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 Archmage Assassination, September 2010

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PostSubject: Archmage Assassination, September 2010   Sun Sep 05, 2010 8:34 am

(This was run by our dear Ulrin, so these are all his comments and such.)

The first public RP for the new Edwin plotline! Don't worry if you missed it, there will be plenty of other action soon enough.
The things put in bold are the spirit's messages to Gilex. Until she channeled herself through him, he was the only one able to perceive her.

Special thanks to Gilex for providing the log and saving me the time and trouble of working my way through my own logs to dig it up and delete the OOC.


Gilex comes walking into town, a cloak over his figure. He sends a calm soothing tune through the rain, it had been a safe journey back, although he hadn't stopped by the lake, why should he, she was in his head.

[#] Nothing of significance seems to be going on, except for a very hard, very cold downpour.

Gilex heads for the Porthole, perfect place to rest and dry up.

[#] The pub was bursting with a crowd of happy, drunk dwarfs It was quite warm inside because of all the people, not to mention dry!

"So...dwarfs Lots of them." the spirit notes as they enter the pub.

Gilex settles down on his usual seat. "Yes indeed, there's a lot in town." He mutters under his breath, he raises a hand at some dwarfs that recognize their lost bard come home. "An ale for me please!" He calls for the tender.

"Hm, I'm not that interested in dwarfish manners. They're boring and non-magical. Which reminds me, that tall tower in town. Your memory says something about a Mage Guild there?"

Gilex accepts the ale. "Yes, yes." He continues to mutter as silently as he can. "But I'm not part of it, I'm just the bard I do nothing more then play music here and stroll around time, I've no business in the Wizard's Guild."

"Can't you pay a visit there? I'd like to learn more about you mortal magic users, if only for a short moment. I'll get plenty of non-magic action around these dwarfs anyway."

Gilex shrugs at that. "Sure, why not. Once I've finished my ale we can take a look there. But don't expect too much actions, most of the time there's just this grumpy small black hound there.”
Gilex starts playing a song after a request, it's a merry simple tune, how much he has missed this. Just sitting at the giant keg singing his music, drinking his ale.

[#] The dwarfs celebrate the return of their favorite bard with lots of alcohol and singing! The spirit is hovering behind Gil.

Gilex stands up when he's finished. "I'll be going for a walk now." And he heads to the door. He better keep the spirit pleased, if she leaves him he loses his new power, he has so far had no problems with anyone reading minds, but you never know.

[#] The dwarfs cheer Gilex on and await his return! A few drunks try to make him stay, but they're drunk and easily pushed aside.

[#] The pounding rain lets up a little, though it's still drizzling considerably.

Gilex sighs as he walks through the rain, he hopes the spirit doesn't demand too much, he wonders if she's even stuck in his mind or she just can experience the world through him while remaining in her lake.

Gilfish nears the Mage Guild and he can feel the spirit getting anxious "Oh, this'll be so delightful!"

Gilex walks into the Wizard's Guild, he's an odd customer here that's for sure. In fact this is the first time he comes here for a reason, other times he just comes to peer at the things on display, which usually isn't much.

Anukha Fashii is perhaps in terrible irony still reading her book about the element water and it's uses in spells and enchantments. She looks up from her reading when Gilex walks into the guild. "Oh? The bard isn't it?. Nice to see you made it back alright." She takes a look at the shelves he usually peers his eyes out. "Nothing new, and nothing you can likely pay either, but have fun looking around either way." Her ferret is lying curled up on her lap.

The spirit looks around for a moment "I expected something fancier. And who's that rude dog?"

Gilex smiles at Anukha and then walks over to the case indeed. "Just Anukha, she always acts like that." He looks over his shoulders, the mage is simply reading again. "But she's given some advice in the past too, I think she's just grumpy most of the time."

"I see." the spirit replies, still glancing around "Ask her if the archmage is around. I want to know if there's a risk someone might notice me. He might be powerful enough."

Gilex frowns at that, he in fact hoped that the spirit would make him immune to such things, but it just makes him vulnerable to others. Which means this now also concerns him, he turns around. "Ehm. Miss Fashii, is the archmage here?"

Anukha Fashii gives Gilex a very bewildered look at that. "The archmage? Why yes, so far I haven't seen him leave. He most likely wouldn't in this nasty weather either..." She peers at the sleeted window. The black canine then turns back to face the bard. "What would you need him for anyway? Do you have something so important to bother the archmage with?"

Gilex shakes his head. "Oh, no, no. Just asking."

Anukha shoots the bard a mistrusting look for a brief second, and even when she returns her red gaze back to the book she often eyes him again.

The spirit giggles. "Excellent." she whispers to Gilex "Don't worry, darling. I'll keep us safe." The kiss mark starts to burn again and Gil might feel a light headache.

Gilex looks confused and then grabs for his forehead. "Wha? What do you mean? What are you going to do?"

"Nothing darling, just preparing some barriers." The headache becomes slightly worse and the mark keeps on burning.

Anukha Fashii reaches for her wand and slowly rises, the book is laid on the counter. As she rises her ferret wakes up and slides from her lap, looking a bit distressed. "Gilex... What are you doing there?"

Gilex grinds his teeth as he tries to resist a cry from the pain. "Barriers for what! Are you planning something? What are you going to do?" He sounds terrified.

"So the archmage doesn't notice our secret." The spirit replies sweetly, as if nothing is going on. "Oh goody, the dog's alert."

Anukha Fashii keeps her wand pointed down and away from Gilex's vision. She doesn't answer this time, instead she starts to walk towards the stairs, her eyes not leaving Gilex for a second. Her wand starts to glow and in her mind she starts to chant a spell. [Ground Lock 1/2]

Gilex grabs his forehead, trying to bite back the pain but of course it isn't working, he starts to squeal as the pain increases, he hasn't even eye for Anukha

[#] There's a timid knock on the front door.

[#] Numbley makes his way to the door! "Yes?"

Tillik blushes as she recognizes the lizard. "Oh, um, hi sir. I was wondering if dat old turtle guy's here."

[#] "Materos? No, no, I believe not miss. He likes to be outside a lot."

Gilex is just clenching his forehead in pain.

Anukha Fashii is edging for the stairs, her wand ready for a spell.

Tillik clears her throat, and frowns. "Goddamn. Well, I can 'pologize to you too, right? For lettin' de drake escape and poo everywhere, you know..." She pauses and glances inside. "Uhm, everythin' okay?"

[#] "Ah, that was you? I see! This place smelled horrid for ages!" Numbley then turns around and views the scene with Anukha and Gilex "Not sure, miss. I haven't been paying attention due to my work. Anukha! Why are you..." eyes went to Gil "And what...."

Anukha Fashii is growling softly already, her wand still charging power. "He's up to something. Didn't you listen? First he asks for the archmage for no good reason and now he's acting as if his head is about to explode." [2/4]

The headache seems to increase in strength, making Gilex feel as if his head will split in two. Not to mention the burning mark and the mad giggling of the spirit.

Gilex doesn't seem to notice the activity of Numbley or Tillik's arrival, he's lost all awareness as he tries to brace his mind for the pain he is feeling.

Tillik frowns at the voices from inside and clenches her fist, drawing on her reserve of energy. "Wha's... goin on?" Her curiosity getting the better of her, she tries to shoulder in past Numbley. (1/3)

[#] "'t paying attention." Numbley walks over to Gilex "Sir, what's going on here?"
Gilex is now seriously starting to scream. "Arrgh.. ps'sd ps'sd." He tries to speak, but he doesn't manage to completely word it.

[#] Numbley places a few fingers against his throat and soon his voice booms through the building "Alarm! Alarm! Intruder on the bottom floor!"

Anukha Fashii is not prepared, for the sudden shout and has to use every ounce of concentration she has to keep the spell going, but it succeeds and the earth below her feet starts to tremble lightly. (3/4)

Tillik squeaks and looks from Numbley to Gilex to Anukha. A glow begins to form in her fist, leaking out from the cracks between her fingers. (2/3)

[#] Mages came running down the stairs! In the meanwhile the space around Gilex starts to blur out, taking on the form of...something. Not soon after a mad cackling would fill the air.

The spirit cackles madly and Gilex would soon feel as if someone punched him hard in the stomach! The feeling of his head splitting would also grow.

Gilex is unseen but still in pain.

Anukha Fashii steps aside to allow the mages down the stairs, her gaze is locked on the dark form though, it seems the spell she is preparing wouldn't be enough, she needs to change it. The jackal now raises her wand higher, making slight changing in the arcane energies she calls. (4/4+1]

Tillik's fist clenches tighter and her eyes start to glow a little, and she struggles hard to hang on to her energy. Unsure of what to do, she holds the spell, waiting. (3/3 postponed)
One last splitting pain and it was all gone. The shock might just K.O. Gil, however. The spirit breaks free and starts hovering away.

[#] A woman appears! Holding on to a harp and playing a solemn melody on it "Hihihi." She starts floating towards the roof.

Anukha Fashii releases the spell now, the ground below Gilex would rise to a few inches over his head and then come together, burying him in earth, stone, and floorboard. It might yet catch the spirit lady's foot if she floats up slow enough, and if she's even tangible at all. She looks up in wonder at the lady either way.

[#] The other mages start charging spells as well! A few others run back up the stairs in case the woman flies there.

Tillik gasps and staggers back towards the jackal woman to avoid the blast. Once safe, she points towards the spirit lady and lets loose a blinding flash of light, concentrated in a cone. (3/3 release)

Gilex collapses from the pain just as Anukha's spell buries him. As usual when he is knocked out he reverts back to his true self, but he is fortunately not visible anymore after the Jackal's spell has struck.

[#] Anukha's spell goes right through the woman and the cone of light refracts a few feet from the lady, creating a nice series of rainbow colors. In the meanwhile she keeps floating upwards, through the ceiling.

[Emitloud to make people aware] Loud noises are starting to emit from the Wizard's Tower followed by a mixture of crashing and cracking noises. Whatever it is, it sounds like trouble.

[#] Some mages keep channeling, some throw their spells and others run up the stairs as well! Nothing seems to harm the woman, however.

Anukha Fashii waits until all the far bigger mages are up the stairs before she follows, her ferret remains in its hiding place under the counter. Perfectly safe and perfectly out of the way. She starts to charge a new spell, perhaps fire could harm it. (1/2)

Tillik grunts and shakes her head. She pulls out her whip and lashes it at the spirit, trying to catch her ankle before she can disappear fully into the ceiling.

[#] The whip hits the ceiling but goes right through the woman. "A spirit!" a few mages call out "Someone warn the archmage!" Some mages ran up yet again while other cast spells and yet others charge up. In the meanwhile the music keeps playing, obviously magic in nature. A couple of mages get thrown into the walls.

Anukha Fashii comes up and quickly takes aim with her wand to launch a minor fire ball towards the spirit, it would still hurt what it could hit and possibly set fire to what can burn but it isn't all that devastating, it's more just to check whether or not fire harms it.

Tillik jogs after Anukha, cursing quietly. "De hell? Get a priest of sumthin!" She drops her whip and draws her dagger instead, trying to take a potshot slash at the spirit on the second floor.

[#] Anyone getting too close to the spirit would be thrown into the wall as well. Spells mostly went through her or got deflected right back! Ohboy. In the meanwhile she keeps on playing and floating upwards, more and more mages taking hits and going down.

Anukha Fashii growls at the spirit. "Nothing can hit it! Not fire, not earth, no physical contact! What is this thing?" She asks to no one in particular, she has a hard time now trying to think of a spell to cast.

Tillik gets flung back when she lashes out at the spirit, and ends up tripping over her own heel and bonking right into the wall. "Oogf! Don' we need a priest?!"

[#] Most mages were K.O. by now, except for a few tough ones thinking of a way to stop the spirit "I'll go fetch Sister Dadeen!" Numbley yells out and rushes down the stairs again.

[#] The spirit, however, seems to be at full strength still and keeps on floating up while playing music, head already disappearing through the ceiling.

Materos - It took him a while to get here, but upon his arrival, the elder freezes at the top of the stairs, which he himself had trouble climbing(likely even have warped himself up a few steps). He has already made certain to adjust his glasses before his arrival, and takes in the scene as quickly as he arrived with tired, observant eyes squinting of the floor. He spots the spirit finally, watching it as it rises.

Anukha Fashii looks at what the other mages do, again she doesn't want to be first only to get trampled under the far taller mages who are most likely not paying attention to each other with the spirit here, secondly she's also unsure about what to do and that shows clearly on her face.

Tillik gnaws on her fingertip in indecision, before bowling up the next flight of stairs. What else is there left to do?

[#] An unlucky mage gets swung through the window! Good thing one of his alert fellow mages cast a spell of slow falling in time to keep him from having more than some broken bones. The spirit cackles and dissappears to the next floor.

Materos doesn't see time to fumble around, and in turn clasps his hands tightly around the edge of his staff, a few words uttered, whether mentally or aloud, to cast the spell. His body twists and turns, dissipating in a flash as he quickly rematerializes. All his effort was focused on one thought: Going up to the next floor. Energy would ripple violently on the next floor as the turtle's body rematerialized a floor above, the man taking a deep breathe as he did so. "...What is this!" He was practically demanding an answer. [ Teleport 1/1 ]

Anukha Fashii comes up the stairs after the bigger mages again. Even if she can't do anything, she won't stop chasing the spirit until it is beaten, even she gets launched herself. She comes to stop next to the turtle. "A spirit! Nothing can hit it! It's going for the archmage I think! We must hold it for Sister Dadeen to arrive!" She raises her wand again and starts chanting a spell, another quick one. (1/2)

Tillik is a little winded by the time she reaches the top floor, and she attempts to leap down on the spirit's head in a last-ditch attempt to help.

[#] Tilik would just be launched off towards the stairs again. Oh is that a window near? Better be careful. In the meanwhile the spirit is locked into battle with the archmage, and the old coot inholding up pretty well. Other mages are donating their power to him!

Tillik is flung off over towards the stairs and tumbles halfway down them before she can regain her wits and scramble back up. But she merely hovers at the top of the stairs, chewing on her fingertips, eyes locked on the battle in the middle of the room.

Materos doesn't stand still. He offers a brief nod to Anukha, and immediately begins to craft, his entire action, energy, and mind focused into the channeling of a spell. Magical energy was boiling around him, and rising from the runes on his staff like steam, slowly taking shape. [1/4, Intervention.]

Anukha Fashii gets an idea, and adds more power to her spell, it's worth a try. (2/3)

[#] The spirit is just playing music, nothing more, but the archmage looks as if he's getting beaten around the floor. Nonetheless he manges to fling a few spells here and there.

Safiye had been on her way to the mage guild for a very different sort of errand, only to hear impressive sounds of screaming and moaning and the gnashing of teeth coming from the up stairs. Were they actually summoning demons up there? If so, this town was a lot less podunk than she'd originally thought, and perhaps worth getting a piece of that action. Investigation was called for, Dagger slipped from its hidden sheath (Oh, wouldn't you like to know where?) and held behind her back as she crept up the stairs, not about to flash steel at any casting mage if there wasn't actually any problem up there. Buuut if they'd been summoning something, looks like they'd lost control! She hung back a the top of the stairs, just behind Tillik, and looked on with wide eyes. One foot remained on the top stair, ready to flee back the way she'd come!

Materos's energy for his spell grew larger, whipping around him in an unnatural manner, the evocated energy slowly taking shape, but not turning into a solidified spell. Brief glimpses of colorful magic dance around him momentarily, as his eyes narrow, focused on nae more then the beast and his spell. [Intervention, 2/4]

A cloud of sand would erupt from Anukha's wand, storming at the spirit's form. She had no intention on causing any physical harm this time, even solid targets will merely be irritated, it is more an attempt to confuse the spirit and lower it's vision. "Try to get the archmage to safety! Anyone!" She calls out, hoping her spell would have the desired effect. [3/3 Sandstorm channeling]

Safiye heard Anukha's instruction, and feeling brave with that cloud of sand hopefully providing enough confusion that even an incorporeal being would have its head spinning, would do her best to step forth and slip her free hand around the archmage's waist, seeking to guide him (or drag him, if necessary) back toward the stairs.

[#] Anyone coming near the spirit or the archmage, as before, got flung towards the wall, stairs or windows! Including Safiye, poor lass. In the meanwhile the archmage keeps pounding at the spirit with cantrips! The sand doesn't seem to do anything to the spirit. Footsteps were heard downstairs! Sister Dadeen perhaps?

Materos's spell by now had become sentient in a manner. It's mage had made the sheer thought of his own mind become with the spell. The target was the spirit. THe evocated energy was now disappating, as if it were becoming controlled. The spell was now in the final processes of it's definitive purpose. The spirit might even, by this point, feel as if there were something trying to latch onto it, but out of grasp. Materos: [ 3/4 ]

Tillik starts at the jackal's yell, and takes off across the room after Safiye, but can't get close due to the spirit's wall of force. For a third time she gets hurled back, though manages to land a bit gracefully this go around. She shakes her head to clear it.

Anukha Fashii gives a loud and menacing snarl! "If I can't harm the target." She points at the sand she's summoned and wipes it out of the way, only to wave it across the room and against the walls, she continues to summon the sand but is now instead using it to cover the floor and the walls with a layer of sand. She hopes that this way people would get less hurt when flung around. [4th turn Stream of sand channeling.]

Safiye was flung back, digging her heels in and skidding to a stop before she went tumbling down the stairs. Back to the wall now, thankfully cushioned by sand to prevent her from being too knocked around if not doing any favors for her fancy hair style, she stays the heck away from the main part of the fight. She made her attempt to be useful, there were witnesses that could now attest she wasn't a heartless bastard there to watch them all get creamed, so now it was time to guiltlessly stay out of it and watch them all get creamed.

[#] Papers and sand were sent flying! Chairs, desks, tables, etc. quickly followed the example. Windows shattered and the archmage was forced upon his knees by some invisible force. The mages supporting him with magic were instantly knocked out and the weaker ones even died where they stood. The spirit's music was reaching a climax as well! The harp, playing by itself, played faster than any fingers could make it.

Tillik plugs her fingers in her ears and simply cowers behind a cast-aside chair.

Materos's spell whipped and lashed out, the pure evocated energy erupting from him like a bonfire. The sheer weight of his shell was all that kept the old man from being blown over by the fast-paced winds. Papers and a few pieces of wood would hit shte shell, some scuffs made here and there, but he didn't seem to falter much due to his bulk. He urfed, but he didn't seem offset enough. A whip of his hands shot out, the energy flailing about wildly. It seemed to vanish momentarily. A second eruption would blast out in what would likely be a quarter of a second, grasping for the spirit, building itself in a wall of what could seem to be an almost invulnerable energy. If successful, neither buff not attack would be made of the spell. The spirit itself would find itself in a field of energy to which it was trapped. No attacks could get in, or out, and it could not move beyond simple measures. [Intervention, 4/4]

Anukha Fashii quickly moves over to hover her wand at the archmage so as to make his ground soft again too. But suddenly the sand shoots out at the wrong end, throwing a large clump of sand straight in her face. She keels over and falls backward, the sand helps break the fall, but the sand in her eyes does not help her as much, neither does the sand in her nostrils and mouth.

Safiye crouched down, holding her free hand up to shield her face from buffeting winds and papers and sand and things! Hopefully Materos' spell worked, because it was getting crazy in here.

[#] Did Materos' spell work? It was hard to tell, the archmage was still panting on his knees and the spirit and her harp were still playing music. For now, however, nothing was flying around anymore. And then cries from the floor below "This better not be a waste of precious time, mister numbley!" Sister Dadeen squeaked, out of breath

Tillik slowly pulls her fingers from her ears as the chaos dies down. Rather than provoke the spirit's ire again, she just continues hiding behind the chair and waits to see what happens next.

Materos looked like he had just lot a few years of his life. Not so much that he aged, but that he was temporarily exhausted. Almost immediately at the energy release, he held his stance, but then the old man's vigor gave way. He held tightly on his staff, fumbling foward a step, but catching himself- eyes, teeth, and fist all clenched in a wince. At least he hadn't keeled over dead.

Anukha Fashii rolls over on her hands and knees and starts coughing and sneezing up sand, all the while she shakes her head with closed watering eyes, she can't even see what is going on now.

Safiye continues staying crouched where she was, waiting for it to become clear what the heck was going on before she made any more attempts to help that might result in her getting smacked down.

[#] Magic seems to be leaking through after a few moment of quietness, items gently budging again while the music keeps stagnant at its climatic point. "You're only postponing your doom, mortals." the spirit's voice, sweet like an angel yet venomous like a snake, sounds.

Tillik balks at the voice, and a shiver runs down her spine. She dares not say anything, and tries not to be seen behind the chair.

Anukha Fashii turns her head around, trying to find the voice, she is still blinded and tries to wipe the sand out of her eyes.

Safiye doesn't balk at the voice. In fact she remains notably cool as a cucumber, rising to her feet and smoothing away unfortunate wrinkles in her gown that had been acquired when she took that tumble. No sense in not looking her best, even under a seige. The other hand kept her dagger coyly held behind her back, suspecting that the others were too distracted by the real threat to notice the oddities about the knife. Or that the knife had been drawn at all. "What variety of spirit is this?" she asks smoothly, her question directed to the whole room at large.

Materos's glasses themselves are caked in sand. He finds his voice, speaking up with a rather nasty bark for an older man, though his speech pattern was tired. "If y-you are of -no- aid, get down...downstairs where you belong." He finally manages to stand upright, staring- watching his spell. "Why are you here."

Suddenly Anukha's ferret Caine comes peeping over the edge of the stairs, and that's all the jackal needs. She stands up, her eyes still closed by her own sand. She doesn't move her head but Caine does and he peers at Materos. "Of no aid... is anything of aid?" She snarls. The jackals backs towards the stairs, stepping carefully.

[#] "My mission is of no concern to you." the spirit replies while objects start twirling around again, the archmage once again slams against the floor. The poor man is exhausted anyway. "I have a message, however." A dramatic pause, the music aiding in it. "BOOM!" The voice echoes through the air quite loudly. The by now unconscious archmage floated up to the ceiling, slowly but steadily, before violently exploding in a splash of blood, intestins, and what not, the gorey stuff raining down upon our 'heroes'. And then a flash, the spirit was gone and a loud "FLOOP!" sounds. The North-West wall was suddenly torn from the building and anyone not able to grab onto something solid ended up with every single book, chair, desk and other item: Plunging to a certain death.

Safiye smiled at Materos' question, honey-sweet and frankly ravishing. She didn't take orders from old tortoises, no, and certainly why she'd paid the mage guild a visit today was of far less importance than the current crisis at hand. The question is repeated, her voice lowering, taking on the qualities of melting caramel and yet for any sensitive enough to hear it there is iron in her tone. "What manner of spirit is this? That you do not know is an acceptable answer." There was only so much that could be done without knowing the particulars. And then the spirit spoke again! She'd again attempt to get to the archmage, crouching low and braced in case of being flung. But someone needed to get the poor old guy away from that thing before it snapped his neck. Too late! This of course only put her more fully in the way of his dramatic demise, drenching her utterly in blood before she was thrown sideways, grabbing on to the stair railing to keep from going right out.

Tillik simply begins screaming and doesn't stop for a solid ten seconds. Her long fingers find the railing around the stairwell and she clings there, helplessly and breathlessly, though she rapidly begins to slip.

Materos stared on in awe. He had no chance to anchor the group. There was m All of Materos thoughts were instantly focused on one thing. Going down. Down. Back down to where he was safe in the same method he had gotten up. He had to be specific. Just thinking 'get the fuck out of here' could send him where he didn't want. He was already exhausted, but his body twisted, warping itself in a final feat of magic to the floor below as the runes on his staff flashed in a simple teleport. [Teleport 1/1- And I'd like to elaborate, Materos tank is nearing empty. ]

Anukha Fashii clings onto the ground, which is hard due to the sand she once used to protect herself. She can't do much else then to try can cast a quick cantrip leading into a spell. She gathers a handful of sand in each hand and turns them into a rock. Her ferret would be back down the stairs the instant the archmage had exploded, taking away her makeshift vision.

[#] Sister Dadeen could be heard screeching from below. Apparently the shockwave had sent her and Numbley flying down the stairs again "Get off of my you fool!" The vacuum effect would slowly dissappate and everything returns to normal! Well, except for the room, which is still empty and covered in mage gore. Even the wall slowly hovers back to where it should be.

Tillik is still making a little gasp or "augh" every couple seconds as she clambers hastily back into the room, lest she be squished by the wall coming back into place. She sprawls out on the floor, pants, realizes she's laying in gore, shrieks exhaustedly, rolls over... rinse and repeat.

Safiye staggers back when the vacuum effect is over with, grabbing pieces of intestines out of her hair and throwing them away from herself. Having been beneath the archmage when he died, she is... Well, she's got a whole lot of archmage on her, painted red from head to toe. The dagger in her hand, however, is conspicuously clean, the black blade gleaming and spotless.

Anukha Fashii manages to propery attach the rocks when her legs are almost completely outside, a second later and she would've crashed to her death. "We.. failed, the archmage is dead." The jackal cries, her forehead pressed against the floor, tears run down from her eyes, she starts to sniff.

[#] Sister Dadeen and Numbley finally arrive "Goodness grace! What happened here?" Dadeen squeaks. Numbley, on the other hand, is speechless and shaking.
Tillik finally sits up, though she's trembling all over. "Is... is an'one hurt... who ain't dead...?"

Safiye is shaking a bit herself, barely breathing from the horror of it all. Swiftly, she turns her back to those assembled, leaning down and lifting the hem of her skirt just far enough to slide her dagger back into its hidden calf-sheath. No use waving it around right now, and she'd no desire to call attention to the odd and probably evil weapon. "I'm not hurt," she answers Tillik, in a rather shocked voice. "But I... I think I need to go."

Anukha Fashii pulls herself up but remains with her head down, she doesn't have the will to rise again, she feels absolutely ashamed she could be of so little help.

Tillik stares helplessly at Safiye. "Bu-bu-bu' whadowedonow?"

Torin Crowley - Flap flap flap. A familiar figure has arrived. Sitting outside the window, for who knows how long, is Torin. Though, probably only long enough to catch the jist of it. And in a bizarre twist of... unnecessary and innappropriate actions he soars into the window. "GADZOOKS! ..I'm back." He twirls one finger around his hair momentarily as he totally just doesn't take the seriousness of the situation in. "...I'll be your archmage." Strut strut strut.

Safiye draws herself up a little more, wiping her hands across her eyes to remove some of the wet drip of organ goo. "What do you do?" she repeated, thoughtfully. She was indeed a born leader, and wouldn't fail to answer a question for guidance. "First you will take a bath and have something warm to drink to steady your nerves. And then you will go out and find yourselves a new archmage, and anyone you can find who knows something of spirits who can provide information on what just happened here so that you can prepare for the next time. If you are wise, you will not delay even so long as to get a night's sleep in beginning these preperations. You appear to have a war brewing." Torn was given a bit of a shocked look, and she added, "And you will not choose him."

Anukha Fashii wants to kill Torin for a brief moment, but she still has too much sand in her eyes to find him.

Torin Crowley looks slightly downtrodden, but he seems to be scurrying around gathering intestines, guts, and other things, stuffing them into his hat. "I found an intestine! Good for me!" He pauses. "...No seriously. What happened here." And he tilts his head, his goldfishy attention span kicking in.

Tillik stares blankly at the noblewoman's face, jaw hanging open. But slowly, it closes again, and the gull's resolve steels. She nods firmly. "O-okay. Okay. I mean, m'not part of d'guild or anyting... b-but... yeah. Okay."

Torin Crowley realizes he's being ignored, and tosses himself in front of Tillik with a hat full of bodyparts. "Can I at least be the guy who knows stuff about spirits? If you let me do it, I promise I won't kill your friends." He offers a big, doofy grin.

Anukha Fashii opens her eyes, her tears washed the sand out of them. She then rises, paces over the Torin, and throws a punch in the direction of his stomach. Her anger gives her surprising strength, although it doesn't change all that much, unless torin was made of paper he'd not be much damaged.

Tillik shrieks and punches Torin in the nose.

Torin Crowley is falcon punched from two different angles. He jerks about for a moment before rolling on the floor with a hiss, seeming disoriented.
Torin Crowley also spills his hat full of guts and parts on Tillik.

Safiye stood back while the two other girls ganged up on Torin. He clearly deserved it anyway.

Tillik squawks and dislodges bits of gore from her clothes, hopping to her feet and shaking herself off. "S-s-s-stop that," she squeaks at Torin. "You nasty little man."

Anukha Fashii is breathing heavily, her red eyes flaring with anger. She starts to throw kicks at the man in red. This is doing wonders for her mood.

Torin Crowley coughs a moment, getting to his kneees. "Okay. O-Okay. I see we need a compromise. I get to kill three children, and in return, I'll reanimate the archmage." He coughs once, trying to catch his breath as he speaks. Torin is then assaulted by a series of kicks, though lucky, the thick leathery armor cushions the blow as he is now cornered into a wall making repetetive sounds of pain.

Safiye just waited for them to finish with the kicking and stuff, since this is clearly theraputic. And that guy is clearly asking for it. Probably likes the abuse, kinky bastard.

Anukha Fashii makes one last big kick as the man moves, the force launches her sandal through the room though. "You monster! If you have nothing better to do then make fun of us then jump back out of that hole you came from and stay away!" She points at the hole in the wall to empathize her point.

Tillik: "Y-yeah," the gull adds weakly.

[#] Numbly, clearly upset by the dead of his archmage, joins in the kicking "LITTLE BASTARD!"

Torin Crowley rubs at his rib area for a moment, coughing a bit as he- Fuck. Numbly's kick knocks Torin in the face, a bit of blood coming from a now busted lip, and a tooth falling out as Torin is now unconscious. His hat -growls-.

Safiye stepped in at this point, trying to get the group to refocus. She'd attempt to take Tillik and Anukha by the arm, shaking her head softly to them, and trying to steer the both of them toward the stairs. "Come. You'll feel better with the blood off of you," she murmurs.

Anukha Fashii gathers her sandal now Numbley has taken over the kicking, being way bigger then her and a lizard he probably hurts Torin a lot more. Then she is grabbed by Safiye. "Hrmm. You are right...." She slides the sandal back over her foot paw, her sand would now disappear.

Tillik slumps a little bit against the hyooman, eager to be lead anywhere away from the site of such monstrosities. "Y-yeah," she says again, blankly.

Materos seems to be sitting on a rather messed up, misplaced chair in the room, taking deep, calming breathes as the two come down.

[#] The second floor is scattered with wounded mages, being taken away by people from the Fighter's Guild, helpful dwarves, and Dadeen's associates. All under the watchful eye of Sister Dadeen, of course.

Tillik staggers down the flight of stairs on shaky knee'd legs.

Safiye comes down the stairs, leading Anukha and Tillik by their arms. She slows when she sees Materos and the other wounded mages, sucking in a sharp breath. But at least there are people here actually helping. To Materos, she'd inquire, "Do you require assistance?"

[#] Several warriors from the fighter guild finally arrive at the scene. One pokes his head in and calls upstairs, "Hello? What happened here?"

Materos cannot manage to speak up just yet, pinching the bridge of his nose, shaking his head in rather deep thought. "I'm.. I'm just exhausted." The look in his eyes seems rather glazed, lost. He doesn't appear to be as distraught as others in a very visible manner, but rather restless over the entire thing. "Just get me some water when all are treated." He takes deep breathes, not getting up from his seat.

Safiye nodded to Materos, making note of his request. She wasn't likely to be bringing him any glasses of water with her own two hands, but she'd relay his desire to someone of suitably low enough rank to do fetching and carrying. "Where are you two staying?" She asked of her two charges, continuing with them on toward the stairs!

Tillik shakes her head weakly. "I just have a little camp on d'outskirts of town..."

Anukha Fashii meekly allows herself to be led by Safiye, she is not even completely there. The battle put her in a bit of a shock, her ferret who had been waiting here seems happy to see her and instantly leaps onto her shoulder, but even he gets only a simple nod as acknowledgement. It was the question of Safiye that brought her slightly back to senses. "I have a room at the inn, for now."

[#] The fighters enter the room, whistling at the impressive amount of destruction on the ground floor. They start up the stairs, and, upon spotting everyone, ask again, "What the hell happened?"

Materos - "If anyone here who is still able to talk was here when this began could speak up, I would like to talk to you." He states flatly, over the crowd. He takes a deep breath, hands shaking ever so slightly, but he doesn't manage to address the fighters guild.

Safiye shook her head to Tillik. They'd need more than a camp for now. "Does this city have a bathhouse?.." She sort of doubted dwarves would be that up on the latest trends in public hygeine. A nod given in Materos' direction. "An excellent idea, but allow everyone to get the blood off first."

Materos - "There is no bathhouse." He sounds short, though rather tired, rubbing at his wrists which are likely sore.

Tillik nods over to Materos, then the fighters. "Some... guy... spirit came outta him... went upstairs, killed that old guy... archmage?.."

[#] The fighters glance around, and their leaders' gaze finally settles on Safiye, who seems to be taking charge. "What should we do? Lotta bodies you got here..." But before another word can be said, Sister Dadeen snaps, "Help me get the wounded to the infirmary, you louts."

Anukha Fashii nods at Tillik, although still not completely concentrated on the conversation. "It was that bard, Gilex I think they call him." She growled. "I trapped him, in a prison of earth, the cur."

[#] "Oh, that's what that was," the leader remarks to Anukha. "I guess we should get him and lock him up, oi?" The rest of his men begin the long process of carting away the wounded to the infirmary and the corpses to the graveyard.

Safiye nodded swiftly to Dadeen's command, confirming it to the fighters. "As she says, get the wounded to the infirmary. And you might want to check on any other magic users you know of about the town, since they seem to be targets." She waited until the two were done saying what they had to say, before making for the second flight of stairs.

Anukha Fashii she starts coming back to her senses, now she has something to think about before the archmage exploded. "Yes! I'll go and take the earth of him!" She would try to shake out of Safiye's grasp and holler for the stairs.

Materos calls out after the fighters. "...I wish to request permission to meet with him when I can get down there. Our first attention after the injured needs to be information. If there is anything tracable other then word of mouth, it will fade quickly." He grunts, standing on his feet if only for a moment, only to turn about and sit right back now. "I need a moment."

Safiye let Anukha go and followed her on down,

[#] The fighter leader, a stocky boar, follows the jackal and prepares to apprehend Gilex if he comes out of the earth prison fighting.

[#] The precipitation stops, and a few breaks appear in the clouds.

Anukha Fashii did not gather her wand again so instead of taking that out she raises her hands into the direction of the pile of earth. The jackal is not very used to cast this way, but luckily there aren't too many distractions. The earth would retract back into the ground, the floor boards where still broken naturally, but further damage is minor. "There you go."

But what is revealed is not the Gilex anyone in the room knows, instead it is a humanoid figure in the same clothes as Gilex but with long orange hair lies in messy ropes of dirt over his face and his hands who are lying lifelessly next to him are completely white.

[#] The boar instantly steps forward to grab Gilex by the arm. "Yurgh, he looks pretty sick. And... wait, is 'e a hyooman?"

Safiye hung back, watching. But she wasn't going to linger too long, not with blood seeping through her clothing. Oh goddddd this was gross! xD

Gilex: As he his jerked up a rather ghostly face is revealed, his eyelids are pitch black and there is just a small bump where the nose is supposed to be. "Urhh.. wha?" He stirrs.

Anukha Fashii takes a step back, her eyes horrified and wide. ".. that's not who I trapped in there." She says on a bewildered tone.

[#] The boar leans down and bellows riiight in Gilex's face, "What kinda monster did you bring here, eh?! Little wretch!" Then adds, "Eh, what?"

Gilex: As the man opens his eyes he almost instinctively changes, in front of everyone, in the human form they are used to, they would only catch a glimpse of a completely pale eye before it regains it's grey colour and pupil. "What? Where am I! Eh?"

Anukha Fashii is just staring at the scene, speechless.

[#] "I'll be the one asking questions here! What sort of monster'd you bring to this tower?!"

Gilex's eyes become wide then and he looks around. "The spirit!" He pauses in place. "I don't hear her in my head anymore, the pain is gone." He then looks into the probably ugly face of the boar, and then towards the bewildered face of Anukha. "What's happened here?"

Safiye left then to go get cleaned up!

Tillik stumbles helplessly along with Saf for bathtiems!

[#] The warrior snorts and wrinkles his scarred snout. "A likely story. You should know what happened here, since it's your fault." Right? The fighter doesn't REALLY know what's going on.

Gilex looks absolutely terrified, and at a serious loss for words. "My fault... But! I didn't know! She came upon me near a lake and crawled into my head and then..." Suddenly comprehension dawns upon him and he starts to struggle. "Ack no! Let me go! Release me! I am not what you think! The spirit cursed me, I had no choice, honestly."

[#] The warrior looks from Gilex to Anukha, grumbling. "... I'm going to take you in until we can sort out this situation," he finally snorts. "Come with me."

Anukha Fashii is nailed in place, but her bewilderment disappears, it is replaced with a look probably as cold as the boar's. "A shapeshifter?" She mutters last, but she doesn't say more then that, instead she simply watches at the bard is taken away.

Gilex tries to struggle, but will probably be dragged all the way to jail. It is not due to him feeling guilty, it is something deeper. He knows they know, he was unconscious and they found him. They had seen his true form! They knew he was a changeling! And he would certainly not help his case by continuing to mutter reasons as to why he could've looked all pale and different, one more far fetched then the other.

[#] The boar doesn't pay much attention to Anukha's mutterings. The guard keeps a suspicious eye on the shifty shifter, and proceeds to haul him off to the dungeon under the fighter guild for the time being.

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