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Stone Sober

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PostSubject: Shanantina   Mon Jun 28, 2010 9:14 am

E-mail (OPTIONAL):
Alt Name: Shanantina

A brief description of your character/Why they here (included it both):

Shanantina had been a resident at Northkeep, married to Ulrin Lightbringer. Upon the need to travel due to Northkeep's fate, she traveled with her family to Skuldhellir. This of course bringing her even further from her comfort zone of her personal home before Northkeep, but decided that the sacrifice was far more important than abandoning who she loves. However, since she's been carrying a child.. she's often been sick with it, and finds herself often being in bed and away from the public eye. Usually, Shanantina can bring a rather uneasy feeling to those around her due to the strange physical appearance. Completely black and white from head to toe, covered in black stitches, and eyes that have no trace of colour or a pupil. Often this brings strange expressions from people when looking at her, but mostly they go ignored. Shanantina is someone who's rather high-class, she had been 'brought up' this way and was something she had known her entire life. Shan had also known hatred and cruelty her entire life, and had experienced horrible deaths in front of her eyes from extreme bloodshed to torture. This originally is what she thought was life, capturing other people like they too were a mere product to be used at her disposal. Often, this cruel and icy personality reveals in certain situations, though usually when being annoyed or prodded at to the point she feels to threaten. On first introduction to Shanantina, depending on the situation, can be quite welcoming and gentle... a skill her husband had taught her well, though occassionally still turns her head at people and may show displays of random violence. Once people get on her good side though, she can be quite loyal and affectionate.... though some may claim her to never be fully trustworthy. Often, Shanantina can be quite over-passionate and take things to extreme levels, especially when it comes to her family she finds herself in an angry 'mother-hen' role. Though usually does such acts in believing her heart is in the right place.

---Max Preps (1-10): N/A
---Schools: HOGWARTS. DUN DA LA DA, DUN DAAA DAAAA! - lol just ignore this entire magic section. :c kind of an inside joke. ahaha. :c k.

---Natural: A bit difficult since Shanantina is not really natural at all. ): She functions like a regular human would, aside from the supernatural abilities. (see below)

- Money. Wealthy because of her creator.
- Literate.
- Some fighting skills from previous training at Northkeep as a guard, though limited and not really all that skilled to be worth mentioning.

- Ability to emit a mind-controlled substance that is light and 'floats' around her person when in use. It takes the form of a string-like appearance, though clear and small like a spiderweb, but strong. It's difficult to see, only really noticed when the light reflects off these 'strings' at the right angle. To use, Shan gives the illusion of 'pulling' the strings from her fingertips, and the more she 'pulls' the longer the 'strings' are. From there, Shanantina is able to 'throw' these strings around a person, then pull on them which would enable the strings to cut through the target quite easily and with not too much force. These strings can be physically broken with a sharp object, but her ability to use the strings are unlimited and can constantly 'pull out' more of it at will, with no physical boundry. (Depending on 'string' length used, may take longer post preps, but its usually around 2. First her adrenaline (see below), then preparing/attacking.)
- Quick, above average on her feet. Not some blurred figure omg where did she go type quick, but she's pretty damn fast.
- Nails can become retractable 'claws', though they don't allow her to climb up a wall or something rediculous like that. It just often happens when annoyed as a weapon to use for 'slashing.'

- No armour
- Is not all that strong, she is a female without much muscle mass or anything of the like afterall.
- All supernatural abilities can only be used when her adrenaline is going, this allows her to do above-average and unatural things. Although this is the case for most people, but her adrenaline goes beyond that point.
- Poor defense, if actually taken ahold of, there's really not much she can do to get away other that squirm and try to throw punches. :c
- Appearance often makes her untrustworthy as an individual and finds herself often trying to 'prove' herself to be trusted. (This does factor in quite a bit as she often is denied things because of it)
- Doesn't heal very quickly, low white blood cell count.
- Stamina, the adrenaline can only go so far before she goes beyond her physical limits and grows tired.

Hows this? :D thought I would put it here first.

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PostSubject: Re: Shanantina   Mon Jun 28, 2010 2:03 pm

HURP DURP going to try a numburrsheet!

1. Monies: 2
2. Literate: 1
3. Minor fiteskeells: 1
4. Doomwire: 4
5. Speeds: 2
6. Clawnails: 1

1. No armors: 0
2. Not very strong: 1
3. Requirement of adrenaline: 3
4. Faildefense: 1
5. Unsettling appearance: 2
6. Doesn't heal quickly: 2 (I'm assuming she heals slower than normal people do!)
7. Low stamina: 1

Strengths Total: 11
Weaknesses Total: 10

Looking good to the 'Ward!

oli kaiken nähny, kaiken kuullu, kaiken tiänny
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