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 Yoh-Gog Gabugabu

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PostSubject: Yoh-Gog Gabugabu   Wed Jun 30, 2010 3:00 pm

NOTE!: I wish to apply Yoh-Gog as a plot character.

Login: Yoh-Gog

Description: A hulking, croaking, fatass toad demon. The monster's incredible bulk, held upright by a pair of long and powerful legs, takes up about three bar stools and cannot possibly weigh any less than 400 pounds. This creature isn't exactly as friendly as a regular toad and his three-toed hands and feet are equipped with massive claws that look plenty capable of making one squeal. Stoic and perhaps even soulless eyes blink between long intervals, do stare with an eerie sense of knowing at all they fall upon; yet emotions cannot be well read upon Yoh-Gog's toady features, leaving others to wonder what this unpredictable monster is thinking.

Reason for being in Skuldhellir: A stupid summoner (who has been split in half by demon toad tongue) decided it would be a good idea to summon Yoh-Gog, which turned out to be a very bad idea. Yoh-Gog is completely unaware that the only way he can return back home in the marshlands of the demon realm is to die on the mortal plane and seeks out the 3-dimensional alternatives. A river system carried Yoh-Gog to Skuldhellir and he has taken up residence at the lake, eating anything that isn't too large to put in his belly.



- Bulky, hulking monster. Yoh-Gog is large, bloaty, and utterly terrifying. His bulk makes him nearly impossible to lift or shove for even the strongest of individuals and he sports some rather powerful limbs, the most notable being his legs.

- Vibration sensitivity. He's more tuned in to vibrations in the ground than most and can use this to detect prey.

- Olympic Jumper. Yoh-Gog travels by leaping great distances through the air, and it takes a good while before his legs get tired. A good stomp from this monster could easily put someone in the hospital.

- Beware the Tongue. Yoh-Gog's tongue is a versatile tool and doubles as a lethal weapon. Extending up to three times the length of his body, it is made of tough, rubbery muscle and can deliver crushing damage. It is also coordinated enough to lift objects with considerable dexterity and is almost more powerful than both of his arms combined. It is the only part of his body that he can regenerate, and can be fully regrown within minutes if lost.

- Teefs. Rather than having sharp teeth, Yoh-Gog has semi-pointy studs lining his mouth to assist in capturing food.

- Monster belly. This beast's stomach is durable to an almost supernatural extent and can stretch to several times it's original size without being damaged. He can eat and digest almost any common material on the mortal plane, including wood, stone, and even steel. He is also capable of swallowing full-grown humans whole, who fortunately die almost instantly due to the viciously corrosive acid present in Yoh-Gog's stomach.

- Puke-attack. Though it takes time for him to pull off this stunt, with some effort he can actually projectile vomit his deadly stomach acid a short distance.

- Super lungs. He can hold his breath for a very long time and can also absorb oxygen through his skin in small amounts.

- Great swimmer.

- Good eyesight.


- His short time in the 3rd dimension has taught him how much he hates not being home.


- Omega Croak. Yoh-Gog expands his throat-sack and lets out a beastly croak that has an effect identical to Oz's Ghastly Howl spell, which temporarily diminishes morale, mental and physical fortitude. This cannot be used often, or Yoh-Gog's throat sack will get sore.

- Hell-Denizen. He'll return to the marshlands of the demon realm if slain, with good riddance to the stinky overworld. It is unlikely he'll return unless, by some freak chance, someone tries to summon a toad demon (there are thousands and thousands of them) and gets Yoh-Gog. He'll be pissed if this happens.


- Toad needs water. Yoh-Gog won't be a happy camper if he's away from moisture for too long. When out of water, his skin will constantly produce a gooey slime to keep him from drying out, but this will use up his fluid reserves rapidly. He cannot survive outside of water for any longer than five hours.

- Mobility restrictions. Yoh-Gog can jump. He can't walk, but can only hobble slowly otherwise. He is also very bulky, which makes getting through doors or making sharp turns difficult.

- Holy things. Blah blah, you know the drill. Demons and/or undead + holy = ouch.

- Hunger. Eat eat eat! Yoh-Gog has a vicious appetite and has to eat his own body weight in food daily, and he doesn't give a shit where it comes from. He'll eat dwarves, children, donkeys, anything he can fit in his belly. If he goes a single day without eating, he'll become very weak and the next day, he'll die.

- Cold. At 40 degrees F, Yoh-Gog will begin to slow down slightly. At 35, he'll become noticably sluggish. At 20 degrees, he'll be almost immobile and will enter a forced state of hibernation in order to survive.

- Big target. You'd have to be a really lousy archer to miss him from even a considerable distance away.

- Stupid. He has considerable intelligence....for a toad. He can think in slightly more complicated terms than your average amphibian and can recognize potential threats, but this is pure instinct and he doesn't have much aptitude for retaining knowledge. He doesn't understand any human language and trying to reason with him in demonic is not likely to get one very far.

- A constant source of very bright light will befuddle his brain and stun him, leaving him completely immobilized.

- Poor hearing. Yoh-Gog doesn't have very good ears while above water and mostly relies on vibrations to detect prey and threats.
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PostSubject: Re: Yoh-Gog Gabugabu   Thu Jul 08, 2010 10:26 pm


A bunch of us all sat around and talked about this dude. While he is technically balanced, we're still iffy about accepting him just yet--he's really outlandish, and having a huge demon roleplayed regularly by the town would kind of crash all the plot plans we'd like to use to start Skuld off. x_x

This doesn't mean he can't turn up later on, though. If he does, though, it'll probably just be in a one-shot plot, after which Yoh-Gog will either be returned to the realm he came from, killed, or otherwise banished/removed from Skuldhellir. This is what happens to most plot characters.

He is really cool, but now wouldn't be the Time to use him yet. I'm going to put this application under the Finished forum as Pending--we'll contact you when and if we can think of an application for Yoh-Gog that'd be fun for you to play and all the other peeps to participate in. Also, please feel free to recommend plot ideas and stuff that this dude would be pertinent to! Player-run plots are delish.

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Yoh-Gog Gabugabu
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