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 Gilex the bardman!

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PostSubject: Gilex the bardman!   Fri Apr 02, 2010 10:05 am



Some meager agility
Can walk long distances without tiring
Very dexterous, striking the right snares at a rapid speed takes some preciseness
A good liar
A decent memory
A bit stress proof

Skilled Musician. Gilex is a very skilled musician, he can learn to use most instruments after practicing for a while and can bring forth some great music from both his lute and flute

Good Taleteller. Comes with the trade, although he isn't a very good poet. He's practicing at it.

Weapons. He has a mediocre, very average skill at using his short sword and sling.

Lore. He always picks up a tale or two between here and there. The most he knows from lore is usually from folktales though, and therefore it is as 'accurate' as those folk tales are.

Linguistics. Gilex can speak fluent common, he knows his elvish, and has a small vocabulary on various other languages.

Acting. He can pretend to be something or someone else quite well, if he knows them enough that is.

Shapeshifting. Gilex is a changeling, a race of humanoids that has the natural ability to shift their shape into any form they please.
He can take on the form of individual creatures/humanoids, and can, with great difficulty, try and create a unique shape by combining aspects from people he’s seen.
Along with shape shifting he can also change his voice into any voice he’s heard (and remembers). Although to use this ability to it’s perfection, in other words to perfectly imitate someone else’s voice. He’d have to have heard the voice say various things, to know the correct intonation

Max Preps (1-10): 10

Illusion 5 (this is the act of causing hallucinations, and making something seem different then it is)
Manipulation 4 (this is the act of magically changing someone’s mind. A good example for this is his songspell called “Charm Person” which causes someone to think they really love Gilex, even if they don’t know him.)


Shapeshifting flaws.

- He can stretch his body mass only up to a certain point. Meaning, while he may be able to turn into that big flying awesome there in the sky, it’ll probably be a dragon that’s perhaps slightly taller then Gilex himself. This also goes the other way, at most he can turn into a rather tallish (and fat, he has to put the body mass somewhere) dwarf.
- He’s unable to change the texture of his skin. So even though he might be able turn into that walking vase over there. His vasey imprinted skin would still feel like changeling skin. (soft and elastic)
- Most naturally, he can only take on the form of a person, not take over his abilities or skills. If the form he takes on has burly dorf muscles, he’ll not be any stronger then he was before.

There are also specific moments when Gilex will always have to revert back into his true form, either willing or unwillingly

Specific moments when Gilex reverts back into his true form, either willingly or unwillingly.


-Bath. There is no use washing a fake shape, not to mention it feels quite awkward and uncomfortable.


-Seen through. When a powerful wizard or creature manages by a spell to look through the shape shifting and see his true form the power might disable his disguise.

-When recovered from a polymorph effect.


-Soft skin means easy penetration, especially a sword can cut him up good, and fast.
-He is not capable of wearing heavy armour for a long time without collapsing nor use it effectively as he'd be staggering about.
-His music doesn’t work on deaf people.
-A bit cowardly
-When walking around in his true form with non-changeling people aware it is his true form he will become very shy and nervous, even if he himself offered to show it (in that case it might go over after a while, but even then it will take a very long time). This is an instinct he can't fight. And he’ll be very uneasy around people who know his secret and he doesn’t trust.
-Can not handle pain very well.
-Fear of Monsters
-Very curious and nosy.
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Gilex the bardman!
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