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 (*)Elijah Fairdale

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PostSubject: (*)Elijah Fairdale   Tue Jun 29, 2010 6:24 am

E-mail (OPTIONAL):

Alt Name:Elijah "Pride" Fairdale

A brief description of your character: A big burly lion dude capable of a few tricks. Including the classic "Now you see me, now you don't." He's pretty friendly, though he's also normal. He gets angry like the rest, and he has his quirks. Did I mention he's 8'0 tall? And with a powerful baritone capable of soft whispers and Extreme Sports Yelling, what more could you ask for?

Why/How is your character in Skuldhellir:
What better place for a rough'n'tough guy who wants a place to meander about? Also, this place doesn't require table manners.

---Max Preps (1-10):

*Would totes make a good pirate if he wanted too.

*Feline features- I've decided to couple this all in one. Better hearing, better eyesight, and better smell. With a maw full of teeth he's able to bite pretty hard. It's fit for playful grins and deafening roars alike. He also has claws, and compared to humans, has a slightly more flexible spine. He's slightly capable of more nimble feets than most people his size.

*He's pretty big. And if he wants to, he can be VERY intimidating.

*He can totes reach the top shelves.

*Speed- You may think bulk makes you slower, but this isn't the case. Elijah seems to carry his cat features with him. He has a speed that belies his size, coupled with longer strides than most.

*Strength; Eli can probably move guys around his size (or a little bit larger) with a bit of effort, and possibly throw them around. Smaller people with no real effort. If armor and things aren't enchanted or extremely hard material, he possibly can dent it with sheer blunt force.

*Excellent stamina and fortitude; He's in his prime. Fist. Meet wall of meat.

*Good common sense.

*Amiable- Despite being a bit rough around the edges, he's pretty likable.

*Literate; At least he is in the common language. Can read and write.

*Charm; Has picked up a bit of charm, even if he doesn't have exactly the... class of a gentleman. In fact, it's somewhat poor, but it's there.

*Brawling- Kneeing, kicking, throwing things, nasty maneuvers, and throwing punches (and people), Eli is a bit of a rough and tough fighter.

*Invisibility - When close by, Eli has a supernatural ability that allows him to bring a cloak of invisibility upon people. Under phsyical or mental stress, this ability may wane, or completely break. While he may be able to run with it for good distances, or sneak about, fighting and being in an extremely feral temperament mess it up good.
It does not remove the object from existence. The object or creature still has it's feel, sound, and smell. And if someone can see heat, it has that too.

-People and himself: People and himself are sort of second nature to Elijah. He has slept before with the ability on, even. It's not that complicated. Generally he has to be touching or in extremely close proximity with the person.
-Objects : Small and medium size objects don't take much energy either. In fact, it's also almost second nature. This could allow for hidden objects on his person if he wishes to be crafty.
-Buildings and extremely large objects and creatures: While he doesn't have much reason to DO this, this requires constant focus and a decent chunk of Eli's energy.

(This ability is channeled)

*Elijah knows when there's illusionary magic about. Almost like a sixth sense. He doesn't LIKE it, and seeing through it generally means the enemies don't like it either.

(This ability is instant)

*He has no magical capability. His own abilities are possibly innate magic, but they themselves are not channeled, rather he comes with them. And by this, I mean he has no spark. He can't even wield it even if he were to be taught. In addition, save for being able to see something is obviously magical, he's not very magically educated.

*Somewhat Listless and Lazy- While he's a big guy who does a lot, this doesn't change he is slightly.... this. Of course, the manner of energy he exhumes probably changes in a situational basis.

*Women- Generally he feels an obligation to treat a woman in somewhat chivalrous fashion. And he certainly doesn't condone the mistreatment of a woman. He may not be beyond believing that any person can fend for themselves, but hey, some can play'em like a harp.

*Bratty and pretentious people tend to irritate him at times. Sometimes you just to put someone in there place. Also... anyone with a god complex however rare it may be.

*"You won't like me when I'm angry..."- You really won't. He doesn't get pissed off at just anything, but when he does.... he's likely to throw a punch. Or a chair... or a table... or a person.

*A bit of a lack of class; He has some manners, but he's very... laid back. Eli will be Eli. He's loose and open with how he acts- likely to at time pull things from his hair.... mostly insects (Hey. He washes! ...Just... nothin's perfect :C), pick his teeth with his own claws, and meander around with nothing but pants. To compare him to a modern day person, he's the kind of guy you'd see wake up in the morning, and on occasion, slip into the kitchen in his underwear and grab a bowl of cereal (or in his case raw meat). When he feels the desire, he'll even eat his stew facefirst!

*Alcoholic- Eli's a bit of an alcoholic. While he could generally be described as a social drinker, he may at times drink more to solve his problems, and other times pass out from a bit too much whiskey. It's probably a quick way to get his attention.

*Smoking- Yah, he'll do this too.

*Big mouth. Bit of a gossip.; "Didja here 'bout that stuff that went down at market? I heard there was some purple man running from a bunny! Poor ole man." *Drink whiskey*

*Animal urges- He may give into urges. Grooming himself, catnips(IT EFFECTS BIG GUYS TOO), defending, roaring.

*Somewhat boring at a first glance- Practically living for liesure he doesn't appear like he'll go around flinging fire, or chairs. He's somewhat lazy in demeanor, if confident and humorous, but all-in-all, he doesn't appear to interesting a guy if you judge by looks. And big guys aren't uncommon in this town. This doesn't mean that underneath this there isn't a lively, much more interesting, and possibly volatile man, but it does make people kind of tend to take him for granted and/or ignore him.

*Not easily intimidated; While he may occasionally back down due to common sense or lack of care, he sometimes gets himself in over his head.

*Snarksnarksnark; Yus, he's got it somewhere, and it's not always too appealing.

*Occassionally procrastinates; Not often does he do this, because not often does he take upon tasks unless he WILL do them, but 'ey, why not?

*Temptation; His ability can be abused, and at times he may be tempted to do so, and can be convinced to do so. Even for just hearty pranks.

*Eli's not to fond of weaponry. His skill in them is limited. While it may be strange, he'd rather wield a chair, table, or another unwieldy item than a sword.

*Somewhat vulgar at times; It's not beneath him.

*Picky about food. Bit of a glutton. Not only does he consume a LOT of food, he really does prefer meat, and is likely to not eat as well if it's not.

*He generally gets the role of meatshield on any of his trips. He's easy to hide behind too, and a big target.

*Although he's not exactly an outright mean guy, when he wants to be, or is in a bad mood, he's a genuine grade-A asshole.

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PostSubject: Re: (*)Elijah Fairdale   Sat Jul 03, 2010 11:26 pm

1. Arrgh; 0
2. Feline features; 2
3. Big + intimidating; 2
4. Speed; 2
5. Strength; 2
6. Excellent stamina and fortitude; 2
7. Good common sense; 1
8. Amiable; 0

9. Literate; 1
10. Charm; 0
11. Brawling; 2

12. Invisibility; 3
13. Illusionary detection; 2

1. No magical capability; 2
2. Listless and lazy; 1
3. Women; 1
4. Bratty-dislike; 0
5. Angeeeeer; 1 (I marked this low since this is about the same way ANYONE who is angery may or maynot act)
6. Lack of class; 0
7. Alcoholic; 2
8. Smoking; 0
9. Big mouth/gossip; 1
10. Animal urges; 1
11. Somewhat boring; 0
12. Not easily intimidated; 1
13. Snarksnarksnark; 1
14. Occasional procrastinator; 1
15. Temptation; 2
16. Weaponry; 1
17. Vulgarity; 1
18. Picky about food; 0
19. Meatshield; 2
20. Grade-A Asshole; 2

Strengths = 19
Weaknesses = 20

Oh hey balanced~.


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PostSubject: Re: (*)Elijah Fairdale   Thu Jul 08, 2010 10:41 pm

1. Feline stuff: 2
2. Big, tall and intimidating: 2
3. Quick: 1
4. Strong: 3
5. Stamina and fortitude: 2
6. Good common sense: 1
7. Likable: 1
8. Literate: 0
9. Charm: 0
10. Brawling: 1

11. Invisibility: 5
12. Illusion-sensing: 3

1. Mundane: 1
2. Lazy/procrastinates: 0
4. Irritable: 1
5. No class: 1
6. Boozamaholic: 2
7. Smoker: 1
8. Big mouth (YOU BASTARD): 1
9. Kitty urges: 1
10. Boring: 0
11. Not easily intimidated: -1 (This is a strength. P: )
13. Temptation: 1
14. Doesn't like to use conventional weapons: 1
15. Vulgar: 0
16. Picky: 1
17. Big target: 2
18. Jerk: 1

Strengths Total: 21
Weaknesses Total: 16

All swell and good. Any further comments?

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PostSubject: Re: (*)Elijah Fairdale   

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(*)Elijah Fairdale
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