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 Helba, Badass shadow priest

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PostSubject: Helba, Badass shadow priest   Sun Jul 11, 2010 7:48 pm

I'm going to be bad and toss an elf out in the shark infested waters! :D

Meet Helba

Helba is a blood elf (Yeah, yeah) who disguises herself as a High Elf. Blood elves are reviled, so why not play dress-up and get just a tiny less hate? Her shaved hair and such are almost always kept under a hood when in public. She also dresses in blues, purples, and whites when in the public eye, instead of her more cultural black and reds. The disguise isn't too hard to hold, and most probably wouldn't notice too well anyway, seeing as the elf is often too far up her own ass to sit around and chat too long.

She's upper middle aged, for an elf, evening out to about 290 years of age, closing in on 300. Very thin, and not very feminine in body. You can softly see her bones through her skin. Dark auburn hair, bright green, somewhat glowing eyes, a basic Caucasian skin tone. Long, thickly layered robes, a few fancy necklaces of some power piled around her neck, rings of equal attribute stuffed onto talon-line, knuckle-gloved fingers. Enchanted, dainty, silver, blue runed scepter-like staff with magic tingling from it. Glyphs written on a piece of cloth hanging from her belt, and hanging from pointed, gemmed shoulders. Fancy long, dark blue cloak. Yellow trimming on her clothes. Earings and such. Only five foot tall, and very sneery.

So what I was thinking is that she comes from Merlence. Whether she is actually FROM there is up for debate. She comes under the guise of a priest, though her healing skills can only do well enough to, say, mend broken bones, but not save someone from the brink of death. Gonna try and get her rear end to the Wizard's guild. Obviously stuff of interest there for her. Otherwise, it might be fun to the elf to try and wreak some sort of chaos, though subtly.

She worships Chatengo, Lord of Treachery, Dark Prime of Despair, and practices her minor healing magics through him, but mainly her long learned Shadow magics. She can take a form of shadow, though is obviously careful to not do this in the wrong company or, well, mainly in front of anyone. Her main ways of attack are diseases brought on by her dark magic, along with forms of vampiracy, draining away at one's health and energy, gaining them herself in small amounts. Her defenses are fairly weak, though she would be fairly swift to run and hide, her shadowed form both helping her to hide, but also making her more resistant to physical attacks, and slightly more powerful. Not that she'd even WANT to be in that form or even caught, in front of others.. A last resort type of thing.

I'm aware I play too much WoW, yes.

Comments, suggestions.. :o

(other art: 1, 2, 3, TEEHEESCREENSHOT )
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Helba, Badass shadow priest
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