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 Theodore "Thiek" Winslowe

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PostSubject: Theodore "Thiek" Winslowe    Thu Jul 29, 2010 6:16 pm

E-mail (OPTIONAL):

Alt Name: Theodore Winslowe

A brief description of your character: A former farmboy turned into a ninja/rogue in training, though he's not quite your everyday debonair hero. Bony, small, and quite quick, he might be quite good at it. If... he had any initiative or bravery whatsoever. Stick to the oddjobs, you wee little lad.

- By Macglynn (Friend of mine)
Why/How is your character in Skuldhellir: A band of traveling rogues, ninjas, couriers, and the like were passing Skuldhellir. They found this to be a good place to ditch the poor man. He just didn't make the cut.

---Max Preps (1-10):

*Dexterity - When he's not being a derp, he's quite nimble and accurate with his fingerskills.
*Quick on his feet- He's really, really fast. It comes from fleeing and training.
*Good reflexes, and also flexible.
*When cornered, despite being a coward, he may just fight. He will fight like a cornered jackrabbit, using lots of desperate tactics and delivering a few stinging blows by reflex before trying to run away screaming.
*MINOR fishskills
*Can cook, but it tastes like dirt and causes sadfaics.
*Minor poison skills- He can make some antidotes if he gets a blood sample, or has a vial of the poisons. He could also make very weak poisons of his own.
*Tailoring and Leatherworking- They're not to far apart, and Thiek has skills in both!
*Excellent delivery person and good with oddjobs!
*Some farmskills- He knows a bit about farm life, and would likely be good with that kind of thing. That doesn't keep him from getting scared by angry farm animals.
*Throwing weapons and onehanded weapon skills- He's pretty good with daggers and swords if he -has- to use them. And he can throw things with decent accuracy when he's settled.
*Stealthy. Also, he can do flips and shit ... sort of. (ON A BOAT)
*Minor grappling skills
*Has a pony named Cricket
*Has a tattered flimsy black hat that is dirty, and has leather patches covering holes. He uses it to hidefaic. He also has a metallic bootflask that he uses to carry water. While they're not exactly supernatural, they are two important characteristics one would notice about him.
*Pessimistic Whiner - Thiek knows how to whine. He's horrendously pessimistic. Anything that can go wrong he thinks probably will. Anything that has gone wrong is probably going to get worse.
*Spazztastic, paranoid overeactor- Thiek is a spazz. He's dreadfully paranoid and commonly overreacts. Very jumpy and observant.
*Dreadfully Naive
*Bumbling and Inept(and slightly clumsy)- Anytime Thiek thinks he has something right, he tends to mess up. He's prone to more of this when he's scared, startled, or just plain nervous.
*Epic Fail Coward Powers activate!- Big orc? Run away. Snake? Run away. Cat? Very reluctant to pet. Big angry cat? Run away screaming.
*Weak Stomach and easily grossed out, et cetera, et cetera- While he may be able to stomach some of this, he's very reluctant to subject himself too it, and it generally makes his face twist in disgust. Too much, and he might faint or throw up.
*Frail- Even though Thiek knows how to fight, and is supposed to be a class that specializes in grappling and assassination, he's not exactly built like a truck. He bruises easily, and likes to baw about it.
*Speech Impediment and lack of colorful language- Thiek stutters and stumbles on every few words. Add that to his reluctantcy and it makes for awkward social interaction. On top of that, really big words make him go "...C-C-Could you r-repeat th-that?"
*Not exactly very booksmart, or extremely well edumucated. He may read books on animals, and small short stories, but extensive volumes on physics, magic, and the like are beyond his grasp. And he probably doesn't know what a gnoll is... or an artifact... or a lot of things.
*Suspicious- Some take Thiek's traits as something more suspicious and commonly suspect he could be an 'acting' assassin. That and his dislike of social situations and tendencies to hide in the corner make him look out of place.
*Crowds- Noplz T.T
*Low Self-esteem
*In denial about being ditched(sort of)- When he comes to realization he will be many /wrists and super-wah.
*He's not afraid of the dark, but it does make him more jumpy.
*Anything exciting
*He's not a bum, but he's pretty poor.
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Theodore "Thiek" Winslowe
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