get away; may become violent if she can't escape
Chases after prey or game
Enjoys tormenting horses and livestock
Enjoys tormenting humanoids
Highly curious
Can be a bitch
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PostSubject: Re: Pechel & Sreda   Sat Dec 18, 2010 8:56 am

5 years later...

1. Intelligent: 1
2. Strong: 1
3. Agile and fast reflexes: 1

4. Hunting: 1
5. Climbing: 0
6. Scavenging and foraging: 1
7. Swimming: 0
8. Animal communication: 3
9. More alert and better dark vision: 1

1. Sentient: 0
2. Intelligent: 1
3. Natural weaponry: 1
4. IS A JERK I mean uh--: 0
5. Agile: 1

6. Hunting: 1
7. Swimming: 0
8. "Human Speak": 2 (What exactly does this entail?)
9. Eavesdropping: 0

10. Magically aware wurlf!: 0

1. Cannot speak Common/poor communication skills: 3
2. Naive: 3
3. Acts like a wolf and comes off as unlikeable: 2
4. Malnourished: 3
5. Scarred: 0
6. Jumpy and aggressive: 1
7. Avoids/doesn't like people: 0
8. Seems stupid: 1
9. Illiterate: 0
10. Reckless: 2
11. Poorly clothed: 0


1. Can't speak or use weapons or magic: 3
2. Reckless: 2
3. Can't run for long: 1
4. Sensitive to magic: 1
5. Runs after things: 2
6. Is a jerk: 2
7. Very curious: 1

Strengths: 9
Weaknesses: 15

Strengths: 6
Weaknesses: 12

Looks excellent and quite good to go to me! Thanks for waiting, and welcome to Skuldhellir. <:

oli kaiken nähny, kaiken kuullu, kaiken tiänny
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Pechel & Sreda
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