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The Fanciful Cerberus
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PostSubject: Gaevorn   Mon Jul 19, 2010 7:40 pm


Alt Name: Gaevorn

Age: 23

A brief description of your character: Gaevorn is a barghest. His natural form appears to be a large feral dog with some unique characteristics, but he can also take the form of a furre to blend in more easily with society. He is aquatic by nature, and usually found only in towns near some source of water - most commonly those around the coast. Despite his appearance, he’s generally only violent when provoked or taken by surprise. His species is considered an omen of death - just seeing one is supposed to signal you will die soon. Of course, this is merely superstition, but most people with enough knowledge to know what he is take it as truth.

He's pretty accepting of just about any race - even ones normally considered 'evil' - so long as whatever it is isn't trying to kill him, and is also very fond of cats (the regular, non-talking version, since this continuity includes regular animals) though for some reason many cats don't seem similarly fond of him. Gaevorn cannot stand screaming (gods know he's heard the sound often enough), certain other loud noises, and children that make themselves bothersome. This barghest also tends to take an immediate disliking to anyone who shows themselves to be the overly controlling or preachy sort.

His morals are highly questionable. Though he is usually benign and calm when not threatened, don't expect him to come to the rescue when you're in trouble. In fact, he's just as likely to sit back and chuckle as you float helplessly towards a waterfall as he is to do something helpful. It's highly dependent on who you are. An average Joe peasant drifting towards the edge? Let him drown for a bit of comedy. Some strange hybrid between a naga and a snow leopard? Might make an interesting conversational partner if he's rescued. He enjoys the odd tale and bit of unique lore, and adores new experiences, so if you can offer him something along those lines - or he thinks you can - then you might enjoy a pleasant acquaintanceship with this barghest.

Gonna flesh this out little by little, mostly for myself.

Why/How is your character in Skuldhellir: Gaevorn generally travels a lot due to the fact that most people are not too welcoming of a creature known as an omen of death, almost always by means of water. He was heading towards Skuldhellir from upriver, and likely would have passed it by if not for the state of the river past the town. Not particularly wanting to swim through the polluted water of the mining town, he decided to pause and, finding a pleasant lake, decided to see how long he could remain in the town before being chased out.

---Natural: He has particularly large claws and teeth, and in his natural form is rather muscular and powerful. His fur is thicker in his natural form, giving him some protection, particularly along his back where the thick mane starting between his ears flows out. As any good feral canine should be able to, he can track things by scent. He can also eat raw fish and meat without worry.

---Learned: He is very good at catching fish without the aid of tools, and while in his natural form has fought several large animals, though the encounters have made him wary of things bigger than him unless he is around water.

---Supernatural: Gaevorn can live comfortably underwater, and when he surfaces water seems to run off of his body instead of weighing down his fur. His movement underwater is strangely fluid, as though he was running and not swimming… In fact, he’s much faster when underwater.

Weaknesses: He’s somewhat bulky in his natural form, meaning that he isn’t very agile. Turning to snap at things behind him is awkward. In his furre form, he’s an awkward fighter, though he‘s more agile. Since his weapons are his claws and teeth, he has to be very close to things to inflict damage normally, which opens up his unarmored body to attacks. He is absolutely hopeless at wielding swords or other held weapons, and is generally clumsy with his hands in his furre form. Being a walking omen of death, he isn't exactly welcome in most places by those who recognize him and is usually driven away once people realize what he is. Since he generally lives off of the land, he has absolutely no money in his name and generally doesn't keep what he might get. He's extremely gluttonous, and can behave in a more feral manner if he gets extremely hungry - though if there's a lake brimming with fish nearby, that's not likely to happen. He tends to be very possessive with his food; if you want some of that fish you'd better be his best friend.

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PostSubject: Re: Gaevorn   Mon Jul 19, 2010 8:14 pm


1. Larger claws/teeth: 1
2. Strong: 1
3. Thickfurs: 1
4. Tracking by scent: 1
5. Able to stomach raw meats: 0

6. Feesh!: 1
7. Combat experience: 1

8. Can live underwater: 3
9. Is fast and comfortable underwater: 2

1. Bulky: 1
2. Awkward combatant in furre form: 2
3. Melee only: 0
4. No good at weapons: 1
5. Clumsy with his hands: 2
6. Societal outcast: 2
7. No money: 3
8. Gluttonous: 2

Strengths Total: 11
Weaknesses Total: 13

Good to go!

oli kaiken nähny, kaiken kuullu, kaiken tiänny

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The Fanciful Cerberus
Liquor Taster

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PostSubject: Re: Gaevorn   Mon Jul 19, 2010 8:31 pm

:D Thanks for looking it over so quickly.
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PostSubject: Re: Gaevorn   Tue Jul 20, 2010 2:51 pm

1. Larger claws/teeth; 1
2. Strong; 1
3. Thickfur; 1
4. Tracking by scent; 1
5. Able to stomach raw meat; 0

6. Fish; 1
7. Combat experience; 1

8. Can live underwater; 3
9. Fast and comfortable in the water; 2

1. Bulky; 1
2. Awkward fighting in furre form; 2
3. Melee fighting; 0
4. No good with weapons; 1
5. Clumsy with hands; 2
6. Societal outcast; 2
7. No moolah; 3
8. Glutton; 2

Strengths = 11
Weaknesses = 13

... I guess I could've said "I agree with Ed's numbers". Ah well. Balanced and accepted!


An' tha's one o' th' best things 'bout family; even if ya make th' biggest mistake o' yer life...
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PostSubject: Re: Gaevorn   

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