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 Dice Roll Ramblies for Lolrens

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PostSubject: Dice Roll Ramblies for Lolrens   Sat Jul 10, 2010 12:13 am

This list will be updated on and off. However, please feel free to C&C if you so desire.

Psychic Abilities:

Fail-Rolls (all rolls will start at the -#'s corresponding prep)
    *Telekinesis (roll 1d20-3)
    *Teleporation (roll 1d20-2)
    *Psychokinesis (roll 1d20-3)
    *Telepathy (roll 1d20-3)


    Future Possible Dice Sensarios (just for my own notes):
      *If Lauren ever builds up a proper defense against her demonic and angelic based illnesses; possibly a dice-roll for how she fares when the defenses try to kick in.
      *Possible rolling for ghost sensing incase someone/thing is inhibiting that ability (given the fact it is impulsive and automatic by nature)


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    Dice Roll Ramblies for Lolrens
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