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 Mister Warlock-Pants

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PostSubject: Mister Warlock-Pants   Sat Jul 24, 2010 9:23 am

Actual Name: Ozzy Ozmodius
Profession: Master Warlock


Chaotic Neutral

Age: He doesn't remember.
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: "Please leave a message after the beep." - Oz's libido.
Species: Human (Undead)
Race: Eastern Slavic origins

Height: 6'5
Weight: 245 lbs
Build: Dense layers of evil juju-muscles, no fat to speak of. A strict diet of negative ether keeps him in top shape.

Eye Color: Scary-ass green light of DOOM.
Hair Color: As black as the blackest unholy blackness, times infinity.
Hair Style: Long as hell, messy and wild.
Skin Color: As pale as the palest of pale folk, with unsightly visible black veins EVERYWHERE.

Scent: A library of moldy tomes and icy winter air, with a hint of musty leather.
Aura: A hurricane of whirling spectral green, the storm of dark magic that surrounds him. For the overly sensitive, it can be devastatingly overpowering at close range.
Voice: Relaxed, rough, deep. A deeper and less strained version of Nathan Explosion.

Attire: Oz is usually seen wearing a long, patchy leather trench-coat with various buckles and a hooded cloak thrown atop that. Wears a pair of large and heavy-looking boots every day, without fail.


1 - Laughably pathetic. 5 - 'bout average. 10 - NO EQUAL!

Strength: 7 / Strong enough to do serious damage if allowed to get too close. A boot to the chest from Oz guarantees a few cracked ribs and a bruise that will last for weeks.

Speed: 3 / He's not fat, but he's heavy. His only saving grace is that if he tries to catch someone faster than him, they'll probably get tired first.

Agility: 3 / Oz is as flexible and jumpy as a piece of wood.

7 / Oz has the stamina of a zombie that was injected with steroids and placed in a suit of armor. Taking him down isn't an easy task, even for battle-ready individuals.

9 / About as learned and well-traveled as a human could be.

Charisma: 6 / He's got a sort of wit about him, though it's often obscured by madness. In his own disturbing way, Oz can be quite charming.

Drawbacks: 8 / Almost anything that harms any form of undead anywhere will harm Oz, who embodies the raw dark magical power of the unliving.

Overall combat capabilities: Oz is a scholar, not a fighter. Ironically enough, his favorite scholarly subject deals almost exclusively with inflicting pain in a variety of colorful and often disturbing ways. This warlock is not someone that should be approached aggressively; in most cases, even the most stoic and battle-hardened of warriors will be rendered as a squealing little piggy after crossing Oz, after he hangs them from the ceiling by their feet with telekinetic nails. Fear and raw pain are his weapons, and he does not dish them out lightly when the need arises; the tactic has proven to be highly affective against anything with nerve endings. Few will wish to continue fighting, or have any capability of doing so at all, when they are being assaulted by a swarm of demonic hornets the size of humming birds. Not only is Oz able to bring suffering through magic, but those expecting to thwart Oz's magic by charging him head-on will be in for a nasty surprise. Oz is familiar with ALL of the mortal body's weaknesses, and thanks to his size, he can inflict serious damage with his bare hands. By studying dark magic, he has also developed a simplistic, but brutal, method of unarmed combat suited for larger and slower fellows. Due to his unique state of undeath, Oz has also developed psionic capabilities and is not only able to perform telekinesis, but also mind control. Despite his many aptitudes, he does have a great many exploitable weaknesses thanks to his undead nature. Any tried and true method of thwarting the undead and practitioners of dark magic will likely work on Oz.

Magic-specific capabilities: Up close and personal, Oz is a significant threat to his enemies; bolts of dark magic crackle at his fingertips, biting insects fly about, diseases and curses are set upon woeful offenders. But in the solitude of his arcane sacellum hidden away in the mountains, he becomes a hundred times more dangerous. Given enough time, this old warlock is capable of bringing forth a variety of nasty unpleasantries that your standard hero is ill-equipped to deal with. Large-scale pestilence, demon lords from the deepest pit of the Netherworld, and horrific beasts from the primordial ocean of the Void; all of these things can be summoned by Oz, and all he needs is time to prepare such spells, scorned by the gods as they are. With nobody around to interrupt his workings, Oz would find it an easy task to unleash an army of zombies on an unsuspecting village; he would need only to first summon up some weak and stealthy shadow demons to dig up and retrieve bodies for him. The only reason entire cities do not currently lie in ruin is because he has nothing to gain from such senseless destruction, and wouldn't be able to stay focused on the lengthy rituals required for such spells without intense motivation. It has been a very long time since Oz has fully flexed his command of the dark arts, and folks will sleep all the better for that.

Fortunately, Oz is a passive creature most of the time and avoiding conflicts with him is as easy as being polite. Even though the art of suffering is his passion, he isn't hot for a fight in his old age.

Broke as hell. Oz doesn't need food or drink, a home, nor does he have any notable sins that require sponsoring. If he does want something, he'll simply TAKE it and woe to the testicular well-being of anyone that tries to stop him from doing so. Oz places no value in money, seeing it as nothing more than worthless bits of paper and metal.

Personality Assessment:

Social: Oz has no quarrel with the living, but he makes a point to avoid public appearances during the day because his presence makes others uneasy and may result in conflict. He is very much a social recluse and hides in the darker corners of reality until nightfall. He does get lonely at times and craves the companionship of fellow warlocks and undead, as well as any apprentices he may have at that time.

Fears: Oz's only fear is losing his apprentice, which would increase the possibility that true witchcraft will fade forever into history if Oz is ever destroyed.

Mental Health: Not so great. Oz has been through various traumatic experiences, all of which he took like a regular sport, but not without consequence. He was hanged, clawed his way to the surface after being buried six feet under, and remained in a state of half-sentience for a very long time before finally regaining his sense of Self. Oz knows what it feels like to be a monster in the literal sense and has quite a bit of blood on his hands. Not only have these experiences altered his perception of reality, but the dark magic he is eternally connected to warps his mind further. He also has attention deficit disorder and has great difficulty focusing on anything that isn't already interesting to him.

Likes: Witchcraft, ancient texts and artifacts, magical devices that he hasn't figured out how to use yet, inventing colorful curses that haven't been thought of before, playing cards with extra-dimensional beings, parties (the tea kind) with extra-dimensional beings, chess.

Dislikes: Ygfre Ygvrena, fairies, fireflies (he doesn't see any difference), rude people, snobby upstarts, most wizards, priests and paladins, anything of the holy variety, water and fire, singing, salt, stupid people, people who aren't stupid but think they're a lot smarter than they actually are, and to a much lesser extent, puppies.

Verbal skills: Behind the gruffness of Oz's voice is a highly educated individual who considers language to be a thing of great importance. There are only traces of any sort of accent in Oz's voice and he pronounces everything with matter-of-fact clarity, even though he tends to ramble about things that make no sense to anyone but him. Oz is also very good at hiding his anger, responding to challenges with razor-sharp sarcasm in an even tone.

Temper: Oz has a very controlled temper and doesn't focus on the feeling itself when someone 'rouses anger in him. Rather, in that instant, he'll remain calm and start figuring out how he's going to hurt them and tries to imagine what kind of noise they'll make when he does. After said punishment, forgiveness will follow as Oz does not have the attention span to hold a grudge for any notable period of time and he himself is aware of this.

Ego: Oz's opinion of himself? He doesn't often stop to think about that; he'll likely have something more important or nonsensical on his mind. In truth, Oz is a humble person and has a somewhat accurate assessment of himself, though he does give himself credit where credit is due. His humbleness comes from his awareness of the potential in others; he was not always as accomplished as he is, and others who are not accomplished may someday rise up to his level or beyond. Oz is far too confident in the reality of what he is to require a notable ego.

World View: Oz holds the belief that gods, angels and demons were all once mortal and ascended or descended based on their accomplishments, personal revelations and deeds. His extra-dimensional meditations have led him to believe that the cosmos was never created and simply passes through various phases of existence through an eternal cycle that did not begin and will not end, time being a complete illusion by those existing on the third dimension. While he does not believe in a creator in the traditional sense, he does believe that everything that exists is contained within the body of an eternal and all-powerful entity that embodies both light and darkness; dark ether, and light ether. Oz does not see good or evil in the world, but light and dark, neither of which is better than the other, but his preference for the darkness causes him to proselytize the path that he follows.

Background Info

Place of Birth: A small village in the Zoastra Kingdom, of which only ruins remain.

Zodiac Sign: The Void - The sign of the Void only comes about every thousand years and those born under were are said to be, in some cultures, avatars of the Creator's dark half. In the current age, the sign of the Void is generally only known of by dedicated astrologers and historians.

Family: Zaf Ozmodius (father, deceased), Ter Ozmodius (mother, deceased), Sef Ozmodius (older brother, joined an esoteric cult and was never heard from again)

Name Meaning:

Ozzy - In Zoastran (language of the old kingdom), Ozzy means "ominous stars". The prefix - Oz - in Zoastran is often used to describe something unpleasant or strange.

Ozmodius - In Zoastran, Ozmodius means "odd kin/family" as the Ozmodius nobility was notorious for it's reclusive and eccentric nature.
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Mister Warlock-Pants
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