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PostSubject: Bardsheetz   Thu Jul 22, 2010 8:19 am


Neutral. (edging good and chaotic)

Race: Changeling

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Detailed Class(es): Bard

Full and complete name: Gilex

Titles of any sort: The Bard

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.

Relationships, past or present:
Ulrin Lightbringer, Good friends. Takeo Shodo, Gilex seems to prefer to stay away from this man.

Professions of any sort: Wandering Bard.

Wealth status: Low

Jobs (that don't fall under profession) of any sort: Entertainment at the tavern.

Place of birth: Unknown, even to himself.

Wealth status during childhood(Uses same system): Poor

Current home(s): None really, although he seems to stay an awkwardly long time at Skuldhellir.

Reason for making a home there: Telling tales to the dwarves for coppers.

Known family members, and their relation to the character: None.

Living members amongst said family: Unknown

General happiness, 1-10: 8

Social level 1-10: 9

Distinctive personality traits(Sarcasm, Black Humor, etc.): Nice. Social. Curiosity. Dreamy. Creative

Ego of any sort: Not exactly

Greed of any sort: Nothing

Significant vices: Curiosity, Ill-judgement, Paranoia, Secrecy

Significant virtues: Kindness, Interest, Friendship, Compassion

Feelings and tendencies towards alcohol: He has deduced himself a set number of ales that make him sing better and things more amusing to dwarves and attempts to stay in that area.

A brief personality description: Gilex’s personality is somewhat split in half. Usually he is kindhearted and goodspirited. Always optimistic, always ready to make people feel better through his song and tale. All this however is a mask, and he himself often forgets, and wants to forget that it is so.

Favorite things in life(Foods, colors, events, etc.): Music. Good times. Laughter and fun. Games. Fairs and parties. Stories and folklore. Food and ale. Taverns. Heroes. Freedom.

Least favorite things in life: What he really is. Bad people. Sadness. Death. Prisons. Monsters and other dangerous creatures. Lack of freedom.

1 Optimist, 10 Pessimist, 1-10: He appears to be 9

Significant or unusual traits or aspects: The two sides of his mind.

Their current every-day life: Every day is different, the only things he does every day in Skuldhellir is browse the market, entertain the tavern and practice music.

Facial appearance(Includes hair): He usually appears as a young lad with a slightly upturned nose. He often sports sideburns or light beards. His eyes are round and grey and his hair is a warm orange, that ranges from shoulderlength to very short, usually quite sleek with here and there a curl.
In his true form however he has a very ghostly appearance, then his eyes are a pupiless pale with black eyelids that usually form a black line round the pale orbs, his nose is stubby and undefined with narrow nostrils. His hair is then a startlingly long mane of orange hair that would easily reach past his middle, if not for the fact it seems to stand on end.

Skin color and appearance: He has a pinky skin in his usual form, in his true form his skin is snowy white.

General body build: He usually appears the same way he truly is, lightly muscled.

Best features: The way he appears is quite jovial and perhaps slightly handsome. Of his true form not much looks exactly appealing.

Worst features: His true form is ghostly and undefined, he himself finds it unnerving

Favorite features of their own: His general appearance is actually composed of his favorite features of the people he saw in his childhood, and some during his travels. He especially likes beards, although sometimes he can get tired of having one. The single and only thing he does like about his true appearance is his hair colour, this is also the reason it is the same.

Every day apparel(If any): He is usually dressed in leather and cotton clothes of various colours. Boots, sometimes buckled and sometimes not. He has gloves in his large clothing chest, but doesn’t often wear them.

Armor, if any, and detailed descriptions of each piece: a vest and leggings of studded leather. He doesn’t often don them.

Weapon(s), detailed description of each: A steel shortsword with a leather handle, a few symbols have been carved into it. An ordinary sling. His lute and flute can also be considered weapons since he uses them to cast his illusions.

Any accessories(Bombs, enchantments, glasses, etc.): A slightly worn-looking lute, and a simple flute.

Significant or unusual marks or traits: Any that he chooses, his true appearance is pretty unusual.

The specialization of their class: Illusionist.

Mastery of their class Journeyman.

Skill and experience with their weapons: Very mediocre. He can swing his sword and use his sling alright, but is easily bested in that area. If you take his instruments into account he is very experienced in using them, he knows the exact tones necessary to induce certain effects upon others and can play them almost flawlessly.

Skill and experience with any sorts of magic: His illusions and manipulations are certainly magical and he is most skilled at using them.

Skill and experience with their professions: He has been a bard for many years, his interest in the trade came young to him and he found a great teacher. He has been travelling alone now for a few years.

Skill and experience in battle: Not much. Of course while travelling the roads Gilex has found himself in various dangerous situations, but he usually bargained his way out, or used his illusions to distract his enemies long enough to get away.

Pre-prime, in their prime, or post-prime: Pre-prime

Favored weapons or skills: Illusions and Manipulation.

Special abilities or unusual skills: Shapeshifting ability.
Shapeshifting Knowhow. This is no spoiler warning, this is a text wall warning!

What is appealing about them to others: His jolly nature, his music, his stories

What is unappealing about them to others: He’s rather simple and freespirited, and not everyone likes that.

Where do they favor in battle: To play with the enemies’ mind until he can escape.

Where do they lack in battle: In the actual thick of battle he’ll not hold his own for long.
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