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 Application Form

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PostSubject: Application Form   Tue Apr 06, 2010 12:53 pm

In order to get a new character (not a new player) recognized by the continuity, just check out this page. The application form and guidelines are all there. Once you have the form, make a new thread in this forum by posting "New Topic." Make the post's subject your character's name or something similar, paste the form into the message body, fill it out, and hit post! :)

Here's the application form, since we don't have the site up and running yet. :)

This is how it works. The first part of the form is for us to get to know your character.

E-mail (OPTIONAL): Giving us your e-mail lets us contact you if we can't do so via whisper or forum PM. We may also put together a Skuldhellir Newsletter one day. But if you're uncomfortable with giving us your e-mail address, feel free to exclude it. You can also mask it by typing [AT] instead of the @ sign.

Alt Name: This is your log-in name on Furcadia, so we can whisper you. Make sure it follows our naming rules!

A brief description of your character: Please do NOT just copy and paste your Furcadia description here! We mostly want to know what your character is all about. Who are they? How do they fit into the continuity? A brief physical description may also be added. Feel free to be a bit mysterious--the point of this is for us to get a very preliminary idea of your character, not to understand all their secrets.

Why/How is your character in Skuldhellir: We're interested in how characters arrive in the setting. The vast majority of characters arrive via boat. Occasionally they arrive overland alone or in a caravan, escaping conflicts with orcs and gnolls, and if they're rich, they may have even arrived via teleport in the Wizard Guild!

The second part of the form deals with your character's balance. We have a unique system of balancing characters that has to do with how much certain strengths and powers affect other characters and the continuity.

---Max Preps (1-10): If your character is a spellcaster of any sort, put the maximum number of preps you can cast here. If you try and cast more preps than the number you put here, it's assumed your character suffers severe magical backlash and is immediately hospitalized or killed.

---Schools: Divvy up the number you put above into the various schools of magic your character can use. The maximum for any one school is 5. Any fully-graduated wizard will have a 5 or 4 for their most-trained school. For example, if you put 10 above, you might put a 5 in fire magic, a 3 in wind magic, and a 2 in basic spells. Your schools don't have to fully add up to your max preps: if you had a 10 above, you could also have a 3 in fire magic, a 2 in wind magic, and a 1 in basic spells. Those numbers represent the highest number of reliable preps you can cast. If you are that wizard and you cast a 5-prep fire spell, you can do so with full reliability. But every prep you make past 5 (until you get to 10) has some small margin of error that you roll a die for. If you put 5 above, and you have a 3 in fire magic, you can cast up to 3 preps reliably with your fire spells. Casting a 4- or 5-prep fire spell will have the margin of error, and you wouldn't be able to cast more than that.

Your strengths and weaknesses are next. Just write them down in a list. Be descriptive! A mediator or two will come along and assign a number from 0 to 5 to each strength and weakness. Don't worry--those numbers don't come into the roleplay at all. A 0 means the trait is so minute and inconsequential that it can be ignored when looking at balance. A 1 means that it has some small impact on other characters or the continuity, while a 5 has a huge impact on them. If your strength score is no more than 5 points higher than your weakness score, your character is balanced. If it's higher than that, you'll be asked to add weaknesses or lower strengths.

---Natural: Strengths your character was born with. Things like a tough hide, sharp eyes or ears, claws, natural strength or agility, and intelligence go here.

---Learned/Acquired: Strengths and skills your character learned or otherwise acquired. Things like fighting ability, gathered knowledge, cooking, inherited money and items, and linguistic skills go here.

---Supernatural: Magical strengths that aren't outright spellcasting. Things like a slight resistance to fire due to demon blood, an unnaturally long life, and magical charms and items go here.

Weaknesses: All weaknesses mundane and magical go here.

Once you apply, make sure to keep checking back. You may need to adjust your character to fit our setting!

Here's the blank form:

[b]E-mail (OPTIONAL):[/b]

[b]Alt Name:[/b]

[b]A brief description of your character:[/b]

[b]Why/How is your character in Skuldhellir:[/b]

[u][i]Magic (OPTIONAL):[/i][/u]
[b]---Max Preps (1-10):[/b]






If you have any questions, just ask a mediator!

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Application Form
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