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Stone Sober

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PostSubject: Paeony   Fri Jul 23, 2010 11:47 pm

Hello I am Masha's friend :>


Alt Name: Paeony

A brief description of your character:
Paeony is blonde, 15 years old and a prophet of God -- at least, that's what she believes. She's started her own religion and everything! With total conviction, she regales of the great battles between "God" and "The Evil", weaves fantastical tales of the creation of the world, and relates the story of her own virgin birth as evidence of her holiness. In reality, she's an amnesic light elemental staking it out in a human's body in order to hide from particularly bad row with a colleague, but that sure isn't going to stop her from complaining about your sex life.

Why/How is your character in Skuldhellir:
Why, to spread the word of God, of course! Paeony has embarked upon a great pilgrimage to bring the good news to a city near you, and Skuldhellir is her first stop.

---Max Preps (1-10):

- Light Magic: 5

- A strange comprehension of languages. Though she's not readily conscious of this ability, when faced with writing or a speaker of almost any language, she can understand and respond with fluency.
- Despite being incredibly self-righteous and preachy, she generally means well and tries to be nice to people. Until they do something MORALLY WRONG, and then she is patronizing at best.
- Had some poor schmuck from her village sent along with her to look after her, so she doesn't have to worry about working herself. He probably took a job as a dockhand or something and then spends the rest of his day drinking himself into a stupor at home so I don't actually have to play him.

- Very good at manipulating ignorant peasants, though she would probably not put it that way.

- Paeony is constantly radiating an aura of healing magic. This causes her own wounds to heal very rapidly, as well as any of those who come into physical contact with her. Wilted flowers spring to life in her hand, her favorite parlor trick.
- If her body is killed or her spirit is separated from her body and somehow prevented from returning to it, it could create a new magical body to use.
- Very sensitive to magic. A mage, magical creature or anyone carrying an object of magical origin probably would not be able to sneak up on her without her noticing.
- Because her body is completely mortal and non-magical in origin, yet does not have a spirit of its own being suppressed, her nature as being possessed or as an elemental may be somewhat unclear. Those sensitive to magic will definitely be able to tell there is something funky going on, but they may not be able to figure out exactly what she is straight away. The particularly unimaginative might even see it as evidence her story is legit.

- Though they still linger in her subconscious and crop up here and there, the memories of the elemental are all suppressed as a result of some of the wacky consequences of possessing the fetus of a parthenogenetically impregnated woman. She is not conscious of the fact she is an elemental.
- Although her magic is very powerful, she has little experience controlling it and her use of it is almost entirely limited to channeling her aura; she needs to physically contact another person's wounds to heal them. She could technically prep powerful spells in the same way she recalls languages, but she doesn't currently know she can.
- She is technically possessed, so her spirit could be expunged from her body, taking its healing aura with it. Because her body doesn't actually have a spirit of its own, she would also be effectively rendered braindead and completely vulnerable to attack. (If exorcised, the elemental spirit inhabiting her body will just linger as light energy and do its best to return to its host if not restrained in some way.)
- While her spirit could make its own body instead of repurposing a mortal one, it wouldn't want to, because it is "hiding".
- The elemental spirit in her body is currently having a very bad spat with a fellow spirit of the more malevolent persuasion, and it believes being separated from its mortal body could alert the other spirit to its location. And that would be very bad for everyone involved.
- The spirit in her body is very powerful and she has been possessed for a very long time. If her healing aura is somehow nullified, her body may begin to deteriorate.
- The spirit cannot willfully "reactivate" itself or regain its memories. Its loss of them was very much an accident. It may gradually begin to regain its memories over time (which it has been, but its new mortal persona is not exactly interpreting them correctly) or remember through some magical catalyst, but it won't be through its own doing.

---Dark Magic:
- Weak to dark magics.
- In addition to being unusually susceptible to dark magics, her aura reacts with volatility to dark magic. If she touches or stands too close to a dark magic user, it will essentially implode and react with magical backfire effects.
- Very uncomfortable around mages and creatures that wield dark magics.
- ... Also very stupid around mages and creatures that wield dark magics, and may attempt to "purify" them, usually to her detriment.

- Physically weak. She has trouble moving heavy doors.
- No combat ability whatsoever.
- Very frail, with brittle bones and no protective armor. Although she recovers quickly, she's not invulnerable; it'll still hurt like hell when she's beaten and leave lingering psychological damage.

- She is completely convinced that she is a prophet and that she has visions sent from God.
- She's, like, really preachy. She has very black and white views of the world and will not accept differences in opinion, faith or lifestyle.
- Morally opposed to violence, theft, shellfish, etc., and will not partake in such acts even if it benefits her. She will also immediately tattle to the authorities about anyone who does so which isn't going to make her many friends.
- She's a strong healing mage, a "prophet", and a teenager, so she's pretty much convinced she's invincible. This has made her a very reckless individual.
- Is easily offended and takes things very personally. She can be a huge drama queen.
- Holds ridiculous grudges over petty things.
- Hypocrisy doesn't even begin to describe her.
- Huge entitlement issues. All she needs is 30 seconds in a room before she's convinced she owns the establishment.
- One hell of a Dunning-Kruger effect. She's incredibly self-assured of her magical and persuasive abilities and expects to convince everyone of The Truth without much protest. It's served her well in proselytizing ignorant peasants, but she's going to be way out of her league with anyone more intelligent than that.
- Cries easily, both when upset and when she thinks it'll get her what she wants.
- Furthermore, she is very accustomed to getting what she wants. When this doesn't happen, tantrums are not out of the question.
- Very impatient. Her miscellaneous skill recall has conditioned her to demand instant gratification with everything all the time. If she can't pick something up immediately, she gives up straight away.
- Incredibly naive. She doesn't know much about life or how to deal with it.
- Gullible. You can convince her of anything if you say it with a straight enough face. Hasn't quite figured out sarcasm yet.
- Afraid of the dark.

- She comes from a tiny peasant village, so she doesn't have much in a ways of money.
- Dislikes books, plays, etc. She'll often end up with a nagging sensation of déjà vu and a premonition of the stories' endings that drives her nuts, so she prefers to avoid them entirely. As such, she can be pretty ignorant of history and culturally important works of fiction.
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PostSubject: Re: Paeony   Sat Jul 24, 2010 5:13 pm

Why hello thar!

- Magic: 10 + 1 = 11
- Languages: 2
- Nice: 0
- Drunk man: 2
- Manipulating the masses: 2
- Healing aura: 3
- Body creation: 5
- Very sensitive to magic: 1
- Spirit-funky: 0

- Not conscious of the fact she is an elemental: 1
- Little experience controlling magic: 3
- Technically possessed: 1
- Spirit is "hiding": 1
- Healing aura nullified: 1
- Can't reactivate: 2
- Weak to dark magics: 3
- Dark magic backfire: 1
- Uncomfortable and stupid: 1-2
- Physically weak: 3
- No combat ability whatsoever: 3
- Very frail, etc.: 4
- Preachy "prophet": 1
- Violence and crabs: 1
- Reckless: 1
- Easily offended, holds grudges, hypocritcial, entitlement issues, self-assured: 2
- Cries easily: 0
- Very impatient: 1
- Naive and gullible: 3
- Afraid of the dark: 1
- Rather poor: 2
- Dislikes books, plays, etc.: 0

26 vs. 36

Definitely fine. This looks like an awesome character.

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Ulrin Lightbringer

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PostSubject: Re: Paeony   Sun Jul 25, 2010 2:38 pm

I'd whip up a number sheet, but I can agree with most of Heim's numbers. Not to mention is quite obvious this char is balanced enough.
Approvedness of such an awesome char.
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PostSubject: Re: Paeony   Wed Jul 28, 2010 7:03 pm

I reckon this is alright. I started a number sheet but lost it in an accidental reboot--most of them were looking pretty similar to Heimdall's results, anyway.

An amusing and fascinating concept, all 'round--I think I will enjoy seeing this character in action. I approve and accept.

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PostSubject: Re: Paeony   

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