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 Yogi Bear

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PostSubject: Yogi Bear   Thu Jun 03, 2010 1:09 am

Alt Name: Admal

Description: Admal is a fuzzy brown bear who also happens to be a student of Yoga. His calling is that of the spirit, and he has studied under many great masters over the years; his attire consists of an unusual combination of garments that he picked up while studying under his many teachers, making it somewhat difficult to figure out exactly what sect he belongs to without actually asking him. He's a really nice guy, so be nice back.

Why/How is your character in Skuldhellir: Admal now seeks to learn the spiritual beliefs and culture of the local Dwarves in order to see if there is any useful wisdom to be derived from it. The poor sap.


Maximum preps - 5

Prana Manipulation - 5

Big ol' Bear - Admal is a large fellow thanks to his ursine heritage. He is quite a bit stronger than the average human and if you try to push him over without a running start, it probably won't work. His practices have toned his muscles well and he can support the weight of his entire body with any one of his main extremities. He's also pretty good at climbing trees.

Claws - Not that he feels comfortable using them as anything other than tools, but he IS equipped with some formidable claws and could really hurt someone if he used them properly.

Teeth - Again, Admal feels that his teeth are meant for eating, but his bite is strong enough to take a good chunk of flesh out of someone if he managed to get them in his chops.

Nose - Among mammals, the bear is noted to have the most keen sense of smell. He can easily identify plants and people by scent alone, often calling greetings by name to those just entering a room while his back is turned. Provided that the weather is favorable, he would have little difficulty tracking someone or something down.

Healthy - Overall, he's a healthy bear in his prime. He doesn't get sick too often and recovers quickly when he does.

Flexible - The path of Yoga has made Admal about as flexible as a bear his size can hope to be.

Serenity - There are few things that are capable of disturbing the peace of Admal's mind. He seldom experiences anger and fear, instead dwelling almost perpetually in a state of higher emotion.

Wisdom - He is no Guru, but his feet are solidly planted on the path to becoming one. The level of understanding he has of the world is rarely found in folks his age and he is a talented mediator in sticky situations.

Willpower - Yoga has made his absolve strong and his mind resilient. Tricks of the mind will rarely have a significant effect on him, in part because he is intuitive enough to recognize a clever illusion and discern it from reality. Spells designed to induce fear will merely "suggest" fear in Admal's mind, and in most cases, he'll tell this suggestion to bugger off.

Kindness - He's really a delightful person. He develops an instant love of sorts for everyone he meets, even those that would seek to hurt him, and wishes only to bring the Light to those who wallow in darkness.


Yoga - He knows the ways of Yoga, how to hone the body and mind and gradually unlock the hidden potential that lies dormant in all mortals. While the path is known well to him, this does not mean he has mastered it; Admal is but a student that has made considerable progress. He knows the path, but is many steps away from even the middle-point.

Defensive Arts - He spent an entire year in the Kla monastery and learned how to defend himself; and that is virtually all he learned. Admal has a year's worth of training in an unusual style of martial arts that allows one to defeat an aggressor without harming them. This is done by way of tiring the aggressor out, using the aggressor's actions against them, and temporarily disabling extremities by repeatedly striking sensitive pressure points in the limbs. More so than practitioners of less benign styles, Admal has a talent for avoiding injury during a scuffle by remaining largely defensive.

Herbology - A doctor in his own right. He studies plants and their effects, mostly so he can utilize the ones with healing properties. He knows a remedy for most common ailments, such as high blood pressure and poor eyesight, and can confidently prescribe herbs for sicknesses that are more serious. He is not a miracle worker, but knows enough to greatly lessen the pains of those around him.

Bilingual - His first language is Barabic, but he can also speak, read and write in Common fluently, though he does tend to get his grammar confused sometimes. He also has dabbled in "The Sacred Tongue" and while he understands a fraction of this language, he can do little more than chant mantras in it and cannot communicate well at all with others who speak this language.


Prana Manipulation - Through many hours of meditation and the opening of his major chakras through yogic practices, Admal has learned to manipulate the field of energy surrounding his body. Through concentration, he can use the light of his own aura to speed up the healing process in others, or unblock meridians to begin the recovery of chronic ailments, such as arthritis and ulcers. With enough focus, he is also capable of moving small objects without touching them, or blow out candles without breath. He can burn away toxins in his body and abolish impurities in his aura, as well as create an "energy filter" which can defend him against malignant forces. In short bursts, the focusing of Prana can also momentarily boost physical aptitude, and if he is weakened, he can simply draw in the Pranic energy of the Earth itself; this requiers time, however, and he will have to be in a state of deep meditation for what could be hours in order to gain a significant amount.


Slow and heavy - He's a hefty bear, and while he seems to have no trouble climbing trees, he's not exactly a sprinter. Outrunning him isn't particularly difficult and it won't be a pleasant experience for him if he falls from a high place.

Easily Distracted - Many people have called him "Lazy" but in truth, he is simply easily distracted from things he would otherwise be doing. The majority of his progress in Yoga was achieved when under the constant eye of a master, who made sure to poke him with a sharp stick whenever his attention faltered. Important things often flee his mind, only to return when it is too late or almost too late to address.

Near-Sighted - Despite his various practices and overall health, his eyes don't seem to want to follow the rest of his body in improving. He has a clear vision radius of about five feet; from there on, everything gets progressively blurry, and his vision is simply awful at night. He often relies on his nose more than his eyes to identify folks.

Heart Disorder - Even he isn't sure why, but his heart has a tendency to act up at times; it is a mild disorder in which his heart will not beat steadily, but instead will skip beats and compensate for them with extra forceful ones that are uncomfortable and upset his focus. His heart has a chance to act up during times of heightened stress, such as in the heat of combat or if someone he cares about is in danger. While not a life-threatening disorder, he has to consume regular amounts of hawthorn, celery, and heart-healthy fruits to make sure the disorder does not worsen and BECOME life-threatening. Oddly enough, his heart is more well-behaved during exercise. Alcohol will almost certainly cause his heart to act up.

Tinitis - Admal has been afflicted with chronic ringing of the ears ever since he was a cub. It comes and goes according to his diet and level of stress (usually low) but when it surfaces, it does it's part in making it very difficult for him to sleep and focus on anything important until the ringing dies down.

Lactose Intolerant - It's sad, because he simply adores cheese and can seldom resist it if offered to him with crackers or bread. If he consumes any dairy product, there is a chance that he will begin to suffer from intestinal pain ranging from mild discomfort to physical distress that leaves him doubled over in pain. In the end, he'll end up spending at least twenty minutes in the loo without having learned a damn thing, and might even go back for a second helping of cheddar afterwards.

Tobacco the Bear says "Smoke." - He has a mild addiction to tobacco and usually smokes (from an adorable miniature hookah) three times a day or more. If he doesn't get his daily fix of 'baccy, his blood pressure will spike and he'll become grouchy thanks to the chemical imbalances in his brain. He won't be able to meditate or do diddly squat that requires focus until he either gets his fix or goes three days without smoking at all.

Alcohol - He intentionally tries to avoid indulging in alcohol, because after the first beer, his self-control goes out the window. Admal can really knock 'em back when he gets going and will usually drink until he tosses his cookies or passes out completely. Alcohol also makes his heart act up and raises his blood pressure; he'll feel like absolute shit the next day and will have to really nurture his body in order to feel like himself again.

Vibration Sensitivity - Because Admal's chakras are open and he has not learned to be constantly mindful of the energy he allows to flow in and out of them, he tends to pick up bad vibes from those around him. Depending on who he's picking up signals from, this can really screw him up; if someone is feeling very angry near him, his blood pressure will spike and he may become short of breath. This not only applies to emotions, but sickness as well. If someone suffering from respiratory discomfort is nearby, he may very well start coughing, taking part of their disease on for them without realizing it. For the same reason, dark magic can be devastating to him if he is assaulted by it without mindfulness of an energy filter.

Disgusting Smells - Being a bear, Admal tends to have an unusual affinity for strong odors, but ones that are TOO strong will leave him in tears. If he comes within fifty feet of a dead fish, he'll KNOW it and will try to get as far away from it as possible before he starts throwing up. He despises the smell of blood, and he can't handle decaying bodies in the slightest.

Killing - While he is adept at defending himself, the thought of ending the life of a sentient being is simply repulsive to him. To Admal, taking the life of a bandit that wants to stab him with a knife is like shooting a cute, fuzzy bunny rabbit in the face with a crossbow; he'll have trouble pulling the trigger, and in situations where he must end one life to save another, he'll be so distressed that he may not be able to focus well enough to accomplish the task.

Prana exhaustion - Prana is not like magic; he has a very limited amount available to him. The use of Prana techniques tire Admal out far faster than a mage tires out with the use of spells, and if he uses too much too quickly, he will become lightheaded and physically exhausted, and may even pass out.
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PostSubject: Re: Yogi Bear   Fri Jun 11, 2010 5:36 pm

Super cool! Tee hee, Yogibear. :3

- Magic: 5 (max preps) + 1 school (prana manip) = 6
-Big ol' Bear: 2
-Claws: 1
-Teeth: 1
-Nose: 2
-Healthy: 0 (I think being healthy is a pretty baseline thing)
-Flexible: 1
-Serenity: 1
-Wisdom: 1
-Willpower: 2
-Kindness: 0
-Yoga: 2
-Defensive Arts: 2
-Herbology: 2-3
-Bilingual: 0

-Slow and heavy: 3
-Easily Distracted: 1
-Near-Sighted: 2-3
-Heart Disorder: 2
-Tinitis: 1
-Lactose Intolerant: 1 (Lmao, I love you.)
-Tobacco: 1-2
-Alcohol: 2
-Vibration Sensitivity: 2
-Disgusting Smells: 1
-Killing: 2
-Prana exhaustion: 3

23-24 vs. 21-23

Perfectly fine to me!

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PostSubject: Re: Yogi Bear   Thu Jun 24, 2010 11:03 am

1. Magic; 6

2. Big ol' Bear; 2
3. Claws; 1
4. Teeth; 1
5. Nose; 1
6. Healthy; 0
7. Flexible; 2
8. Serenity; 1
9. Wisdom; 1
10. Willpower; 1
11. Kindness; 1

12. Yoga; 1
13. Defensive Arts; 2
14. Herbology; 2
15. Bilingual; 1

16. Prana Manipulation; 2

1. Slow and heavy; 2
2. Easily Distracted; 1
3. Near-Sighted; 1
4. Heart Disorder; 2
5. Tinitis; 1
6. Lactose Intolerant; 1
7. Tobacco the Bear says "Smoke."; 2
8. Alcohol; 2
9. Vibration Sensitivity; 3
10. Disgusting Smells; 1
11. Killing; 2

12. Prana exhaustion; 2

Strengths = 23
Weaknesses = 20

Looks alright to me too~.


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PostSubject: Re: Yogi Bear   Sat Jul 03, 2010 9:02 pm

Two sheets, looks good, no objections, so I'm moving this to the finished forum as accepted!

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PostSubject: Re: Yogi Bear   

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Yogi Bear
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