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 All about Qual

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PostSubject: All about Qual   Sat Aug 07, 2010 11:24 am

Normally, I do like to keep most information for my characters (such as background and such) minimal and detail it through RP, but honestly I'm not sure if Qual can garner the mental clarity needed to ever really reveal any of the truth to her history; she has her moments of lucidity, but they are very few and far between.

Lawful, Chaotic Neutral

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Detailed Class(es): Warrior

Full and complete name: Qualme Buron (Though her first name is Elvish for "agony" she is completely human.)

Titles of any sort: Dame

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Relationships, past or present: Past:
Martha: Pet frog. Deceased. Even though she only knew him for about an hour, Qualme talks about Martha quite a bit so he deserved a spot here, though she insists he was one of her comrades in arms before he was killed by a dragon.
Torin Crowley: Though she has only really talked to the man once, Qual has dubbed him her Uncle and is probably one of the few people in Skuldhellir who actually appreciates his presence.
Jrakol: Friend. He listened to her story about Martha and the "dragon" so he's good in her book!
Elijah Fairdale: Friend. An odd friendship, but she likes him and he looks out for her.
Edward: Mr. Hat! Qual likes him just for his amazing hat even though she's only seen him once.
Materos: He's a turtle! And he's nice! How could she not like him?
Kiloso: The big blue oaf helped her catch a thief in the marketplace. He's cool.
Sneeuw: Qual does not know her very well and mispronounces her name as "snow" but she doesn't have any reason not to like her.
Takeo Shodo: He's interesting and quite nice, but Qual is extremely wary of him.
Gaevorn: Not on good terms. The "dragon" who ate Martha, though she doesn't actually remember it. She just knows she doesn't like him very much.
Sister Dadeen [NPC]: Someone who actually listened to her warning about the Warlords and was nice about it! Qual likes her.
Various merchants in the marketplace [NPCs]: Considering she pesters them daily asking about Warlords, she has no qualms with them.
Fezzi and Mary [NPCs]: The bartenders who have tolerated her antics in the tavern so far also get her seal of approval!

More to come... If I forgot someone, let me know!

Involvement with any associations, guilds, or militias:

Ranks or regards among said guilds, associations or militias:

Professions of any sort: Though currently unemployed, she has been a fighter most of her life.

Wealth status: Poor

Jobs (that don't fall under profession) of any sort: She has a self-appointed duty to keep the town and the people in it safe. Other than that, nada.

Place of birth:

Wealth status during childhood: Upper

Current home(s): Wherever she falls asleep around Skuldhellir.

Reason for making a home there:

Known family members, and their relation to the character: Victor Buron (father), Lia Buron (mother), Ungo Buron (older brother)

Living members amongst said family: Ungo Buron

General happiness, 1-10: 7 She's usually rather cheerful, but is unhappy with the direction her life has turned in the last few years... at least when she can remember it, that is.

Social level 1-10: 8 Qual generally will to talk to anyone who will listen, and is thrilled if they'll sit through any of her stories. She's also constantly asking total strangers if they have seen any Warlords.

Distinctive personality traits: Simple-minded, delusional, magiphobic, paranoid, over reacts...

Ego of any sort: She is not a boastful person by any means, but it's quite easy to stroke her ego. Simple things, like telling her she did a good job killing that snake (read as: wrestling a piece of rope and cutting it in half) can make her beam with pride.

Greed of any sort: Qual is only greedy with certain items such as her sword. Nobody is allowed to use that sword but her. And don't even think of touching her bandanna! Otherwise, if she doesn't need something at the moment, she's happy to share.

Significant vices: Alcomahol.

Significant virtues: Justice. She will stand up for what she believes to be right despite the consequences.

Feelings and tendencies towards alcohol: She doesn't usually have the coin for it, but if someone else buys her an ale, she'll be their best friend!

A brief personality description: She is easily entertained, and even more easily distracted. Despite being obviously mind-addled, she makes a conscious effort to be friendly to almost everyone unless they do or say something cruel to her or someone else who didn't deserve it. Qual forgets things often (or twists them into fantastical tales that don't even resemble what originally occurred) and tends to mispronounce certain names. There is also a strong sense of justice in her, and she will follow it no matter what.

Favorite things in life(Foods, colors, events, etc.): Her bandanna, her sword, protecting the town from "Warlords" (i.e. orcs, gnolls, or anything else that might try to attack... it's all the same to her!), snow (when it's deep enough to play in), the ocean, nice/fun people, fire (probably not a good thing), and bacon. Mmmm, bacon...

Least favorite things in life: Magic, Warlords, magical artifacts, people who cause trouble, Warlords, magic, autumn (specifically the turning of the leaves), magic, spells, peanuts, Warlords, magic, and.... uhhh.... magical Warlords!

1 Optimist, 10 Pessimist, 1-10: 4 She tries to look on the bright side of things, but not without a healthy dose of realism thrown in as well.

Significant or unusual traits or aspects:

Their current every-day life: Morning: Qual wakes up around dawn and makes her morning rounds (walking around the entire town and making sure there's no trouble afoot). Generally, she'll take some extra time on the outskirts of town to see if she can catch a small animal to cook up for breakfast (and when that fails, she scrounges together some copper and buys some bread). She then heads through the marketplace, asking everyone there about Warlords as usual, before sitting on a rock just southwest and watching the normal goings-on of the marketplace until lunchtime.
Afternoon: She then makes another round about the town and finds a nice quiet place to practice with her sword and generally exercise.
Evening: Around dusk, she makes another round, then heads for the tavern. Upon leaving the tavern, she makes one final round and goes to sleep wherever she damn well pleases, be it halfway in the lake, in the middle of the fields, or even in a corner of the graveyard.
This is all pretty regular unless someone or something throws of her usual routine (generally by scaring her half to death with magic or sending her off on a wild goose chase after non-existent Warlords out in the woods).

Facial appearance(Includes hair): Shoulder-length gray-purple hair is usually greasy, knotted, and generally nasty considering how little she bothers washing or even combing it. Her hair is a bit thinner on the right side of her head and a nasty burn-like scar is somewhat visible beneath it. Her eyes are a deep purple and have a distant not-all-there look to them. Other than a slightly lop-sided smile, there is nothing else not-worthy.

Skin color and appearance: Light-skinned but with the healthy tan of someone who spends alot of time outside.

General body build: Athletic

Best features: Her body. She works hard to stay in top fighting form.

Worst features: Everything else. She hasn't washed in about two months.

Favorite features of their own: Her body. Qual's quite proud of her physical strength and agility.

Every day apparel(If any): Old, beat-up brown trousers and a (once-)white(-now-gray) tunic. Both are covered in stains and have been sloppily patched numerous times. She also has a black cloak which is in tatters at this point, and has seemingly never been taken care of judging by the holes, rips, and smudges of discoloration that cover it. She does not have shoes of any kind. Oh, and her bandanna, of course!

Armor, if any, and detailed descriptions of each piece: You thought gnoll armor was shoddy? You should see Qual's! Actually, it's made of old gnoll armor! After the recent raid, all the leather armor that was still functional had been taken, so she gathered up pieces and spent an entire day stitching them together into a working set of armor. It covers her upper body, shoulders, upper arms, lower body down to her knees, and even her head (via makeshift helmet)... but that doesn't mean a strong blow won't make it all fall to pieces again! This armor isn't usually worn, as she opts to hide it somewhere around the town until she needs it, otherwise it probably would have fallen apart by now. She also has a poorly-made wooden shield, recovered after the gnoll raid like her armor, which looks like it could crumble at any minute.

Weapon(s), detailed description of each: Sword: Qual is in possession of a well-crafted scimitar-like sword, specifically a pulwar. The grip is covered in black leather and the blade itself is inlaid with a floral design. It has obviously seen many a battle over the years, but seems to have held up rather well.
Dagger: She also has a plain dagger, once belonging to a dwarven thief Qualme caught stealing in the marketplace. Kiloso deemed that it didn't make a good fork for shoveling massive amounts of raw meat into his mouth.

Any accessories(Bombs, enchantments, glasses, etc.): She is never seen without her precious bandanna! It's purple with a white "O" embroidered in one corner. Strangely, it seems to never have even a single smudge of dirt on it.

Significant or unusual marks or traits: There are various scars along Qual's sides, back, arms, and legs, souvenirs from a long history of fighting. They are more susceptable to pain and discomfort.

The specialization of their class(berserking warrior, fire mage): No specialization.

Skill and experience with their weapons:

Skill and experience with any sorts of magic:

Mastery of their class: If not for her instability, she could be considered near mastery.

Skill and experience with their professions:

Skill and experience in battle:

Pre-prime, in their prime, or post-prime: Physically, she is still in her prime, but mentally is completely different story...

Favored weapons or skills: She generally prefers a scimitar, buckler shield, and chain armor over anything else.

Special abilities or unusual skills: She can touch her nose with her tongue!

What is appealing about them to others: She's usually friendly and will try to defend and protect people whenever necessary.

What is unappealing about them to others: She's touched in the head, likes sharp objects and fire, and she smells bad.

Where do they favor in battle: Right up front in the middle of the fray, hacking away at the enemy with her sword. While she is capable of hanging back and providing cover fire with a bow and arrows, it's not her customary or preferred role.

Where do they lack in battle: Magics. 'Nuff said.

WHEW! That was a long one. And it's got enough spoiler tags to choke an elephant! If you actually read through all that, I applaud you! You deserve a cookie. Or a cupcake. Or crepe. Or some other delicious sweet.
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All about Qual
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