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 Bishop of Untime

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PostSubject: Bishop of Untime   Mon Oct 18, 2010 7:24 am

An antigonist I had for a long time in my I wanna write down everything I came up with.

-What is he: A beeing, that existed before the gods created space, time, and other things that define existence.
-What he wants: Espeacily the idea of time upsets him, why noone knows. He wants to destroy time above all.
-How he does it: He is forming a cult. Those who wants to remake a past failure, those who wants to get people back that are gone now...all those who feel betrayed by time are welcome in his cult.

The Curse: The primes, gods, or whoeve created the world, laid shackles and many curses on this beeing, so he won't unmake the universe they just created.
They shackled his form into that of an old man, he is slow, weak, his body hurts...but he will never die, never aging. They stripped then most of his energy so he cannot rebell against them.

He is everything but mortal, he does not more powerfull because he gains experience, or learns secret arts. He has NO way, to learn new things, his way of power is narrowed down. When he manages to continue his aims, he regains old powers. If he draws strength into his body, he also gets new powers. Both can drop and raise, depending on the Roleplay.

Raw Power Scale: He can draw energy into himself, to regain old powers. However, everyday he drops one he needs always new sources of power.
Devouring Souls give full 20%

1% = Everlasting proof of existence: He exist again, not in the past, but in every thinkable future. If you kill him, he only returns later. If he goes to 0%, he is gone for sure.

30% = ?

50% = ?

75% = ?

100% = His body breaks open, finally breaking the curse. He has the power of something, that is older then the universe. (Time does not lower this powerlevel anymore, he is not bound by it anymore...some heroes gotta bring him down to 90%)

Destruction of Time: The more he hurts the laws of time, there more he has acess to the following wound of time he can misuse. Through Rp, it's possible to heal those wounds of time.

20% = Paradoxes happen arround him.

50% = Ravaging Time = He can focus on a small area, that is then destroyed because of the massive paradoxes happening there.

80% = Avater of Untime = He can grant people second chances in time.

100% = Game Over, litteraly. If he destroyed time completly, everyone is dead or unthinkable happens to them. The universe is effed up with no point of repairing it

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PostSubject: Re: Bishop of Untime   Mon Oct 18, 2010 2:52 pm


A completely badass idea, though, as I'm sure I've told you before!

oli kaiken nähny, kaiken kuullu, kaiken tiänny
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Bishop of Untime
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