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 Supernova viking paladin! Omgwtfbbq.

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PostSubject: Supernova viking paladin! Omgwtfbbq.   Mon Jun 14, 2010 4:10 pm

Just a char concept I'm toying around with right now. Probably horridly overpowered until I fix it ;p

Alt Name: Hahn Gernot

A brief description of your character: In progress.
A fanatic and disciplined warrior, fighting for the glory of his gods. Though combat isn't all of his life. He also enjoys the little things in life and is always looking for new things to encounter.

Why/How is your character in Skuldhellir: In progress.

Preps: 10
Elemental school of fire: 5
Divine: 5


Natural: n/a

Weapon training: Skilled with both his weapons of choice: A two-handed battleaxe and a Guan Dao.
Soldier's stamina: Extensive training with heavy weapons, armor weighted clothing and the likes have paid off quite well.
Muscled: The man is quite tall and built as sturdy as you could expect from someone who's been through intensive training from childhood on.
Brawling: Even unarmed he still poses a threat, as Hahn is also trained in hand-to-hand combat and disarming.
Disciplined: Taught to never break rank and pay respect to his superiors. Includes a tremendous amount of willpower. Enormously loyal to his gods.
Can swim.
Hunting and foraging. Although he might not be familiar with the local plantlife.

Supernatural: n/a

Belief: His disciplined temperament disappears quickly if his belief is insulted.
Relationship: Issues with social commitments. There are no friends, lovers or family; Only allies, neutral parties and enemies. Although this often haunts Hahn, as he secretly longs for those thing. This has lead more than once to boozing away.
Strong but silent: Never has been much of a talker. Might often insult people due to his seemingly apathetic nature.
Baww: Has never been good in much else than war-related stuff, boozing and reading.
Scars of war: One cannot go in so many battles and emerge unscathed. Plenty of scars, big or small, scattered over the man's body, but also in his mind.
Economy: No skills with money. Is easily ripped off.
Buffed up and armored: Might seem like your average stereotype, but his muscles and armor impede acrobatics. Running, leaping and flailing your arms is complicated by a body armor. He's more into frontal bashing than moving around all agile and thus possesses little of said agility.
Unholy: Magic pertaining to chaotic gods harm Hahn more than it does a normal person. He will react violently to their symbols and be harmed by their presence in a myriad of ways, ranging from mental through physical symptoms.
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Supernova viking paladin! Omgwtfbbq.
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