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PostSubject: Bosper   Sat Jul 24, 2010 4:52 am

Well, first I will just write an common knowledge part about him, what most people would know about him. Or think they know about him.

-He is a priest and knight of Boron, the god of death, sleep, dreams and darkness.
-Tends the graveyard he builded on his own, northwest of the village.
-Is collecting money, to build a small chapell there. He goes in a black robe through the village, without making a noise, holding a bag for those, who would give him a copper.
-He is very, very quiet. He usually does not respond to most people.
-He can pray for miracles...small miracles...but still. His god seems to listen to his prayers and act on them.
-He is a noble, with a long family tree.
-His full name is Rittmeister Bosper Winterkalt von Tobrien am Grossbach, Ritter Golgaris. (Ser Bosper Winterkalt of Tobrien by Grossbach, Knight Golgaris. In english...)
-Reinheld is his mate, despite their different believes.


-What exactly is he doing there on the graveyard in the night? Praying horrible things, so noone sees him doing that in the day? No rightous man prays in a graveyard, in the middle of the night.
-He can kill you, when he stares long enough at you.
-It is said however, that he is a great cook...
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