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 Materos the Sage

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PostSubject: Materos the Sage   Sat May 22, 2010 12:09 am

E-mail (OPTIONAL):

Alt Name:
A brief description of your character: An old wise, turtle dude. Nuff said.

Why/How is your character in Skuldhellir:
Wizard's guild. The ore. A place to settle down his big, fat, old ass.

---Max Preps (1-10):10

Abjuration: 5
Dimensional: 2
Divination: 2
Basic: 1

*His shell. It's a damned turtle shell. And being a giant furre, it's much stronger than a natural turtles shell. A strong mace swing from a strong man would be the most effective way of damaging it, but a sword wouldn't likely do much at all.
*Turtle jaws
*Amiable, even though he's a slightly cantankerous old fart due to his aged ways.

*Magical Knowledge
*Wise. Years of knowledge. He's packed full of old, useless proverbs.
*Diplomatic/Patient- Over the years, he's learned to -try- and deal with things diplomatically, but he is not beyond dealing with things head on, if he must make the decision to do so.

*He has a familiar; A raggedy looking snow-white owl. Quite generally used for delivering messages faster than he can travel and scouting areas.

*How old is this bastard? He's like... ancient, and quite succeptive to complaining, muscle pains, and the like. Succeptible to illness, though he seems to have a strong
*Extremely slow; 1. He's a turtle. 2. He's a geezer.
*Poor eyesight. He wears glasses. And with his turtle face, they slide down a lot.
*Can tend to ramble. Like an old coot.
*Despite being a turtle. He is impatient with many antics of today, and can tend to shove them aside.
*If he gets trapped on his back he'll frowny faic. 8C
*He has strong defense, but not strong strength. He may be able to do more than an average old man, but he's no Hercules.
*Bad reflexes.
*He's heavy. In addition to being slow, he may be pretty hard to move as well.
*Stubborn; He likes to stick to his guns. Old or not. While he's generally pretty reasonable and listens to people, he won't back down if he feels he shouldn't, and if he feels something is being done wrong.
*Slightly nosey.
*Stickler to the rules. Killjoy.
*Not very playful. He may chuckle and enjoy watching people enjoy themselves, but he'll shake it off, and generally refuse to get involved.
*He's not a good swimmer. He's a land turtle.
*Vegetarian/Herbivore; Fark you town of dwarves.
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Materos the Sage
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