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Kanika Fay
Stone Sober

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PostSubject: Fu'er   Thu Jul 08, 2010 11:04 am


Alt Name: Fu'er

A brief description of your character:

> What a sight for sore eyes! The five foot eight inch woman was lean and toned, but not without a few imperfections. Four long scars hugged her right shoulder, and one long scar ran from the corner of her right eye and down under her jawline. Her eyes were a shocking green hue and seemed to glow slightly. Short, thick hair was an almost white blonde and always looked wind blown and messy. She generally wore cheap clothes or dark colors, but never wore any shoes. Cleanliness apparently wasn't at the top of her agenda, seeing as she was normally a bit dusty and roughed up. Anyone who stayed in her presence for more than a ten minute conversation might get the feeling that there was something rather beastly hiding just inside. {F-wh-ere : F-wair}

She likes to go to the bar and get drunk every now and then. Wouldn't you, if you had nightmares about monsters ripping you apart and turning you into what they were?

Her temper can be very short. It really depends on her mood and how sober she is, and how close it is to full moon. If you share her a meal, she'll be your best friend. As long as you aren't creepy, or an elf. She has issues with elves...

Why/How is your character in Skuldhellir:

She likes to travel. She happened upon Skuldhellir and liked the tavern. Better than that, she met some good company there. Chances of her staying in town for an extended period of time are high.

---Max Preps (1-10):



She has a strong constitution. Blood and gore don't bother her.

Will power. She's not easily swayed to do something she wouldn't normally do on her own. Her opinions are strong, and she is stubborn like a wild ass.

Attitude - She's not going to take crap from anyone without dishing it right back at them... Not sure if that is a strength or not, since it'll most likely get her into trouble..

Loyalty. Like a dog!



Expert tracker. She can, and has, tracked individuals for incredible distances.

Belly Dancing. She knows it, but will probably never use it.



Can shift without fullmoon, but is not as strong and remains in her own state of mind.
This form is generally a tad smaller than fullmoon shift.

Forced shift during the fullmoon. The wolf inside takes over and she's far stronger than a non-moon shift. Is slightly larger than non-moon shift.

Super sense of smell and hearing. Night vision, but not super vision. She can see just as well at night as she can during the day.

Werewolf strength. Oh yea, she's pretty buff.

Has about 3 different forms. Human - Bipedal were, and Quad. The non-fullmoon shift is generally quad. She can't achieve bipedal-werewolf form without fullmoon or some kind of drug influence. Even then, the wolf takes over and she's not herself.

'Sister' wolf. The wolf half of her mind that takes over during the fullmoon. It's not really a separate entity, but rather like the other side of her bipolar personality.. Except she's not nice. She's far more violent than Fu normally is. - Her 'instincts', if you will.

Fast healing. She heals a tad quicker than a normal person without the fullmoon. When the fullmoon is out she can heal at incredible speeds.... As long as the wound wasn't inflicted with something made of silver.



Can NOT swim. Muscle mass is too dense. She sinks like a rock. Good news is she can hold her breath for a couple minutes! If she hits the bottom and there isn't a current, she might be able to walk out of the body of water.

She hates open flames if they are waved in her face. It freaks her out.

Short temper. Might get her into trouble someday that she won't be able to get out of.

Can not bear children. She can easily get pregnant! But the forced shapeshift at the fullmoon kills whatever was starting.

Overprotective. She'll end up getting into fights that really aren't her business just to try and protect someone.

Hunger. When the fullmoon comes around she's out looking for something eat all night until she gets something decent.

If confined she'll become almost blind with rage. Start tearing stuff apart.. Throw stuff around.. Attack people who are normally her friends.

Puppy love? If she's not hungry anymore, and you give her treats or throw a stick, she'll act like a big dog... and with consequentially love you forever. Or at least until she snaps out of it.

Has no quarrels with attacking strangers and trying to eat them when it's the fullmoon.

She will steal sheep and pets.

When faced with a child she will steal them too.. But not eat them. No, she'll try to raise it as her own. Her wolf half desperately wants a pup but can never have one.. So she'll try to adopt anything under the age of puberty.

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PostSubject: Re: Fu'er   Fri Jul 09, 2010 12:30 pm

Since you've labelled this application as 'not done yet', I'm going to move it to the Character Construction forum. Once you're sure you've got everything down, feel free to copy and paste what you have onto a new topic in the applications forum! C8

oli kaiken nähny, kaiken kuullu, kaiken tiänny
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