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 A little bit about my life.

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A little bit about my life. Empty
PostSubject: A little bit about my life.   A little bit about my life. EmptySun Sep 19, 2010 2:56 am

Well. I've moved to my friend's place and more or less settled down. I'm somewhat surprised at the fact that I've lived here for almost a month and it's like I've lived here a lot longer, really. Which is nice, would've been bad if we didn't get along at all. The social security in Sweden has failed me, or rather, the woman supposed to help me actively works against me. No luck finding a new job either though the guy I'm living with has a friend working at a new store and I might get a job through him.

I've also, despite not being online on Furc a lot, had some serious thought about my oldest and most loved character of all time, Dokuja Aka. One of the first things I discovered during my studies of games and the industry is the concept of "kill your darlings" and this is pretty much what I have done. After serious consideration I've decided to take all that is Dokuja and pick my most favourite parts and create a Dokuja 2.0 of sorts. Personality and visual appearance will have similarities but her entire history and past is wiped so it's basically the mother of all retcons. I expect to have an application up sometime soon. Also, she has buttwings.

Anyway. Living with someone else, even if it isn't because of romantical reasons, changes your habits and yourself. I am no longer up as late as I used to, don't sit infront of my computer as much either but I miss being on Furc and mostly you guys. Hopefully I'll be on a bit more now that most things have settled down and I have more time for myself.

Lots of love!
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A little bit about my life.
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