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 New Position: Storytellers

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PostSubject: New Position: Storytellers   Thu Jul 29, 2010 2:10 pm

As you guys know, we really only have one section of 'staff' right now, the mediators, and they basically do everything--keep the dream up, answer questions, check applications, keep things in line, run plots, fix up hiccups, and so forth. We've realized that this is a very big job, and isn't one that most people would be willing to volunteer themselves for, which goes very strongly against some of our original sentiments about what Skuldhellir should be like--run primarily by its players.

With that in mind, we decided to split up the mediating position, and we have come up with a new one: the storytellers.

As you might imagine, the primary function of storytellers is to run plots! This is the part of running a dream that most people have fun with, and the fact that we didn't think about officially extending the capacity to our roleplayers earlier in a more accessible way is a bit of a grievous error.

Regular members are, of course, capable of running their own plots with their own characters, pulling others into the fray as and when they wish to. Storytellers, though, get more tools to construct and detail large scale plots that are caused and furthered along by the world itself, rather than specific characters. Storytellers will be able to control groups of NPCs, weather, politics and general baddies like the gnolls and orcs, and create their own elaborate stories with the entirety of the continuity available for their use. Think of a storyteller as being a bit like a Dungeon Master for D&D!

Of course, we have expectations. Storytellers have to have a firm grasp of what's already been established in the continuity (so they don't go back on it!), and they have got to be good, vivid writers with a keen hold of sense and logic. A very good storyteller will make participating characters feel like they are really a part of the setting, be it during a chat with some of the sellers in the marketplace, or on an epic excursion through the strange depths of the mines. To keep things active, storytellers will probably be expected to 'run' something every so often, even if it's just controlling certain NPCs for characters who want to interact with them.

If you're interested in becoming a storyteller, contact Edwarde over Furcadia or PM me through the forums!

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New Position: Storytellers
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