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Stone Sober

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PostSubject: Strixxus   Wed Oct 13, 2010 5:10 pm


Alt Name: Strixxus

A brief description of your character: An average sized male with ashen skin, sunken in eyes and many markings upon his body and clothing.

Why/How is your character in Skuldhellir:

---Max Preps (1-10): 5

Blood Magic - 5 (Will explain further down.)

---Natural: None

- Survival: Strixxus wasn't one to hang around with others normally in his life due to his more than unstable mindset. This led to troubled conversations, ignoring him, etc. In order to get what he needed, he found other methods, including living off the land.
- Unarmed combat: In unlife, the vampire had to learn how to force his victims to submit to his feeding. Simply by being stronger or by being better in combat. His fists just seemed to be the easiest way.

- Insightfully Insane: In unlife, his insanity has developed to a supernatural level. He's still insane as ever, but he is able to see more "truth" than others. For instance, he doesn't need to be told someone's name. He already knows it. That's about as far as it goes, though.
- Immortal: Only agewise. Anything can still kill him.
- Regeneration: Wounds heal faster than most, and what would be considered mortal wounds to another may not be so to him. Appendages and the like which are cut off are incapable of regenerating.
- Doesn't require food or water to live. Rather, he requires blood which he can live without...Kind of.

- Sunlight: Agh, it burns. Being thrust into the sunlight means instant death. (Note: Yes, he's a vampire. But forget about all the other myths such as garlic and crosses, etc. Also, UV magic or simulations of UV will not have any effect upon Strixxus. They're about as effective as air.)
- Religion: There is a flip side to the crosses and other symbols and such. If one is a zealot or of strong, strong faith, they have a better chance of dispatching the vampire. (So long as the religion makes sense. Like Christian zealots or something else which believes the vampires to be Damned.)
- Limited in his use of magic by how much he feeds. Will be explained further down.
- He may not need blood to survive even, but with each day he goes without feeding, he loses more and more control of himself until eventually he loses all control. At this stage, he goes on a killing spree until he has fed once more.

I decided to put this down here since: 1. I don't know if it may be accepted. And 2. I wasn't sure where else to put it without confusing everyone.

Blood Magic:
Using blood magic for the vampire means literally sacrificing his own blood to fuel his supernatural powers. Now of course he can't go and drain himself dry, otherwise he'll be dead....Again.
Key Points:
- Magic costs blood
- Blood comes from feeding
- (May need tweaking, just tell me if the idea isn't liked as is) From each feeding, he gets approximately 10 'Blood Points' to spend. Casting anymore has serious consequences which will be described.

Spell Samples:
- Speed, Strength, endurance: Costs 2 blood points to raise just one of these aspects. All of them boost the aspect in question to a higher level than most mortals and mundane creatures for 10 seconds.
- Hallucinations: These can consist of anything. Regardless of what the person affected may decide for their character to hallucinate, they are incapacitated so long as the hallucinations sustain. Costs 4 blood points to activate and lasts for 10 seconds and 2 blood points to continue the effect for 5 seconds more.
- Aura Sensing: Costs 2 blood points. Anything within eye sight and 10 feet glows a certain color, telling him whether they are mundane, supernatural, etc. Lasts 10 seconds.

Important Notes:

Draining more than 10 points of blood starts to eat away at his flesh and causing unbelievable pain. He will die a slow and painful death. Anything more than 10 cast means he will die eventually soon in the rest of the day. So if he values staying alive, then more than 10 points will not be spent.

A big question comes from this magic I would like to implement. It takes posts for a character to prep their spells and gather the energy needed. However, Stixxus' magic costs him blood, so I was wondering if something different could be done? All it takes is a knife and a nice slash across his body to draw the blood after all. But I'l lleave that up to your jurisdictions.

I figure the blood point allocations and what not are fair(personally) since it means pretty much 10 points a day. That's really not many spells compared to many other casters out there.

Kudos to those who can guess where this character comes from.
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PostSubject: Re: Strixxus   Sat Dec 18, 2010 8:45 am


1. Magic: 5+1 = 6 (I love your take on blood magic.)
2. Survival: 1
3. Unarmed combat: 2

4. Insightful insanity: 1
5. Agewise immortal: 0 (Because age doesn't reflect itself very easily in communities that go according to real Time!)
6. Regeneration: 2
7. Doesn't need foods!: 3

1. Sunlight: 5
2. Religion: 3
3. Limited magix: 2
4. Needs blood: 2

Strengths Total: 15
Weaknesses Total: 12


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