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 Gnoll Raid, July 2010

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PostSubject: Gnoll Raid, July 2010   Sun Jul 25, 2010 11:24 am

This was a mini roleplaying event hosted by Heimdall and Edwarde, and also Skuldhellir's first! A lot of people turned up and it was general awesomes all around.

(Just for fun: I had this on repeat for the duration of this roleplay.)


    Shrill, fearful cries rend the evening light as a young woman dashes towards the town. "Gnolls! Gnolls raidin' from the southeast! Help!" Sheep scatter in the fields as she runs through them.

    In response to the cries, four members of the Fighters Guild quickly armor up and jog out towards the outskirts. Who will join them?

Gaevorn hears the cries and curiously ambles towards the sounds.

    From over the Rambling Greens comes a chorus of canine yelping and familiar, hideous, chuckling laughter.

Gaevorn wags his tail, backing away from the fighters and preparing for a good show.

Qualme came bolting a few minutes after hearing the frantic cries, her bandana off of her head for once and rather tied around her right wrist. She had a broadsword in tow, but where the crazy woman had gotten the thing remained unseen... perhaps she had hidden it before her arrivel? Or maybe stolen? Who knows. Who cares? She was there with a fierce determined look on her face.

Lauren Bassnium seems almost overjoyed to get wind of a potential battle, and with sword on hip she hurries after those from the Fighters Guild who go off to confront the gnolls.

Anukha Fashii comes stumbling through the bush as well, her ferret on her shoulder, although this time holding on for dear life. The magician has her wand clutched firmly in her hands, and snarls with every step. What a bad time this was. She soon joins the cluster of people already assembled, and keeps her wand at the ready.

Tillik is sort of half-walking, half-running towards the town, clutching her side tightly and gasping for breath. "Gnolls," she wheezes at the fighter chaps and everyone else assembled, before continuing to hurry towards town. "I'll kick they asses... hang... on..."

Elijah "Pride" Fairdale // Rushing in from the town came a someone with a grunt, bursting in on all fours, spine arched in an amazing feat of feline flexibility. There was a faint odor of whiskey lingering about him, but he (luckily), didn't appear intoxicated. "Looks like it's gonna be lon' day." He straightened himself up on two feet, eyes looking out into the distance, hoping to catch a glimpse of what was to come, but not before looking over the arrivals. Wonderful.

Demi-Ignus had been napping so peacefully when everyone starts scrambling about all willy-nilly. >:U THE NERVE. Being a nosey thing, he wasn't above poking his head out--quite literally--from under the nearest rock. "What's all this about," he grumps. Gnolls? Der? "What's a gnolls?"

Gaevorn lays down, unfettered, away from the main group of people. This would certainly make his night more amusing. Maybe someone he didn't like would get killed. What fun.

    The mad cackling gets closer--much closer. A single tomahawk comes flying, and lands with a sharp 'thunk' in the gypsy wagon. Many pairs of yellow eyes and sets of snapping teeth glisten in the moonlight; the gnoll party looks small, but vicious, and it is advancing!

Anukha Fashii gives a rather anxious glare at Demi, she had positioned herself at the nearest rock she could find. "They're trouble." She growls. "Barbaric, strong, big and they're probably with a lot. And perhaps you should move from under there, I might need it."

Elijah "Pride" Fairdale decides to make his job a little easier and play lazy, looking to Demi. "...Yer a god, righ'? Can't ya just get rid of'em so we don't have ta break'em?" Though his stance is definitely an offensive one. Good old Eli, trying to take the easy way out, even though he knows nothing about Demi other then someone called him a god.

Qualme clutched her sword in both hands, standing with the rest of the group and glaring in the direciton of the incoming commotion. "Warlords," she muttered under her breath... Alright, so that wasn't right, but it was certainly motivation for the nutcase!

Demi-Ignus squawks when the axe thuds a little too close for comfort. "Oh, you're fighting," he states casually, eyeing the eyes as they eye him back eyeingly. EYES. 8I "Nnnnno, I can't help you there, pal."

    The four fighters hasten to the front of the line, lowering their weapons to point in the direction of the cackling gnolls. "Brace yourselves!" their leader, a heavy pitbull, roars.

Lauren Bassnium's left ear swivels in the direction of that thrown tomahawk. In response, she slides her sword out of its sheath and holds it at an angle, pointed in the direction of the yellow eyes and nasty teethies. "Fuck, gonna b' a good night for a battle."

Gaevorn grins harder, his full set of teeth glistening at the sound of his fellow hound-like beasts. Perhaps if they started to win he could join them. It would be best to see which side had the edge, first, of course, and there was no guarentee they wouldn't rip him apart, but it was such a fun idea and he'd never ran with gnolls before

Wade van Buuren saw the gathering of people from his nearby tent, that's right, he has a makeshift tent! Curiosity drove him closer to hear the screams of gnolls, and whatnot! Appearing behind Eli and Lauren by a good 8ft, he sits down quietly, and maybe concentration in his spellness...or just relaxing~ [1/4]

    The gnolls tear across the plains and cross the town's boundary, laughing their nightmarish warcry; they are headed for the small party of opposition. A few more fling their tomahawks, this time with the intent of splitting skulls. There seem to be about twenty of them. A strange, poison-green sigil shines on their leather armor.

Anukha Fashii swiftly scrambles onto the rock as she hears the call from the Fighter's Guildmen, disregarding whether Demi was still under it or not, she wasn't that heavy she reckoned. She points her wand at as much as she can see from the approaching group and starts an incantation. [1/3 Fireball]

Tillik returns from the town, still breathing heavily, but now on the bare back of a stolen reindeer, a bridle crammed hastily in its mouth.

Qualme actually took several steps forward so she was about even with those from the Fighter's Guild, adjusting her hold on the sword as she moved and taking an offensive stance. With the enemy rapidly approaching, she'd keep her eyes peeled for any tomahawks headed her way until they were close enough for her to take her first swing. "Warlord bastards!" she creeched!

Elijah "Pride" Fairdale simply tall, fists clenched as the giant stepped foward, teeth bared as he dug his feet into the ground in a powerful stance. A lionesque snarl began to mix with the sounds of the approaching gnolls, eyes narrowing to beady little objects as he waved Demi off. Hey, if you're not going to be useful. His eyes shot left and right, and despite his serious expression and combat stance, he still seemed to keeping aware of the others around him. He'd let the buggers get a bit closer.

Gaevorn follows a tomahawk with his eyes, looking at it curiously. He looks around to be sure another isn't about to fly at his head before trying to move closer before trying to grab it up in his teeth, interested in the design of a gnoll-made weapon. At the moment, he seems uninterested in joining the actual combat...

Lauren Bassnium's aura flares up about her as she advances forward, sword still out infront of her. A tomahawk flies just past her, and all of the sudden the cheetahfaun is not too sure if bringing a sword to a gnoll fight was the best of ideas. [1/1]

    The guildsfurres crouch behind their shields--being the front line, they take most of the tomahawk blows. A series of loud *thunks* marks the penetration of wooden shields, and one of the guildsfurres even lets out a noise of pain. "Go!" roars their pitbull leader, surging towards the war band. His furres follow him with their own war cries.

Demi-Ignus stares with a sort of dumb fascination at the advancing gnolls. 8U well aren't they just precious little furry fuzzy bundles of giggling--chunk! One of the newly thrown tomahawks makes landing in the ground a mere hair from Demi's face, and he squawks another startled squawk. "EEUGH! That was a bit too close for.. com.. fort.." One of his tall green horns then drops casually into the grass, a clean cut. 8I ... 8C ...D%!!! He shrieks a girlish shriek and squeezes his head back under the rock. NO THX PLZ.

    The chuckling monsters are now right up in front of the little party, and they clash with the Fighters Guild in vicious melee, using tooth and claw as well as their weapons. A javelin flies towards Lauren, and another tomahawk comes whirling out of the darkness, aimed at Elijah--but most of the warband's efforts seem focused on bringing down the shielded front lines!

Wade van Buuren was not as close to the other party members, and not much of a target for the tomahawks~ Not seeing any danger to himself, maybe a bit of a selfish outlook to battle, but it simply wasn't his role to be a frontline's man~ So he...sprawls along the grass, giving a slight yawn. [2/4] Eat lazyness Gnollishsies!

Elijah "Pride" Fairdale: [ We going to roll on these attacks coming at us, what's the system for this? P:]
Edwarde: [General free for all combat for now. Typical no godmoding etc. rules. No dice, but please try to play realistically!]

Anukha Fashii was as far back as she could, but regardless, Caine keeps an eye on the projectiles for her. In the meantime the short magician has stopped canting and the tip of her wand starts giving of a bit of heat. The hardest part is finding an enemy she could hit, through that moving forest of tall people in front of her. [2/3 Fireball.]

Tillik suppresses a shriek of rage and keeps her reindeer from wheeling and fleeing, and tries to knee it closer--she clenches her hand into a slow fist. A pale glow leaks from between her fingers. (2/3)

Qualme wasn't far beind the Fighters as they rushed into the melee... Actually, she was only a few feet behind. Qual would rush for the first Gnoll she saw, swinging her sword with all her might at the fugly creature!

Elijah "Pride" Fairdale - Luck. Not really. Elijah did have excellent night vision. The problem would not be seeing it coming, but doing something about it. Arms were brought up to protect the man's chest, the immediate sound following being that of a thunk. The tomahawk struck the mans arm and allowed the response most people were waiting for: A short, yet powerful voice of pain. Size was to Eli's advantage, and while he was definitely deterred, as soon as he plucked the tomahawk from his arm, it would likely serve to piss him off. He'd let the injured arm dangle for a moment, the shock of the pain setting in as his free hand would pry it free in an instantaneous reaction, blood spilling down upon the field- a feat one with much less constitution woud likely not be capable of- and returned the tomahawk in the general direction of the first open-to-fire gnoll he saw.

Gaevorn grabs his new tomahawk and ambles to the side as the fighting continues, tossing it into a discrete patch of grass for later. That done, he goes back to looking over the fighters, not taking any particular notice of any. Well, he saw glimpses of the magic-phobic idiot who had gotten him locked up for a night, but no one too special other than that - to him, anyway.

Lauren Bassnium's catlike darksight, good as it is for several feet, isn't perfect. She doesn't see the javelin flying at her until it just enters the green field of her vision. The 'faun drops her sword and reaches out as if to grab the oncoming weapon-- her aura follows, forming a cone between her hands... and the javelin flies true into the gap between, caught in the aura with the tip of it sticking into her breastbone. "F-fuck!" She moves it away from her chest and shifts it about in her hands as if to use it, although the wound stings from the hit.

    The guildsfurres are glad to have Qualme on their side, even for just the short moment she's there. They hack at the gnolls' relatively flimsy shields with their assortment of weapons: a hammer, a halberd, and two lonsgwords. One lets out a howl of pain as a gnoll's hatchet bashes a hole in his chainmail with a spray of metal links.

Demi-Ignus: About to make haste under the nearest wizhat back at the guild, Demi halts in his metaspacial-tracks and shoves a hand back out from under the rock, fishing blindly for his poor severed horn. Couldn't leave that behind, no sir! Ahah, der it is... Yoink! Okaybainaogurdluckwit'yo'fite~

Edwarde: [Demi you are a jerk people are DYING]
Demi-Ignus: [LOL]

    One of the other gnolls grips one of the fighter's shields with its vicious claws; it snaps and growls and is about to bite out the guildfurre's throat. It doesn't get the chance, however, for Eli's powerful throw is true, and the bloody tomahawk cleaves the monster's face. The gnoll falls with a horrible, choked shriek.

    Qualme succeeds in slicing deeply into one of the gnoll's throwing arms; it drops its weapons and bolts back towards the plains, howling in terror and pain, probably simultaneously with Qualme's own fleeing. Apparently these bastards aren't above running away.

    One of the Fighters Guild members manages to thrust his shield into the arm of another gnoll while it's throwing its tomahawk--it veers wildly off-course, but is now flying towards Wade.

    A few of the gnolls towards the back of the party fling more weapons; a javelin whistles towards Anukha, but the others fall short of their targets, braining a few of the gnoll's own members. Egads! The gnolls at the front of the party continue their vicious assault against the valiant Fighters Guild.

Wade van Buuren slowly makes himself stand up, examining his surrondings, hand on his chest secretly holding his small leather pouch, also his money bag, a faint white glow on his palm. A warm but determined smile on his face, , "Bring the noise, bring the pain, everything to lose, everything to gain, we shall have vengence, we shall have our battlestance" But as soon as he finishes his incantation, a tomahawk flies his way, and since his concentration was needed in his spell, he conjurs early, a bison appearing infront and taking the tomahawk on the side of it's face. The bison was bleeding fiercly, but severly pissed off, tomahawk stuck in his face, as it let's out it's beastial roar. Wade hops on it's back, since it couldn't see well and would need directional steering. The mounted bison makes it way around the group at a quick trot. [1/3 for bison's life]
Wade van Buuren: [3/3 on spell ness]

[#] Anukha Fashii rolls 1d20-2 & gets 2.
Anukha Fashii would not have noticed the javelin until it'd stick in her head, but Caine did, and as soon as he does Anukha hops backwards off the rock and crouches behind it. Although she tries her very best to keep the spell in check, her wand gives a last red glow and the spell fades. "Damn it all!" She snarls aloud.

Tillik squeezes the reindeer's sides and manages to bring the animal closer to the fray, though its eyes are rolling in abject horror. Then, with an energetic whoop, she thrusts her fist towards the gnolls and opens it. A cone of light explodes from her palm and engulfs them. Damaging? No. REALLY GODDAMN BRIGHT? Yes! With any luck it'll fall (mostly) harmlessly on the backs of her comrades. (3/3 Light)

Elijah "Pride" Fairdale - The tomahawk had just served to piss Elijah off, and it's not like he wasn't already serious when this started. Blood ran down his arm, mixing and sticking to tufts of fur that ran along his biceps. He shook it violently before letting a mouthful of yellow teeth open wide. He'd flex his hands as if to try and maintain bloodflow and feeling, regardless of the pain. His neck shot foward as he released a horrendously powerful and terribly ferocious roar above the laughter and clang of steel. It was likely to mix with the noise, but that didn't stop him, making to step foward and bolt to the nearest gnoll corpse he could find, though his arm seemed to slow down his plans.
Elijah "Pride" Fairdale: [ 1/2 ]

Gaevorn lets out an amused chuckle at the various pained sounds, tail wagging furiously. Now if only he had a fish to nibble on. His ears twitch about as the battle progresses, only slightly bothered by the loud screaming. It was acceptable in the context of a battle, and so it didn't annoy him as much as it usually would. The conjurer seemed to catch his attention then, and for a moment his grin faded into a more solemn expression.

Lauren Bassnium squints her eyes at the bright light-- even if the cone of light Tillik unleashed doesn't last long, her eyes don't take too well to it. With a grunt, she pulls her arms back and then heaves the weapon into the air in the direction of the last living gnoll she had seen. It's not an expert's toss or aim, but it does get a little projected help through the air from a short burst of her aura. [1/1]

    The pitbull barks in savage glee as his hammer caves in the chest of one of the raiders, who yelps and squeals as he falls. The fighter who'd been injured before, though, crumples with a gurgle under the combined force of two of the hyena savages.

    Shrieks are now as common a sound as the mad chuckling. Some more weapons fly--another towards Wade and his bison, and one towards Tillik and her reindeer. A few of the gnolls start to realize that this strategy isn't getting them very far, however, and drop to all fours and begin to charge the party, bringing the melee to the members standing in the back, but then...

    The gnolls are collectively stunned stupid by the sudden blast of brilliant light! The few with shields manage to duck behind them and save their eyes, but the rest are rendered vulnerable in shock and blindness, and swing in futile desperation with their weapons and claws at whatever is in front of them. Lauren's javelin easily skewers one of the prone monsters through the eye. Its laughter is cut short into a scream, and it collapses.

[#] Tillik rolls 1d20 & gets 18.

Wade van Buuren's bison was a bit above average in size. 6 and a half feet tall, 10 feet long, and weighing in at a ton. Leading the beast away from the main fray, it gets a javelin sticking out of the side of it's rear. A flash of light behind the...retreating man? Wait, where was he going? Stopping a short distance away from the fight, Wade dislodges the javelin out of the beast, readying it and moving his body closer to the beast's back. Kicking the lumbering beast, it goes into a full charge at 35 mph, aiming to squash some gnolls. To make things even more fun, Wade forms his con flame power over the charging beast, making it a large bright and powerfull sight. [Bison 2/3]

Anukha Fashii carefully peers from behind the rock after the flash of light, one gnoll was now in clear sight, and seemingly thrown into a mad frenzy for some reason. She flicks her wand once and tiny bits of earth start to gather around it, slowly a pointy rock starts to form. [1/2 Small Rock Blast]

Tillik, in the momentary haze of light given off by her spell, can see the javelin silhouetted in the air. She squeals like a kid and knees her reindeer to the side. The javelin nicks the beast's shoulder, tearing loose fur and causing it to bray in terror. "Attack, attack!" the gull frantically shrieks as she gets control again.

Elijah "Pride" Fairdale -Attack? That's just what Eli was about to do. His arms efficiency wasn't at it's best, but he wasn't going down without one hell of a fight. WIllpower can't do everything though, and it's lucky for Eli he's built like a brute (and is a brute.). Sharp claws dig into the gnoll corpse as he bends his knees, hefting it up in a lopsided lift, up and over his head. This causes stress to the wound that will likely come back to haunt him, but with a grit of teeth, he manages to hold it up, even more blood building up as he throws his arms and body weight foward, lobbing the gnoll like a projectile in the direction of the gnolls, only to find himself stumbling for a moment as his arm tries to give way. [Gnoll bowling 2/2]

Lauren Bassnium reaches down to grab up her sword as the spots begin to slowly fade away from her vision. She lets out s disgruntled huff and lifts the weapon back up, with her aura moving up its tip like a real fire. [1/1]

    The pit bull, though fighting valiantly, is clearly flagging now. He falls back a few steps with his two remaining compatriots, the gnolls closing in... until the light! The fighters look confused, almost as dazed as the savages around them... but not a moment of that passes before they begin chasing after the scurrying creatures!

    Wade's bison succeeds in bowling over and crushing several of the gnolls; they scream and howl as they are trampled beneath its hooves. More of them tumble over in disoriented surprise when the corpse of one of their comrades knocks them from their paws, and even more of them fall to the bloodthirsty blades of the Fighters Guild. Most of the remaining gnolls and the ones who had hid from the blinding light behind their shields promptly throw down all of their weapons and implements and clumsily run, yipping in terrified urgency, away from the town. So ends the battle! Skuldhellir is triumphant!

Tillik grins at the effectiveness of her tactic. "Take that, yer dogs!" She makes a high-pitched kili-kili-kili! type cry that one would expect more from a kestrel than a gull, and claps her hands together. Thunder rolls quietly, though there's not a cloud in sight. AND DEFINITELY NO SNOW. She rides the reindeer back and forth in triumphant glee.

Anukha Fashii emerges fully from behind the rock, wand and spell at the ready!... But the gnoll she was aiming at runs away. With a displeased growl she makes it crumble into dust again.

    The area of the battle is a gruesome mess of gore, shredded fur and broken weapons. The strange symbols on the fallen gnoll's tunics continue to shine strangely in the meager light.

Lauren Bassnium's vision clears up entirely now. Upon realizing and seeing better that the battle is finished, she disappates her aura and resheaths her weapon. She's starting to feel the true burn of her newly gained battle wound, even if it isn't fatal. "S-shit, tha'... tha' was fuckin' intense. 'ow many did we lose?"

Anukha Fashii walks over to the nearest dead gnoll, the shiny symbol caught her eye and being the curious sholary girl she is she can't just ignore anything shiny.

    The guild chaps find their fallen comrade. Two carry him somberly towards the graveyard, while the pitbull hangs around. "Everyone arright?"

Wade van Buuren pats his bison for a job well done, as it fades into non existance, and Wade's feet are surronded in crushed gnolls, and he looks about. Well, time to start looting! A wide smile on his face, as he gathers all of the weapons that weren't broken, and some of their shields in a small pile, and then leans in close to pick up some of the armor as well, as he too is distracted by the odd symbol. Looking up when the short fighter asks, and replys, "I am well enough, see to the others."

Elijah "Pride" Fairdale - "Keep yer filthy mits outta 'ere!" The brutish Scott of a lion calls after them, spitting afterwards. Any lingering air of whiskey about him was drowned out. Everything was drowned out by the overpowering aroma of blood, one hand clutching the wound on his arm. He makes to turn over one of the corpses with his feet, snorting as he looks to Lauren and Wade, a gentle nod in the direction of the pit bull. He'd be fine so long as he got it bandaged and cleaned most likely, but he was definitely sore, tears found throughout the inner muscles.

    The symbol on the chest of each gnoll's leather armor appears to be painted on in a neon-green substance. It depicts a canine skull with a rune on its forehead, and feathers fanning all around it.

Tillik dismounts and pats the reindeer's side. "Is that normal 'round here?" the gull squawks unhappily. "Me goddamn drake got hurt!"

Gaevorn gives a dissatisfied grunt as the battle ends, having not yet gotten his fill of the amusement that was watching people be torn to pieces. His form glistens like water, and he shifts to his furre form. He gathers the tomahawk and walks over to look over the corpse for anything of interest, noting the glow and moving to examine the symbol.

Anukha Fashii crouches down at her chosen and examines the symbol. "Hmm... Protective charms?" The small jackal mutters to herself. She runs her hand over it, checking whether she can sense any enchantment or other magical attribute from the symbol.

Lauren Bassnium gingerly brings up a hand to her chest and feels around the wound; from what she can infer, there's going to be some bruising and a bit of a hole from where the tip embedded into the bone. "Well 'nuff," she grunts at the pitbull. "Sur... prisingly well enough." She shivers at the thought of how close she came to being skewered like a wild animal.

    Anukha senses nothing magical about the symbol.

Wade van Buuren had already collected most of the weapons and such near the main fight area, leaving little for Gae. Still having the javelin in hand, he crouches at to look at symbol again, smiling as he gets a good look at it, before looting several of the armor to his pile, and sitting on it with a content smile.

Anukha Fashii makes a thoughtful sound, no magic inside of it, still. She checks whether she can simply take the symbol of the tunic.

    The pitbull barks a laugh, "You got yerself sem moxie, kid. You too," he says, jabbing a finger at Eli. "Either ah you thought about the fighter guild?"

Tillik goes over to kneel by Annie. "I guess this ain't normal, then," she comments quietly. "Is it, like, some tribe dealie?"

Elijah "Pride" Fairdale seemed to be breathing through his teeth through the pain, but that didn't stop him from trying to be a gentleman(as best he could), tossing Lauren the same comment the pit bull just had, likely not having caught it. "You all righ', Miss Lauren?" Of course -Wade- was all right. He had been riding Paul Bunyan's faithful... oh wait, that was an ox. AND I'LL ASSUME LAUREN SAID YES. She's leaving. Then to Anukha. "You all rig-" Finger jabbed at him. "I could help out, seein' as Zazeal's been missin' and I 'ad hoped to be an..." Deep breath. "Assistan'." He still had other people to check on. Stupid oaf.

    The symbol is painted, and doesn't seem easy to remove.

Gaevorn looks over what remains of the weapons and armor pieces, trying to see if they have any interesting traits that would make them a nice grab.

Anukha Fashii is slightly startled to be suddenly approached, she had been quite concentrated actually. But after the recent victory even she can't bring herself to be grumpy. "I don't know..." She answers. "I don't know much about gnolls, still... rather peculiar this is." Anukha attempts to pull the fallen gnoll upright, but the (for her) heavy corpse doesn't budge much for her. "Could you perhaps help me for a moment please, miss?"

Tillik: "Oh, of course!" Tillik smiles, and grabs the gnoll under the armpits. She's not by any means strong, but she manages to hoist him into a sitting position, one hand still looped around the reindeer's reins. "Like this?"

    "Ah, I gitcha," the pitbull grunts. "I'm goin' get a pint an' a smoke and give me regards to poor Yark. 'Ppreciate all the help, folks." He meanders off.

Anukha Fashii nods at the gull maiden. "Yes. Thank you very much." And with that she tries to remove the leather piece of armour with the symbol on from the gnoll.

Wade van Buuren gathers spears and javelins, since he could fit more of them in a bunch. Walk, pick, walk, pick, walk, examine, nope, broken.

    The leather comes off as easy as leather armor normally does.

    Also, Wade (and anyone else searching the scene of the battle) only finds javelins and tomahawks and very few wooden shields. The gnolls don't seem to have brought any other weapons with them.

Anukha Fashii tries to fold the armour together as well as possible, her wand is back in her sash. When all that is over and done she gives a warm smile at the gull. "Really thanks. I am sure someone in the Guild will find this interesting."

Gaevorn picks up a javelin and looks it over before holding it with his tomahawk. He notices the other removing the symbols and moves closer to take a look. "Do you know what that symbol is?"

Elijah "Pride" Fairdale makes to begin tearing away cloth from a pants leg, and is likely to leave it bare up at the knee. What does he do? Well, since he's too stubborn to leave -just- yet and get proper healing, with a combination of tooth and hand (and struggle), tightens the cloth around his wound like a makeshift tourniquet, and clap his hands together, one rather shaky. That'd do it.... right?

Lauren Bassnium gathers up a tomahawk or two and gives the weapon a thoughtful look. She personally hadn't been thinking about the fighters guild, but... with a weak grin to herself, she quietly begins to trot away from the scene of the battle. Now just what is she up to...?

    The gnolls all seem to have been wearing the same, crude, leather armor. A few of them have tribal accessories, but nothing seems magical or otherwise useful.

    Everything is rather low-quality compared to what you can get in town.

Elijah "Pride" Fairdale - "All righ', do you two need any help?" Leaking blood here and there, Eli finally offers assistance to Anukha and Tillik, though his arm is rather shaky.

Wade van Buuren spots a shield, a poor wooden shield, and goes to pick that up, and walks back to his pile.

Anukha Fashii shakes her head at the large lion. "No, all done here." She gives him a smile too. "But thank you for the offer sir." And with that she starts carrying her secured piece of armour towards the distant tower.

Lauren Bassnium slinks away with her tomahawk souvenir! Success? She thinks so!

Anukha Fashii glances at the odd hound, and then shakes her head. "I don't. But I'm sure there is someone at the Guild who does. Perhaps it means nothing, just a symbol the shaman drew on it as a tribal ritual of protection." She speaks with a certain very uncommon glee to her voice.

Elijah "Pride" Fairdale throws a pea at the unremarkable loser? ] Elijah, with that makes his way to the hospital. Eh, C'est la vie. He grumbles a bit, but manages to smile and pull out a cigar with his free hand. He was going to have trouble lighting that....

    Everyone in the party gains 200 experience and levels up.

oli kaiken nähny, kaiken kuullu, kaiken tiänny
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Gnoll Raid, July 2010
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