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cheap on friday
cheap on friday

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PostSubject: CHANGES IN THE GUILD:   Tue May 25, 2010 4:05 pm

A sign is posted on the noticeboard:

"Last night in the Fighter's Guild hall, as the previous Guildmaster lay in his death bed from grievous wounds, I, Quinn Shift, was given promotion to Guildmaster. Sadly, my predecessor passed away in the early hours, his funeral processions will be soon. Expect changes in the way things are ran.

In lighter news, the Guild is looking to expand! We are instating new members to help usher in our new system of contract work.

The contract work in question will work as follows:

If you wish to post a job at the Guild, we will charge you a small "finder's fee," you are then free to post your job on our board as well as your reward for job completed. We will then issue an exclusivity charge to any Guild member wishing to take the job. I look forward to seeing this hands off approach in action.

More importantly, we will be policing the town more tightly at behest of the Mayor.

These changes are questionable, considering info leaks abroad in town concerning how long the ex-Guildmaster had spent recovering from his wounds.
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