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PostSubject: Safiye   Sun Jul 18, 2010 8:21 pm

E-mail (OPTIONAL):

Alt Name: Safiye

A brief description of your character: Safiye is a human. Just a human. All her strengths and weaknesses are the sorts of things that you might be able to find in any reasonably educated human alive today, except if you pulled them through a vortex into a fantasy world where they could talk to elves and demons. But they'd still just be moving their mouths in that normal human way. Her most outstanding peculiarity is her wealth and "flock". For lots and lots of other information about Safiye and what could be found out about her ICly, see

Why/How is your character in Skuldhellir: Trade. Safiye's lands produce a large amount of foodstuffs. Having noticed that the land is polluted from the mines around Skuldhellir, she thinks they will probably benefit from importing her goods and could make a profit here. Her lands are also home to an academy of arts (not a university in the modern sense; run like a renaissance master's workshop, where many apprentices help a few master artists to produce vast works for wealthy patrons) which requires a great deal of raw materials. Pieces of stone for sculptors, gems for faceting, and minerals to grind into pigments, etc. will happily expand into any other business that presents itself, as well.

---Max Preps (1-10): N/A
---Schools: N/A


  • Intelligent: She has a sharp wit and a mind naturally suited for scheming.
  • Charismatic: She is beautiful, charming, and comes across as a natural leader. When she wishes to, she can inspire confidence and put people at ease.
  • Noble: This isn't just some random title and an entitlement complex. Nobility means that she is land owning, and loosely rules and is owed taxes (or is paid through a certain number of days of labor each year on her estate's farms) by the people that live there. On the other side of the token, it is her responsibility to protect her people from invasion, harassment by wandering warriors, take care of them in times of famine, and occasionally to boost their morale with festivals. She takes the job of caring for her "flock" extremely seriously, both from an economic point of view and one that's perhaps a little more religious. On the other hand, people who are not (yet) under her rule are fair game for meaningless deaths and inhumane explotation. Not her flock? Not her problem. Until they switch sides and come under her banner, of course. Then it's all sunshine and rainbows. As is true of most nobles, land and labor are the engine of her great wealth. It is important to note that although there are a lot of people on her lands, there is no standing army. This is not a military advantage -- in some ways a bit of a military liability -- just an economic one. (Just to be perfectly clear, I'm not attempting to claim any land or peasants in skuld. All this is somewhere back home, and she leaves it all behind to visit your town!)
  • Cool Under Pressure: She has an expert poker face, and will continue to bluff like a pro even under threat. Except for one. See weaknesses.


  • Skilled Dancer: In many ways she's a professional socialite. She knows pretty much any ballroom or court dance that you could shake a stick at, and performs with grace and flair. Assuming she has a passable partner to dance with, of course.
  • Demonic Language: She speaks demonic languages pretty handily these days. Her reading/writing comprehension is undoubtedly better than her hearing/speaking, but she's passable enough to get business done when it needs to be done.
  • Master of Fine Print: Already quite sensitive to turns of phrase that might be interpreted in a variety of ways, and keen on the art of deception through truth telling, she was already a natural at writing contracts and treaties heavily weighted in her favor. However, through her contact with demons, she has taken this to the next level. Like a sort of supernatural, infernal law school, doing business with (and occasionally studying under) the sorts of demons that are constantly out to fleece an unsuspecting mortal of their soul has refined her eye for language and how to use it to write contracts that offer less than they first appear, and take far more... Safiye herself will never sign anything she hasn't personally read and had time to think about.
  • Sharpening Knives: She knows how to sharpen a weapon to a razor edge, but can't actually wield one with any proficiency. Why did she bother to learn this? It's part of the "care" for her "pet." See magical addiction below.


  • No combat ability: Although she might have other tricks up her sleeve at times to get her out of a jam with someone who isn't too committed to murder, she will never win a serious fight. She has no combat training either armed or unarmed and has no interest in having any. She pays other people to know about that kind of thing.
  • Elitest: Enormously elitist. Although she likes to look like she's sensitive to the plight of the common people and might deign to converse with someone below her station, she will always remain extremely sensitive to anything that could be perceived as disrespect. She is status conscious, and judgemental of other nobles who do not appear to take their own blood seriously or present themselves in a manner that she would consider dignified. She's also extremely unlikely to eat or drink anything from a restaurant (or tavern, etc) that doesn't cater to a more exclusive sort of clientelle. Given the option of starving or eating "peasant" food, she will starve for a very long time.
  • Difficulty Trusting: Occasionally this might be a strength when making business deals, but at a certain point, it just starts interfering with the living of life. A series of nasty, incomprehensible (to her) blows in her personal life has left her bitter and lonely and much less capable of forming real bonds with people that aren't formal alliances or trade agreements. And she wasn't really that "chummy" before all that.
  • Alleged ties with elves: Not necessarily a weakness, except I hear a rumor that most people in this town hate elves. Saf's four year old daughter is half-drow and she'll smack you upside the head if you say anything mean about it.
  • Fear of handheld explosive propulsion weapons: That means guns. I don't know if you use guns around here since it's a medieval continuity, but I'm seeing anachronistic flintlocks more and more often as steampunk gets a wider following. Anyway, in the event that they exist or exist at any time in the future, she recently was witness to an incredibly traumatic event involving a gun and can no longer keep up her usual cool poker face under pressure when a drawn gun comes into the mix. Even if she can still smooth talk, it comes off as a lot less smooth when they make her shake and sweat. She wouldn't be able to think about much else but getting away from the weapon. Even holstered weapons make her nervous. This may gradually fade over a long time, but for now it's a serious issue for her.
  • "Addiction" to magical item: She has an enchanted dagger that has become fully sentient over the years. She thinks of it like a pet rather than a weapon. She and it are at this point irreversibly linked. She can go for a few days without contact with the dagger, but eventually will start to have symptoms similar to a flu or a mild migraine. As time goes on the condition worsens, until abruptly, sometime between two and three weeks, she will fall asleep, and it will become harder and harder to wake her up without a stern magical intervention. As you might imagine, you can't eat or drink while in an enchanted sleep, and unlike that lucky bitch Sleeping Beauty, there's nothing to keep her body from becoming fatally dehydrated or malnourished. As previously mentioned, the dagger is sentient, and being an intelligent weapon, mean as hell. It too will feel negative effects from seperation and will fight to not be taken from her. No, it can't float around or weild itself without a hand to hold it, but it can do things like become suddenly slippery, or heat up and scorch the flesh off a hand that tried to take it somewhere it didn't want to go. So taking it away isn't something that happens by accident, you'd need to plan for it. The dagger is generally kept carefully secret, both because for *some* reason it makes people uncomfortable to be around a probably evil sentient weapon and Saf prefers to avoid pitch fork mobs, and for the obvious reasons of preventing fatal sabotage. Safiye herself isn't consciously aware of what would happen were the dagger taken from her, but she senses it would be bad and feels a deeply instinctive drive to never let that happen, the same as anyone might feel about not wanting to lose a limb.

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PostSubject: Re: Safiye   Sun Jul 18, 2010 8:46 pm


Let us compile a series of numbers. *cracks knuckles* OH GWA--


1. Intelligence: 2
2. Charisma: 2
3. Nobility: 4 (Rated high due to both position and riches.)
4. Cool under pressure: 2

5. Skilled dancer: 0
6. Speaks demonic: 2
7. Master of Fine Print: 2
8. Sharpening knives: 0


1. No combat ability: 3
2. Elitist: 2
3. Difficulty trusting: 1
5. Fear of guns: 3
6. Addiction to magical item: 3

Strengths Total: 14
Weaknesses Total: 13

Most excellent! I heartily approve, and can't wait to see what this character brings to the RP table.

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PostSubject: Re: Safiye   Sun Jul 18, 2010 9:07 pm

I agree with Ed's numbers! This will be such a cool character to have around the dream!

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The Fanciful Cerberus
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PostSubject: Re: Safiye   Mon Jul 19, 2010 11:59 pm

I personally think playing a human is uncreative and - no, I'm lying. ;3 I love the character, and personally find that plain old non-combat humans aren't used enough - at least in the rps I've been in. The dagger is a wonderful touch that serves to make your character further unique and give her a creative weakness. She's nicely fleshed out, and I like the idea of her owning her own land and having leadership experience. I see far too many characters who are "natural leaders" without any real explanation except that they just happen to be good at leading, so it's nice to see someone able to back up this trait with some history. Dealing with demons as a means of learning advanced deception is also something that attracts me, though that might just be my natural attraction to all things demonic speaking. In closing, I feel like you've put a lot of thought and work into this character, and that they'd be a good addition to the rping community. Even without her dagger, she sound like she'd be fun to rp with.
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PostSubject: Re: Safiye   Tue Jul 20, 2010 2:26 pm

1. Intelligent; 2
2. Charismatic; 2
3. Noble; 4 (for the possible influence and the monies as well)
4. Poker face; 2

5. Skilled dancer; 0
6. Demonic language; 2
7. Master of fine print; 3
8. Sharpening knives; 1

1. No combat ability; 3
2. Elitest; 2
3. Difficulty Trusting; 1
4. Alleged ties with elves; 1
5. Fear of guns and such; 3 (I believe we do allow or eventually will allow flintlocks; there hasn't been much talk about this as of late, Safiye)
6. Addiction to magical items; 3

Strengths = 16
Weaknesses = 13

I certainly approve of the character, and with my numbers finished up, she is balanced. Accepted you are, Safiye! Welcome to Skuldhellir~!


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PostSubject: Re: Safiye   

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