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 Unnamed paladin

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Liquor Taster

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PostSubject: Unnamed paladin   Sun Jul 25, 2010 2:27 pm


E-mail (OPTIONAL):

Alt Name: To be named

A brief description of your character: A young man standing about 1,70 meters tall with short black hair. Clad in his plate armor with a mace hanging at his side and a claymore and shield in his back makes him look pretty bulky. (Brief 8D)

Why/How is your character in Skuldhellir: Currently just an idea, possible after the undead sightings the church has dispatched paladins along the lands to protect places and keep an eye out [unnamed] has been placed at one of the villages farther away from where the threat has been spotted as he's just a trainee n such n such, just an idea, feedback would be loved.


---Max Preps (1-10): 8


5 Holy



- Courageous (Is that written correct?): From when he was a little boy he's been filled with courage willing to face any challenge and never turning his back on it.


- Weapon training: due to his training as a paladin he is skilled with Greatswords, maces and shield
- Is trained to wear plate armor most of the time and is quite comfertable in it.
- Strength and Stamina: due to his training he is fairly strong and can last for a while in combat


- His powers are very strong agianst the unholy and evil.
- Faith: this is what gives him his powers in the first place and the more faith he has the stronger he becomes


- His powers are very weak agianst the good and pure, the light can't hurt what is innocent.
- Even if he is trained to wear plate armor it still slows him down a little
- Unholy magic: while Holy magic is strong aginast the unholy so it works the other way around.
- His magic preps only count for holy magic he is not sensitive to any other magic
- If he loses faith so will he lose his powers.
- Even if he has trained for it he has never seen or experienced real combat before.

This is only just an idea and sthrangths and weakness might be thrown around all over the places still and I will edit this further but I would appreciate someone already checking if he is balanced so fa ror not.

Thank you


Edit: Moved Sthrentgh and Stamina to learned since he mroe trained for it the got it. Courageous added to natural Sthrengths.

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PostSubject: Re: Unnamed paladin   Thu Jul 29, 2010 2:17 pm

This is a good idea for a plot character, although I'm not entirely certain on Skuldhellir's stance on plot characters, so i'll let that part over on the wonderful Storytellers.

I have a few questions about some things on there.
Which melee weapons in particular is he proficient with, and how proficient with each one. Does he have a preference for a certain weapon?

Next question is: What do you define as the 'good and the pure'. It are pretty fleeting ideas right there. Good and evil is (in my opinion) something extremely relative.
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Liquor Taster

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PostSubject: Re: Unnamed paladin   Thu Jul 29, 2010 2:36 pm

The good and the pure as in the typical fantasy thing of it, those who do good and pray, help people, think about others, those that have never done anything wrong, but mainly believers of the light and followers of the church. While at the other side the evil and corrupt are all sorts of criminals and then especialle Demons and heretics to the church.

For example a priest of the church will hardly feel it if the paladin uses his powers upon the priest, but a normal peasant that jsut makes a living could still get harmed by it, but not as much as for example a demon. While agianst a mere bandit will be only slightly more pwoerful.

The good and pure stands really for the typical good/evil sides known and powers weakens/sthrengths to the extent of that, so the more evil acts the target has done the more damage the pwoer will inflict hile the more good acts the less power he inflicts.

As with weaon prffeciency I shall edit this to make it more clear.

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PostSubject: Re: Unnamed paladin   

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Unnamed paladin
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