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 Anukha's sheet

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PostSubject: Anukha's sheet   Sat Jul 17, 2010 7:16 pm


Lawful Good

Race: Anthropomorphic Black Jackal

Gender: Female

Age: 33

Birthday: 10 Oktober

Detailed Class(es): Magician

Full and complete name: Anukhana az̧-Z̧lām ar-Rmāl Fashii

Titles of any sort:
Accociate of the Skuldhellir Wizard's Guild.

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Relationships, past or present:
Members of the Wizard's Guild, colleague.

Involvement with any associations, guilds, or militias: Skuldhellir Wizard's Guild

Ranks or regards among said guilds, associations or militias: Accociate

Professions of any sort: Enchanter. Elemental Wizardry (Earth and Fire), Sholar

Wealth status: Mid

Jobs (that don't fall under profession) of any sort: Accociate of the Wizard's Guild


Current home(s): Skuldhellir.

Reason for making a home there: Interest in the Wizard's Guild. Study


General happiness, 1-10: 7

Social level 1-10: 5

Distinctive personality traits(Sarcasm, Black Humor, etc.): Strong Lawfulness and loyalty. Grumpy

Ego of any sort: Often assumes her personal morals are the set standards of good behaviour

Greed of any sort: Light greed for knowledge, especially historic or esoteric artifacts.

Significant vices: Arrogance. Tempramental. Black/White views. Stubborness.

Significant virtues: Lawful. Honest. Determination.

Feelings and tendencies towards alcohol: She finds most alcoholic beverages to be mostly barbaric, unnecessary, and stinky. She acknowledges only more refined liquors and wines although she won't drink those unless circumstances make her. She has a low tolerance for alcohol and gets drunk easily.

A brief personality description: Anukha is kindhearted and compassionate but also rather strict and arrogant. She'll usually act for what she believes to be good and knows to be lawful. and will urge others on to do the same.

Favorite things in life(Foods, colors, events, etc.): Warmth. Laws and Rules. Magic. History. Her ferret Caine. The colour blue.

Least favorite things in life: Cold. Criminals. Alcohol. Fools. Barbarians. Rude people.

1 Optimist, 10 Pessimist, 1-10: 4

Significant or unusual traits or aspects: None.

Their current every-day life: Work at guild, take a break, work at guild, take a break, work on carpet, read history, sleep.

Facial appearance(Includes hair): She has rather pointed and slender features. She has almond-shaped red eyes and long clean oily-black hair she wears loose.

Skin color and appearance: Short soft dully-black fur. Her tail has far longer hairs and is bound together in the middle with a cloth ribbon of gold colour.

General body build: Slender, frail and small.

Best features: Well kept soft fur and hair. It's quite a task to keep it that way in Skuldhellir.

Worst features: Red eyes can sometimes give her an unwanted sinister look to others, although it's a common feature among her own people. Small.

Favorite features of their own: Her hair and tail, and she works hard to keep them clean.

Every day apparel(If any): She's usually dressed in a long blue robe with a blue sash. She other robes she occasionally dons and are also mostly blue. She has one more extravagant and more valuable outfit consisting of a robe that is red along the back and one half of the sleeves, where it ends in a fiery pattern, and brown over the front and the other half of the sleeves where it ends in a rock pattern, most notably it has a small crest on the left side of the breast.

Armor, if any, and detailed descriptions of each piece: No armor.

Weapon(s), detailed description of each: A willow wand. Ceremonial Knife.

Any accessories(Bombs, enchantments, glasses, etc.): A ruby necklace and various rings of mediocre value.

The specialization of their class(berserking warrior, fire mage): Fire and Earth mage. She is slightly better at fire magic though.

Skill and experience with their weapons: She is very accurate with her wand. Without the wand her magic is slightly less accurate and far easier to dodge.

Skill and experience with any sorts of magic: Magician. Skilled at Earth and Fire magic and various basic cantrips of other schools.

Mastery of their class: Advanced although far from true mastery

Skill and experience with their professions: She is a decent enchanter, able to perform enchantments that do not correspond to the schools of magic she is skilled in, although with greater difficulty. She is a very good sholar too, she has investigated and survived a great number of ruins in her time, some might even call her a treasure hunter but she denies that.

Skill and experience in battle: She can hold her own in battle. Ancient Ruins are not often unguarded and she's had to fight against a wide array of creatures (and things less considered creatures) in her travels.

Pre-prime, in their prime, or post-prime: Prime

Favored weapons or skills: Earth and Fire magic with her wand.

Special abilities or unusual skills: She has a familiar ferret. She shares the thoughts and pain of the little creature and can use his senses if she wants and he allows it, the other way too.

What is appealing about them to others: She is quite nice if you fall into her morals.

What is unappealing about them to others: Her black and white views and her grumpiness.

Where do they favor in battle: Casting spells from a range, not all her spells are long ranged but her most used ones certainly are. If she does find herself in the thick of battle she will swiftly attempt to remove herself from that position.

Where do they lack in battle: Upclose physical attacks are devestating on her, moreso since usually her opponents are far bigger then she is, although this can sometimes prove to be a good thing as well.
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Anukha's sheet
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