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 Anukha's Flying Carpet

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PostSubject: Anukha's Flying Carpet   Thu Sep 09, 2010 10:00 am

After more then four months of research and hard work Anukha has finally 'completed' her magical flying carpet, or at least the first few steps.
The carpet itself is a woolen blue carpet with intricate runes and other symbols stitched in neat lines and arches. it are these symbols that are the source of the carpet's power. There is also a cushion attached a bit to the back of the carpet for comfort.

Along with this carpet comes a sapphire ring that allows one to control it.

-It can fly
-It is reasonably fast, around the speed of a dove.
-Thanks to the cushion, it's quite comfortable.
-It is not very effected by winds due to air-cutting runes.
-Unless it is stuck somewhere the ring can call it from a few miles distance, although obviously the carpet will still have to fly over there.
-It's kick ass blue.
-Size. Being about 7 feet in length and 4 feet 2 in width there's quite some place on the carpet.

-The way of controlling this carpet is a ring, and anyone wearing this ring with a bit of magical talent can in theory fly the carpet.
-Winds, although the carpet itself can comfortably navigate through the wind, the one flying the carpet is still affected normally by the wind.
-Not very waterproof. Anukha has not been able to successfully turn the carpet water resistant yet, and even though wool is naturally a bit waterproof, it eventually grow heavy from the wetness and might then slow down or even crash.
-Weight. The carpet can not carry all that much weight, at most it can carry about 80 kg/ 176lbs
-Control. Controlling it isn't all that easy, even the carpet's creator is still practicing flying it whenever she can.
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PostSubject: Re: Anukha's Flying Carpet   Fri Dec 17, 2010 5:07 pm

This has been sitting here forever and I already did give it the go-ahead! An application was fairly unnecessary, and I wasn't aware we had one sitting here, bahaha.

Accepted, all the same!

oli kaiken nähny, kaiken kuullu, kaiken tiänny
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Anukha's Flying Carpet
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